1. G

    Loft Conversion - Sent round a bunch of amateurs!

    Hi Guys, So recently we hired a local well known (British) loft conversion company to do our loft conversion. Guy kept delaying, and then said he works with someone else as well who will be doing the loft. Sent another English builder round who said he was going on "holiday" but his builders...
  2. ringway

    2003 E-Class 7-Seater 320 V6. 2003 - Last of the bunch.

    I like this. I really like it. 2003 model. 96,000 miles, one former keeper and a lovely looking car. LINK.
  3. PJayUK

    Odd bunch the yanks are!

    This post made me smile when I read it on that well known American forum! Never fails to amaze me just how deeply technical and baffling some of the posts are over there :D:D I just had an image of a bloke called Chuck peering at the instrument cluster on his his car when saw this message...
  4. J

    ATS, what a bunch of gits

    I bought two Falken 452 245/40/17 tyres on the internet for a very reasonable price of 144.10 for the pair posted. Last night I take said tyres along to my local ATS(Morton) and they charge me £15 a side to fit them (a little steep, but I was in a hurry). This morning at 5am I set out from...
  5. MangoMan

    For you ignorant bunch!

    11 August 2007 Immigrants have taken four in ten homes since 1997 UK Daily Mail Four in ten homes built over the past ten years have been needed because of immigration, figures have revealed. Nearly 600,000 properties have had to be constructed because of the new arrivals since Labour...
  6. big x

    what a bunch of mugs we are

    In 1994 this car cost the original owner a kings ransome.Mercedes where just about the most expensive in the World in this country and some 40% to 60% more pre-tax than the rest of Europe.Servicing costs are also higher. Now we have the cheapest older prestige cars apart from Japan...
  7. C

    So we have a new bunch of kids on the block

    Well i do not understand what are the events leading to disatisfaction on the old UK Mercedes site, but I do wish you from Down Under, every best wish for this site. Running a site for my old air force buddies, has shown me clearly that it is very easy, for people to get upset and hurt. To run...
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