1. F

    Happy bunny!

    Greetings. Thanks for letting me join. Bought my lovely Mars Red 2009 SLK 200K in May this year with just 26K miles on the clock, and with the lovely summer have added another 3,000 miles. So far absolutely delighted and always have a big grin when I am driving.
  2. JohnEclass

    Not a happy bunny!

    As you will have spotted, I have defected to the Four rings, my first Audi and most expensive car purchase. Had the car two weeks and cant fault the power / handling... But today having the day off I decided to give the car a good wash and polish, to my horror after washing off the grime it...
  3. H

    W123 200e Auto - bunny hoping

    Help ! My car seems to be bunny hoping and I can't work out why, it's as though it can't find a gear sometimes. I have changed the spark plugs ht leads and ignition coil, the gear box fluid seems to be a correct level. Really need some help or a brilliant mechanic in Manchester area before the...
  4. Z

    kangaroo | bunny hopp

    Hi all, I recently purchased a w203 c320 Diesel 7 speed Auto Sport with 95k. Car test drove perfectly and has been fine for 2 days. Suddenly, on Monday evening shortly after starting the car, I put my foot down at about 20 MPH and the car picks up then started to bunny hopp and cut power...
  5. H

    W123 200e auto bunny hopping

    I have a w123 200e Auto and it keeps bunny hopping up hills, had new leads and dis cap fitted but not solved problem any ideas?
  6. H

    Bunny hopping

    Have a w123 200e and am experiencing bunny hopping going up hills my mechanic has had a look and it was all running fine but changed the coil as he thought that maybe the problem. This hadn't fixed the problem any ideas ?
  7. H

    W123 bunny hopping

    Hi there can anyone advise on my w123 200e it starts fine but when I first set off it keep bunny hopping it clears after a few minutes but is very annoying thanks Chris
  8. grumpyoldgit

    Happy bunny.

    I don't very often check mpg., but did so last night and was pleasantly surprised, if the readout can be believed. Several short local journeys in quite heavy traffic returned the following. (C270 CDI) Does anyone know when and why the OBC resets to zero? It seems to be a daily occurance...
  9. J

    18" Amg alloys for £100 im a happy bunny

    hi guys just ended up buying a whole car c180 for £300 off eblag just for the wheels...!! the car had genuine AMG 18" alloys fitted with good tyres but the car was sorned oh and rusty too. anyways managed to get the car collected and the scrappy gave me £200 for the car after i had taken the...
  10. Harrythedog

    Car back to "normal" one happy bunny

    As previously posted I had an inlet manifold replaced on the W211 but the car just wasn't the same. No instant acceleration and lower mpg. Main dealer and two Indies gave it the once over and reported everything as it should be so on Friday I got Angel Tuning to do a remap and hey presto I've...
  11. Godot

    Mercedes Fashion Week Beach Bunny 2011

    Ahem.. from across the water vDAp-DiwjXo:thumb::p
  12. corned

    Corned is a happy bunny

    I received my renewal notification from LV on 25 March, whereby the quote had gone up by approx £35 - 40 from last year. I always seem to hover around the £300 mark for fully comp with business use on the E320CDI. This time I was looking at £336. I thought I'd wait. I shopped around but no...
  13. bigyin1

    30second bunny re-make of films

    Some very funny ones... http://www.angryalien.com/
  14. M

    One happy bunny

    Put my 14year old C124 in for its MoT today. Nothing wrong; sailed through with no advisories.:bannana: Still, having only done 129,500, it is (repeat the mantra for older mercs)......"just run in". All in all very happy with this quality, quality motor. Will have to take her for another...
  15. jeremytaylor

    I'm a happy bunny

    ... because after nearly a year of self-imposed non-Merc driving, I am picking up a W203 C320CDI Avantgarde SE estate next week. The test drive sold me. So smooth, refined, comfortable. And quick! The direct control handling is noticeably sharper than what I remember from my old C270...
  16. pammy

    Cute bunny and snow bells game

    Just what you need if you don't want to work or do anything requiring any brain power:D http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/g3/bells.htm
  17. PJH

    White Bunny or Brown Bunny ?

    A little girl, about 4 years old, goes into a pet shop. She says to the man in the shop, "Hello Mister, have you got a fluffy white bunny?" The man says, "No, I'm sorry I haven't. But I have got a cuddly brown bunny. Would you like that one ?" The girl thinks for a moment.....then says...
  18. H

    Not a Happy Bunny

    Yesterday I took delivery of my New E320cdi Estate and after some 20 miles on the clock , My car showed a malfunction (Oil Level Low). Therefore first thing this morning I returned to my local dealer and after 1 hour was informed that the oil level was OK. However there was some other problems...
  19. simonl

    you love bunny?

    remove heavy objects from reach before playing. best with sound. http://www2.b3ta.com/bunnygame/
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