1. N

    Unused W211 Grey leather & burr walnut steering wheel

    A genuine MB item with the part # A211 460 0303 7F62, not some home made modified jobbie. This has never been fitted to any car & is in 'as new, been in a box for years' condition. Looking at EPC it appears it will fit any W211 or any W463 G Wagen. £320 cash on collection or £335 shipped...
  2. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 E Class Mushroom & Burr Walnut REAR centre console storage box

    This has been up before, but not sold as it seems he wants quite a bit for it: Mercedes W124 E Class Mushroom & Burr Walnut REAR centre console storage box . | eBay
  3. N

    Rare REAR W124 Mushroom & Burr Walnut console storage box.

    Rare is an over used word but I think this qualifies. I've only seen two of these in all the W124s I've seen. 1 crack you can see in the solid piece of walnut, slider is in good condition, Mushroom plastic undamaged. £125 shipped.
  4. N

    W126 Orion grey, Burr walnut storage box with key.

    Rarely ordered when new & very rarely seen now, this W126 Orion grey & Burr walnut front console storage box is in outstanding condition with no damage whatsoever to the grey cover, no cracks in the wood and with a working lock & key. £105 shipped. PM me with an email address for more & bigger...
  5. balge

    Burr Walnut

    Hi just pondering, does anyone know the variety of Walnut used in Mercedes wood-trim? European or American? Pic is my 300TD
  6. N

    Burr Walnut & Mushroom Leather Steering Wheel

    In decent used condition, this rare Burr Walnut & Mushroom leather wheel is from a W140. It will fit W140s, W124s, R129s & early W210s. It's easily good enough to still use as it is or is an ideal candidate for a spruce up with a touch of leather dye or a even a retrim in any colour you fancy...
  7. N

    Excellent Burr Walnut & Black Leather Steering Wheel

    I've had a few of these before but this one is far & away the best. Fantastically expensive & rare when new, rarer now & very hard to find in this condition. The leather is in remarkable condition with all the grainy pattern still there, completely unworn & without any shine or smoothness from...
  8. stwat

    Burr Walnut Root Trim

    Are there different shaded of burr walnut root trim available and did MB use different shades depending on interior colour ? This is mine. And one from a black interior car. Has mine faded and a they all should be the darker colour like in the 124 (second pic) ? Or are there...
  9. Howard

    R230 Burr Walnut interior inc Keyless Go knob

  10. SilverSaloon


    hi my CLK has a burr walnut wood trim finish.... i have the chance to get a replacement bit of trim that is in birds eye maple. the colour of the wood seems the same but i was wondering about the pattern of grain would this look out of place? comparision pics would be great, or a pic...
  11. Pietre

    Burr Walnut Auto Gearshift W210

    Any guidance as to where I can get the Burr Walnut auto gearshift surround, and chrome surround for E280 W210 Elegance 1999. Have managed to get matcvhing gear knob and want to give it the finishing touch. Have seen a few on ebay but they are all l/h drive. :bannana:
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