1. Smarties

    Mercedes builds its toughest ever G Wagon

    One for you G Fans: Mercedes builds its toughest ever car - Yahoo! Cars
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes builds last batch of SLRs

    Mercedes builds last batch of SLRs The end of a great era: Mercedes-Benz is building the last examples of the SLR Stuttgart/Woking - The last examples of the Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss are currently being built, bringing the active era of the SLR super sports car from Mercedes-Benz...
  3. S

    New Builds and Questions about BT

    Hello, I recently had the keys for my new build flat, so i'll be needing to get it connected up to the various services. This is my query: * Bought the TV license online, tv now added to the flat * I need a broadband connection for my job ASAP * The flat has a convenient point which has 2x Sky...
  4. T

    M271 - cylinder head issue on early builds?

    I have read that the early builds of the M271 suffer from a cylinder head problem that causes compression problems. This is due to exhaust valves sticking, guides/springs wearing, and carbon build up. The fix is a new cylinder head. I have read that the exhaust valve on the new head is smaller...
  5. Gucci

    Jaguar builds a Vectra/Passat thingy

    I was hoping the new S-Type - or XF as it will be called - would be as good as the concepts. Once again, they've looked to old Vauxhalls for dashboard designs.."there maybe trouble ahead..."
  6. B

    Ordering PC Polisher builds worldwide relations!

    I think this is amazing (please forgive me - I'm kinda excited). Some of you will remember that at the Kettering GTG earlier in the year Goldfish11 used my car to demonstrate his PC polisher. I like a number of you were kinda smitten but I'd not done anything about it until now. I've been...
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