1. adile220

    W124 E220 Fusebox burn

    Hi all, Thought I would change my fuses in my 124, and had a bit of a shock... The fuse for the blower had completely melted, and looks like may have set alight as the fuse diagram was burned, along with the fuse location and surrounding plastics. I recall reading this could be due to...
  2. stwat

    Chilli burn

    I chopped a load of my chillies up to roast them and grind them into powder. Washed my hands thoroughly for a good few minuets. Went for a waz. OH DEAR GOD WHY ?????? The pain :eek::eek::crazy: I'll remember to wear gloves next time !!:fail
  3. U

    clk 240 6 cd changer, burn cd question

    hi have clk 240 2004, with the 6 cd changer and the becker audio 10 headunit i was just asking what does formats does the cd changer supports, i've read that it read mp3 but it im not sure of the biterate and other formats also what is the best way of burning to cd any information...
  4. Braincrank

    Did you burn your benz today?

    Drove up the M1 today and between junction 4 and 5 a black merc was burning on the hard shoulder ... Lots of flames and a distraught feller on a phone a couple of yards away .
  5. chriswt

    Any Apple Mac video editing experts here before I burn my MAcbook Pro

    When I bought my Macbook Pro I used to be able to import videos in AVCHD format into iMovie, edit them films and then burn them to a DVD. Now for some strange reason that can only be explained as 21st century progress I've lost that function as I 'updated' my Mac with the latest software...
  6. E

    burn more fuel

    Does anyone know how i can get more fuel to the engine as cheaply as possible? Its on a 1997 e300td
  7. imbck666

    Can Auto boxes burn ATF?

    ^^ Question in the title :)) Im loosing atf and having to top up every week.. Every week beginning I would check my atf and spot it going down, just wanted to know where its going.. I cant find a leak anywhere as I park on the drive every night after work and its bone dry when I check...
  8. brucemillar

    Holiday burn up moving on

    Well on the 26th August returning from the family hoilday in Scotland our beloved P38 4.6 HSE Range Rover - caught alight on the A66 just outside of Penrith. Wife, Kids and me all baled out with no drama. Car went up (fuel fire) very quickly. Burnt out from the front to the dash board in a...
  9. T

    Mercedes Burn in Portugal

    English Subtitles available [YOUTUBE HD]xxMNapPH7a0[/YOUTUBE HD]
  10. Matt32AMG

    cigarette burn on leather upholstery

    Ok quick quiz: What can be done about a cigarette burn on leather upholstery? A friend of mines BMW has a cigarette burn on the passengerside seat and its kinda shrunk the leather and burnt a tiny hole. Can this be fixed? Or is it new seatcover time? :dk:
  11. ringway

    Burn Mp3's to a DVD?

    Given the greater capacity of a DVD disc, I'd like to burn my Mp3's to one of these and still be able to play the DVD on a normal CD player. Is this possible? TIA. Paul.
  12. S17MMA

    Cigerette burn??

    There is a small cigerette burn on drivers seat, black leather interior. Will the whole seat nead to be rre-done on can a decent patch job cover it? It is really small and you only notice it when getting out of the car. Though I would like it repaired. Any good upholsters out there? do they...
  13. Ted

    Expensive burn up

    Wonder what the insurance payout on THIS will be.
  14. kusanku

    Burn After Reading

    For those who like to look out for classic mercs in films, the new Cohen brothers film, Burn After Reading, features John Malkovich driving a cream-coloured 123 series 240 turbodiesel. Despite the fairly poor reviews, I really enjoyed the film.
  15. glojo

    Plasma Burn

    Following on from another thread, has anyone any advice about this annoying issue. I am a news addict and this addiction has now bitten me in the backside. I tend to mainly watch Sky News and both the Sky logo and the tick-a-tape that is permanently on the screen now have a ghost image...
  16. saorbust

    Top Gear Props Burn....

  17. alesantana

    Burn Out G Class

    THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BURN ENGINE :confused: :( :mad: :devil: SORRY THE PIC IS TOO BIG 244 kb
  18. culpano

    Top 3 cars you love to burn off

    Probably an old hat topic but here's mine. 1. Lexus IS200 (I hate them and I used to own two GS300s - heaven knows why). 2. BMW 323Ci (over-rated - under-equipped). 3. Audi A4 1.8T (yuk). Oops I've just realised I've become a Mercedes snob after owning mine for just under three weeks...
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