1. ACID

    722.9 Transmission Pan Bulk Buy

    Hi all, Have 5 722.9 Transmission Pans here in stock. Doing them at £500 for a bulk buy if anyone is interested. Acid
  2. Y8cel

    Jan 2016 Quaife Bulk Buy

    Hi Guys After the success of the last bulk buy and being a new owner I thought it would be good to resurrect this as there seems to be lots of interest about having a quaife fitted. I have spoken with Birds (James Bird) and this is what they have offered. If you can generate 5 or...
  3. F

    Removal of a 2011 w639 vito bulk head

    Hi all is the steel bulkhead in my vito removable it's factory fitted and looks like its held in with bolts and pop rivers? Any help on this will be much appreciated It's restricting the drivers seat on going back and when I get round to it I'm going to get a swivel seat on the passengers...
  4. R

    Bulk buying bluetooth phone modules on eBay

    Whilst checking out the history of a couple of bidders on eBay I spotted these two: eBay Feedback profile for j90nee eBay Feedback profile for sweet.things They're obviously selling on the kit that they're buying - anybody know where to? (Actually, the first chap just seems to be re-listing...
  5. BlackC55

    Bulk Mercedes-Benz coolant

    Hi, I have for sale 60L of the proper Mercedes blue coolant in one container. To but this in the 1.5L would cost £400. £130inc vat Collection only as it is VERY heavy! PM if interested.
  6. A

    S320 CDI's, buying in Bulk..?

    Hi all, just wanted some advice and opinions really. My dad has given me a bit of an objective, which is to find the best possible price for x4 S320 CDI's, brand new (on a 59 plate). My dad and his brothers have decided we need an update, so decided its best to buy at the same time, as it shoud...
  7. BaldGuy

    Bulk IPOD order

    I need to buy 20 assorted PODS for a show next week as prizes.. Where should I be getting these from... Tried Amazon dont have enough in stock Tried Currys Comet Dixons wont sell me 20 (I'm not kidding) shxt I need to spend 1100 quid and no-one wants it!!!
  8. guydewdney

    bulk order of T shirts (with custom design) - any suppliers?

    anyone know of a cheap / good / fast supplier of T shirts? I'm after 300 or so black T shirts and gurly 'vest' tops with my bike clubs logo on the front (artwork supplied) in plain white (so its a single pass on a screen print)? Preferably in the home counties (bucks, berks, oxford etc)...
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