1. Sturge

    Front bumper on Vito spot x 639

    Hi all, can anyone get their hands on removal and fitting instructions for the front bumper on a 2014 sport x brabus bumper? Would be nice to know how to remove/refit property. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. 9

    W126 bumper chrome

    Just bought a new complete set of front bumper chromes for my second generation W126. Price: £158. This is cheaper than some used pieces on ebay, and much cheaper than the £500 or so at the main dealers. The seller is classiceuroparts.com. They have parts for various German classics...
  3. J

    Towbar fitting to c250 2014(64) without cutting bumper

    I wonder if anyone can help. We have recently purchased a 2014 (64) new shape c250 AMG line blurtec and after adcice was told we could have a detachable swan neck fitted without any cutting to the bumper. Today we have had the fitter arrive to tell us it does need cutting and there are no...
  4. M

    Front bumper SLK280 2006

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to repair the damage to a front bumper, in this case two large cracks in the middle of the bumper using fibre glass? The bodyshop guy said I would be wasting my time as it will not work. I have tried to source a used one that has not got any damage but they...
  5. M

    Bumper tab/lug broken

    My bumper tab/lug clip is broken and I was dumb enough to through it away not knowing that it can be reattached. However, I learn that you can weld a new one at the exact place with the same or even better quality piece to the bumper. The broken tab/lug clip is part of the bumper. I am hoping...
  6. K

    W211 Rear Bumper Help please

    2005 E Class Estate rear bumper. I wonder if any of you kind people could advise the best route of putting my rear bumper back to where it should be. I'm not sure how it came unclipped, but It won't seem to push back in (even with force). Is there a trick? I'm not massively mechanically...
  7. PhilLinda

    Rear bumper alignment adjustment

    I've recently purchase a C class coupé (C204) and noticed that the OSR bumper doesn't quite align underneath the rear light correctly. The light sticks out by a few mm. I took off the light and the bumper seems to be attached correctly to the mounting and there's no obvious adjustment. Does...
  8. Rowanlaw

    Bumper Protection

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any rear bumper protection for an E-Class estate? (S213) I had a carbon-look plastic strip on my previous Q5 which looked pretty neat but I can't remember where I sourced it. (Could have been a German company) Any help appreciated and apologies if the topic has been...
  9. h17n dj

    W126 Bumper Chromes

    Hello all, Does anybody have any Bumper chromes kicking about for a Gen II W126? Mainly interested in the side pieces as mine are shot. Thanks in advance.
  10. h17n dj

    W126 SEC Gen 2 Bumper

    Hello all, Does anybody have a Gen2 W126 SEC bumper for sale? without bumper chromes is preferred. If you have the foglights, that would be great! Thank you.
  11. h17n dj

    W126 front bumper

    Evening Has anybody put the SEC bumper on the SEL? I quite like thebottom front fog lights and think it suits the saloon. In addition, are the bumper chromes the same? Thanks.
  12. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Bumper End Caps (Corners)

    Does anyone know if they come colour coded direct from the factory or do you have to get them painted, something like the attached: Mercedes Vito Viano W639 Long Long Bumper Rear Corner Left Yellow | eBay
  13. Dizz

    Damaged bumper, bugger!

    So in under three weeks of ownership of my 2004 CLK this morning I managed to reverse into a parked car as I was backing off my driveway. Totally my fault as there is never anything parked opposite and I didn't look. I was moving really slow and there was no damage to the other car but I was...
  14. G

    W204 2012/15 coupe rear bumper with or without the plastic rear defuser

    As per title says. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. cooks

    W124 front bumper strip

    Looking for front bumper strip for w124 coupe 95..anyone
  16. W

    CLS Shooting Break Rear Bumper Removal X218

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone ahs any instructions as to how to do this as im wating to fit a tow bar to my CLS 350d AMG (X218). Thanks Jon
  17. L

    bumper paint scratch

    Hi All, As im new to the UK ( moved here last year ) i really dont know any bodyshops around London area. I came back to my car and saw that the paint was off on the bumper, needless to say im furious but also cant stand the fact that its "imperfect". Can anyone recommend places to get...
  18. merc85

    211 amg Front bumper conversion

    These are now available in the Uk, Just in case anyone is after a conversion. MERCEDES E CLASS W211 2002>2005 Front Bumper E55 AMG Style | eBay Just a note im not affiliated in anyway thought it may be of interest
  19. D

    CLK63 Front Bumper

    Hi, anyone have a CLK63 front bumper or one that will repair as mine has died. Thanks
  20. D

    CLK63 Front Bumper

    Had a nightmare, my front bumper is Knacked but I dont want to claim on my insurance as I have to pay the first £650.00 of any repair so with this in mind I found this bumper on Ebay for the same kind of money and it looks a good quality one Mercedes CLK A209 C209 02-10 Stoßstange vorne für...
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