1. O

    C43 AMG Estate ( The origonal factory built AMG/MB collaboration )

    A very rare chance to purchase one of MERCEDES-BENZ AMG's finest examples. 1 of only 11 c43 estates left on uk roads and 1 of 4 currently for sale. It covered 182k miles which is reflected in the price, however, the car has been enthusiast owned in it's latter years and has folders of history...
  2. gr1nch

    Prep for a new, built (but undelivered) car

    Hi folks, If you have tips, what worked for you or do's and don'ts, please share. This is my first Mercedes and I'm buying a new car, also for pretty much the first time. So it's an exciting process, which I've seen many members here have felt too. For me the wait is, so far, 4 months out of...
  3. 5

    Mercedes W124 500E - Porsche Built - Black/Black

    Any interest in the old beasty? I am going to store it away for a while (relocating) but if anyone is on the lookout for one I might consider parting with mine. Japan spec pre-facelift 500E, black/black, lots of new parts in the last 6 months and ZERO rust. Beautiful car! Serious buyers only...
  4. A

    New E-Class finally getting built!

    Hi all, Well after 3.5 months of waiting, since my order for a new E-Class, I've been told today that it's finally been conceived this morning and has started it's factory run. I have no idea how long it takes before my new girl will pop out the womb :D Target delivery date at dealer is...
  5. Stratman

    DeLoreans to be built again next year?

    300 of Doc Brown's time-travelling gull-wing DMC-12s may be built for sale in 2017 (The Register) Never liked them myself. Don't know why, they just didn't appeal.
  6. 5

    F/S - 1992 MB W124 500E - Porsche Built LHD

    Putting a feeler out for my 92 500E if anyone is interested? I am off to Dubai shortly and will not be returning for the foreseeable future. I was due to park up the car with a view of driving it whenever I came back for holidays but I'd also consider selling it if someone really wanted one as I...
  7. Herishi

    built in mic

    Guys I have an audio 20 HU and the option 386 MOBILE PRE.-INSTALLATION (MTUS) there is the spiral connector to the arm rest but no phone dock. Where is the mic for hands free located? and is this the same mic used for linguatronic? Thanks steve
  8. Timster

    S211 built in rear child seat ( not boot seats)

    Is it possible to retro fit the built in child seats into the rear seats, not boot seats, or an s211 e320 Cdi 2003 model? Any help / info / parts gratefully received! Cheers.
  9. M

    One-off Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 built for charity

    From the article: “Daimler fully embraces and supports the great ways in which Laureus changes the lives of young people. Together with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation we will give by 2016 about 150,000 deprived young people in China a chance and better perspective through sport,” says...
  10. J

    w202 powered side mirrors with indicators built in

    well i got these a couple of years ago with the intention of retro fitting them onto my 1998 w202 but ive decided to keep it with the stock look. i have NO idea what they are worth so was wondering if anyone is interested they could make me an offer on them. im happy to post them out.
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Who Built your AMG Engine?

    Ill start: 1) G. de Giuseppe
  12. The Boss

    Insurance for part built construction site

    Hi guys hope you can help We acquired a part built construction site, and it is larger than usual projects, so alot of areas are new to me. Any pointers on the best source for site insurance? Thank you
  13. H

    Wanted: LHD w124 built before 6/89

    Hello. I am an American who will be living in the UK starting in January. I am looking to purchase a w124 (saloon or estate), that is LHD, and built before June 15, 1989. My plan is to bring the car back with me to the States. The U.S. government, however, makes it very difficult for a...
  14. janner

    £300,000 van .... built for camel watching!

    Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports Car Auctioneers - 2004 Mercedes Benz AMG Sprinter Not sure it's even worth the £45K guide price but interesting none the less. This, on the other hand, is more my cup of tea... Historics at Brooklands - Specialist Classic and Sports...
  15. R

    Focal solution 25a1 10" subwoofer with built in amps

    I have for sale my 10" focal 25a1 subwoofer with two built in amps, one amp for the sub woofer and one amp for speakers. It is a brilliant all in one solution and sounds really nice if you know your ice you know focal is one of the top brands. For more info and specs check out this link...
  16. D

    When will the C63 stop being built???

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking of buying a C63 saloon (:eek:) although I'm curious to find out when they will stop producing them in their current 6.2 V8 form? The main reason for asking is that I'm still in a finance deal with my current car and I'm worried about production finishing before I...
  17. Ted

    Built in single fan oven

    Well despite there being just the two of us, her immaculate loveliness decided that our large single oven just wasn't big enough for all the cooking she occasionally does, and today I fitted a double. So the single has to go. Yours to collect from Coventry for a small donation to Help for...
  18. 300CE

    Mercedes 300ce 24v Custom Built Full Stainless Exhaust System

    Mercedes 300ce 24v Custom Built Full Stainless Exhaust System | eBay
  19. nick mercedes

    no more uk built fords

    Sky Sources: Ford To Close Southampton Plant Bridgend or Dagenham next?
  20. M

    Has anybody built a homemade bush puller?

    I'm looking at replacing the bushes for the rear swing arms of my w124, one on the swing arm itself and the other on the hub carrier. Looking around on-line, the bush extractor kits that sell for £100+ seem like they could be easily replicated with a length of threaded bar and 6 inches of...
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