1. G

    W204 rear bumpers

    Just a quick one. Does anyone know if a facelift saloon w204 rear bumper will fit directly onto the coupe? I've called Mercedes and they said the bumpers have different fitment but I've heard otherwise from a load of breakers. Just wondering if anyone has done this before? Sent from my...
  2. SomebodyCalledJ

    Painting Bumpers and Side Skirts

    Does anyone have a rough idea of what is a decent quote for having the bumpers and side skirts of a 2011 (61 facelift) re-sprayed? I am due to have all of my metal bodywork panels re-sprayed under warranty, but not the plastic bumpers, as they're not covered. I am worried about the new paint...
  3. A

    W123 Bumpers

    Looking for the rubber bits on the end of the front bumpers plus the strip. I bought a Euro car with a over bumper kit and these parts are missing. I travel every so often to the UK so suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
  4. Kevlaar

    ML W163 Front and Rear bumpers Silver

    Hi all, I'm after front and rear facelift bumpers ideally in silver for the W163 ML. I'm located in Basingstoke or South West London and willing to travel a little to pick them up. PM me if you have any available. Thanks
  5. M

    S124 bumpers and plastic panels -free to a good home

    I have the above which I want to get rid of. PM me with an email address and I will send pics. Be quick to message me otherwise they go in the skip that's come today. Matt
  6. Abb

    W166 ML 350 AMG SPORT bumpers & wings

    Mercedes ML 350 AMG sport front & rear bumpers, complete with all grilles, bumper inserts, trims, drls, washer jet covers, basically everything you need to bolt it on to the vehicle. Also a pair of debadged front wings. Obsidian black in colour with all the chrome wrapped in gloss black...
  7. Ruonis13

    W211 all bumpers,skirts,and a front grille for sale

    Ive got all that for sale,came off from my 2003 classic e class w211, back bumper is in a hood condition,skirts ok,1 has a lottle crack ,easy fix, fromt bumper left side has a crack few grills missing , easy to fix, everything comes with trims,fog lights,license holders,mountings...plus a...
  8. Gurd63

    R230 SL AMG bumpers+skirts

    I'm looking for a complete AMG kit (front + rear bumpers and skirts) for an 04 SL500. Cash waiting Regards.
  9. G

    2014 c63 amg bumpers incl Boca carbon

    Prospective project coming up so have my 2014 facelift front and rear bumpers including Boca carbon rear diffuser and front splitter these are like new and if you need the bumpers in a different colour that can be arranged for a small fee looking for 300.00 for each bumper
  10. m2287

    W208 CLK 55 AMG bumpers and other BITS for sale

    I have got genuine AMG parts off a 2001 CLK55 AMG front bumper missing the grill strip bit but comes with fog lights £500 rear bumper £400 Both bumpers in silver with some storage marks, will need painting to make perfect Rear AMG back box £200 AMG speedometer £200 I will get...
  11. Ruonis13

    Wanted w211 amg bumpers ..body kit...exhaust...etc

    Looking tu upgrade my w211 2003 ...wanna make it look like amg etc.... if any1 got any parts ...please let me know prices and where abouts . Thanks
  12. nick mercedes

    W124 Lorinser Bumpers

    Moving, and found these oldies, front and rear Lorinser bumpers, W124 saloon £200 the pair if anyone would like them.
  13. Gurd63

    Wanted W202 C43 AMG bumpers + skirts

    Hi all, as it says above. W202 bumpers and skirts required for a new project. contact me on 07909444707. many thanks! :rock:
  14. butler23

    w202 amg front and rear bumpers

    Front bumper will need a respray, no fog lights. £50 each collected!
  15. G

    WANTED: W140 Lorinser RSK alloy wheels & Lorinser/amg bumpers

    WANTED: W140 Lorinser RSK alloy wheels & Lorinser/amg bumpers.
  16. Abb

    ML63 bumpers onto a ML 350

    Am toying with the idea of changing the front & rear bumpers of my ML 350 to the ones fitted to the 63, as I prefer them. With cost aside, is it a straight forward swap over or some complicated issues I have to take into consideration? Something tells me, it's not going to be straight forward...
  17. G

    WANTED: W140 Lorinser bumpers + alloy wheels

    Hi guys, i'm looking for a w140 lorinser bumpers (complete body kit would be a bonus) + lorinser alloy wheels. Cheers.
  18. A

    S210 facelift parts:towbar,'new' headlight, bumpers, seats...

    O/S halogen headlight, a recent-ish replacement (crash damage), lenses are like new, clear as a bell. ECP price is £110, so £35 and £5 postage. Towbar off my donor estate; complete kit in good nick,twin electrics, all mountings bolts and strengtheners, three electronic boxes included. £50...
  19. B

    C Class W204 bumpers face lift version 2013

    I have a W204 face lift car, which I can't seem to find exterior rear bumper parts for, I wanted to fit the the rear bumper apron trim (2 pieces) and a central rear bumper diffuser, To make my car look more sporty using original parts, I've been told by my local dealer that standard bumper parts...
  20. M

    C124 amg bumpers

    Well my poor coupe had a bit of damage done to her recently and now needs a full spray which I hope to be doing soon. Now while it is getting the full spray done I am thinking about amg bumpers and skirts so does any one have experience or good sources for these bits. Thanks in advance for the...
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