1. brucemillar

    Building London before Health & Safety
  2. ringway

    The homeless men building their own homes from shipping contaoners.

    Paul was homeless for 17 years. The number of people sleeping rough has risen for six years in a row in England. And until six months ago, Paul was among them. Then he met Jasper Thompson, the founder of Help Bristol's Homeless. Since then, together with several other homeless men, they've...
  3. developer

    Building A Website

    I can buy an appropriate domain name for peanuts (£1.99 annually) but would like a website to go with it - for a band my lad's in. Two questions: 1). Who would "own" the website allied to the domain I've bought (which I assume I own) - bands fall apart regularly and if the bass player (who...
  4. tintinmt

    Wanted ; Freehold building for private car storage

    As Title. Suitable for 6 + cars. Location - west M25 area Junctions 10 to 17
  5. G

    Building quotes.... Advice please

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I note from some of the posts a number of you are in the building and development trade. I would greatly appreciate your input into sense checking the following. I am in the process of extending and refurbing my house, relatively big job and am using a well regarded...
  6. Druk

    Building bridges.

    And then there were (nearly) three :D. Not the Blue Danube...the Blue Forth. .
  7. SilverSaloon

    building MB in 1990s

    facinating video: and i mostly enjoyed all the W124 details and 30 mins in, details on how the cars were manufactured back in the day.
  8. grober

    Building cars LIVE!

    Heads up- on now James May----- BUILDING CARS LIVE" on NOW!
  9. ioweddie

    Amazing bridge building machine in action
  10. markjay

    Do you recognise this building in London?

    Some detective work required to keep little Miss MJ happy: Let me you know if you do recognise this .... :) Than You.
  11. PXW

    Building prices

    Been considering a small extension at the rear of the house (following Hilaire Belloc's advice this time, Charles Morgan!). Single storey, pitched roof, re-using an existing French door, minimal electrics, no plumbing, total floor area about 7.2 square metres. No lintels or internal adjustments...
  12. Danny DeVito

    Building underground

    Would it cost more or much more to dig out my back garden and build below ground level or mostly below. Kind of like what was on Grand Designs one time. Does anybody know or have experience of it ? Think of it as a diy project perspective. Mainly completed by me over a lengthy period of time...
  13. W

    Building a new garden/side boundary - hedge/fence/wall?

    Hi gang, I'll try and keep it short and sweet! Got a hedge that's planted along the boundary running beside the house from front to back - it's about 8 metres long. Current hedge has to go as it's overgrown and unmanageable. Rest of the back gardens are walled (6ft tall) to where...
  14. Dieselman

    Building fell down.

    I went to Costco today and next door the old units industrial units have been cleared, with the exception of one large warehouse unit. This unit is about 300 feet square, or larger and tall. iirc, it was used as a bus garage for DD buses by Arriva. The side walls have been knocked down...
  15. grober

    Elvis has left the Building.

    Well the spacecraft Voyager-1 actually, has officially left the Solar System--- on the 25th of August 2012 a newly published paper claims. In Situ Observations of Interstellar Plasma With Voyager 1 Launched on the 5th September 1977 it is the first man made object to reach interstellar...
  16. jay1983

    Building advice needed. Loft flooring

    Hope someone here has knowledge of this. My house is non-standard construction (coralite) and on inspection of the loft it seems there are no joists. It's just a solid concrete floor. The insulation is just lay on top. I Don't know the depth of the concrete yet either. How would I go about...
  17. grober

    Building a Tiger tank replica

    This link pinched unashamedly from Bear :thumb: on the Official Mercedes-Benz Club forum details the building of a German Tiger Tank Replica [ lots of piccies!]----- only in Russia!!!!:p
  18. Danny DeVito

    Another Building Question

    On the gable wall of my bungalow, would the cavity be closed at the top ? Or might i be able to look into the cavity if i remove some tiles ? House built in 88
  19. 300CE

    Fancy building your own Harrier Jump Jet?

    Something a bit different for a Friday afternoon: Rare Hawker Siddeley Harrier P1127(RAF) Serial Number XV281, Harrier Jump Jet | eBay
  20. M

    Building a 2.8 engine

    Hello I'm thinking of building a 2.8 I think it's a m104 never built an engine before the engine is seized or locked or something any way would it be a good engine to learn on no idea what tools I need or stuff like that thanks
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