1. grober

    Miura burns!

    Just came across this- don't know if its been posted before ? Seem to be the bearer of bad tidings today. :( Man sues garage after his $1.4M Lamborghini Miura SV burns to the ground. [YOUTUBE HD]fqpa1HB-wOc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. E

    Another C class that burns in Portugal!!!

    Another C class that burns in Portugal!!! A serious defect that Mercedes do not assume! There is a case of a w204 that was in a garage at night and for no reason burnt! Mais um Mercedes-Benz que ardeu... - YouTube
  3. John

    Richard Burns Foundation

    Time For Tea: Richard Burns Foundation - PistonHeads Headlines
  4. Ade B

    Burns night

    Haggis tonight for us even though we are not scotch.. Lived in Glasgow for a while and met Mrs B there - despite this many happy memories of the place. Happy Burns Night or whatever you say up there. Ade :D
  5. Ade B

    Happy Burns night

    Och aye the noo and all that Jockland! Met Mrs B in Glasgow, we're tucking into Haggis and Neaps & Tatties (late as I fell asleep reading Junior B a story...) Anyway have a good one. Ade :)
  6. R

    Robert Burns 250th Anniversary

    Hi Tonight is Burns' night and also the bards' 250th birthday anniversary Just preparing the tumshie but not having haggis - stew, neeps and tatties for me:) Just wondering if anyone else is celebrating Wa's like us
  7. KillerHERTZ

    2009 AUDI R8 V10 Burns into a crisp in Nurburgring!

    Robbed from another site: Based on the Lamborghini Gallardo, there's no question the Audi R8 is about as close to an Italian supercar as any German vehicle can get. Unfortunately, it seems Audi's V10 R8 prototype has inherited a less-than-desirable trait known to Italian supercars...
  8. glojo

    BMW M3 burns off Dodgy baged E350 CDI

    :p :p To those that call me argumentative. I got into my trusty BMW M3 steed and scoured the highways and bye ways of the United Kingdom looking for an E55 that might be badged as a CDI. How would I know the CDI was not all it made out to be? Easy peasy... just by looking at the exhausts...
  9. Steve_Perry

    Happy Burns Night!!

    Have a good one Fuzzer, simonl and all other members in Scotland! :D S.
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