1. S

    c63 burnout stupid question

    stupid question. i am changing my tyres tomorrow and want to burn the hell out of my rears... How do you do it?>?>
  2. Dieselman

    Tyre burnout goes wrong

  3. KillerHERTZ

    CLS 63AMG Shooting Brake Burnout

    From the Goodwood Festival of Speed: mlG1oYXzshA& :bannana:
  4. C

    Hamilton officially charged over aussie gp burnout

    Lewis Hamilton has been officially charged for his 'over-exuberance' with the company C63 AMG before the Australian Grand Prix in March. Hamilton's Australian solicitor has been served with a summons, charging Lewis with intentionally losing control of a vehicle. Hamilton was stopped by the...
  5. janner

    Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island

    I found out that our restaurant has been immortalised in the latest add-on for Burnout Paradise, released earlier this month. Apparently there are lots of things in the game that are named after well known UK people and places. Things like 'Hairy Cornflake' (Dave Lee Travis), Noel's (Noel...
  6. BTB 500

    Burnout Paradise on PS3 - now with motorbikes!

    Just a heads-up if (like me) you haven't played this for a while. Went in to Burnout Paradise last night for the first time in ages, and it downloaded a new version! This includes two motorbikes, complete with some new events specifically for them - including night time rides. Looks like...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    Bike Burnout!

    :bannana: :bannana: HERE :bannana: :bannana:
  8. S

    Gratuitous C43 Burnout

    Found a nice C43 vid while surfing youtube... Not safe for kids or the politically correct (one mild expletive used and lots of rubber burnt) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hus00-M5JQU Belong to anyone on here I wonder?
  9. Koolvin

    C32 burnout

    found this posted on BNZsport: http://members.cox.net/lowryder/TeckademicsC32burnout.wmv
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