1. knighterrant

    Red Bull road rage ...

    ... on foot! Glancing out of our first floor window earlier, my niece spotted a lady parked outside our house with her door open and pouring the contents of a can into the gutter. No big deal I thought. Then as we both watched she brought the can back into her car and shut the door, before...
  2. E

    Have Red Bull Racing paid anything for this year's engines yet?

    Large yellow French registered artic parked in layby opposite the Tilbrook factory yesterday for more than 4 hours. Renault Formula 1 decals on the lorry. Wonder if there is some "friction" still? Maybe waiting to collect last years old unwanted engines?
  3. Ginger55k

    Red Bull F1 factory visit

    I was the very lucky winner in the charity auction at the recent Benz on the Green organised by Ollie and his team at PCS for the charity BEN. My win was a visit to the Red Bull factory with a guided tour by Nick forum member "nb racing" Benz on the Green co-organiser. Well today was the...
  4. Palfrem

    Red Bull ram raiders

    Ram raiders smash into Red Bull motor racing factory in Milton Keynes | Daily Mail Online Blimey! What the hell are they planning to do with the loot? Melt it all down for scrap?
  5. grober

    Sebastian Vettel to leave Red Bull

    Sebastian Vettel to leave Red Bull FOR -------- Ferrari? Alonso to go to Mclaren? Jenson Button------ P45?? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/
  6. grober

    Red Bull Illume 2013

    Liked this. Red Bull Illume 2013 check out part 2 also. [YOUTUBE HD]8vsB1tsKkx4[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. grober

    Red Bull Transcript.

    I make no comment save it's internet derived no guarantee of total accuracy Red Bull hearing – a summary of the events Today sees a fascinating gathering at the FIA headquarters, as Red Bull and their lawyers, Mercedes represented by the enigmatic Paul (bulldog) Harris and the FIA and with...
  8. P

    un be lieve a bull - RUST RUST RUST

    I haven't posted for a while, as my car is running tickety boo and is lovely and waftable and all is good in the world, very happy. However, after a full valet it is now clear that tin worm is present in a lot of places. This is a 2004 face lift car (I thought these were galvanized?) and 6...
  9. AnimMerc

    Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers

    BBC Sport - Formula 1: Mercedes to bring in two senior Red Bull engineers
  10. P

    Staffy bull terriers

    We are looking to rehome a dog and are looking on all rehoming sites, What is it with kennels and staffys? They are full of them. My question is why don't they put them down? There are way to many of them anyway. Findus need a new supply of meat for thier burgers.....
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Red Bull Kluge

    Anyone remember Cog the Honda ad? imagine that, but 10000 times better: M0jmSsQ5ptw
  12. H

    Man who fell to Earth says Red Bull did not give him any wings.

  13. M

    Red Bull Stratos

    Anyone else watching this today?
  14. ringway

    Running with the Bulls.

    Ouch! :crazy: 2h-WhhqFjv4
  15. W

    For Sale Limited Edition Casio Red Bull Watch

    For Sale is a Limited Edition Casio Red Bull Watch. Casio Edifice EQS-A1000RB Very Rare, and lovely looking watch. One of the andful of watches that still made in Japan. Only wore it couple of times. got a few very minor marks on couple of the links. Price £500 + £10...
  16. developer

    Brabus D6 III - an owners blog without the bull.

    I thought I'd share some thoughts and experiences of my Brabus D6 III (for a 320 CDI) based upon a bit of real world owner analysis. When I bought my car in Jan 2011 it came with the Brabus chip already fitted. My previous S211 was an IL6 with 204bhp, so the new car with a claimed 272bhp was...
  17. VTurbo

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163
  18. VTurbo

    Wanted Bull Bar or Side Steps ML 163

    Wanted Bull Bar and side steps, good money waiting :thumb: Its for a ML 1999!
  19. tpwuk

    What's this Bull?

    Mercedes : Mercedes Benz CLK430 Avantgarde convertible (Fully Loaded) AMG plaque on the dash??
  20. tpwuk

    Raging Bull

    BBC News - Rampaging bull injures 40 in Spanish arena No sympathy from me! It's a horrid sport in my opinion and entirely cruel!
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