1. Abb

    W202 C43 Subframe & Diff bush part numbers??

    As I have began to embark on the slippery slope of restoring a W202 C43, I have decided whilst I have the rear subframe removed, to replace the bushes incl the diff bush. Do any of you good peeps have the part numbers (as WIS wont work on my macbook :mad:) for all the rear subframe bushes and...
  2. MB-tex

    Need to borrow W124 hub bush install tool.

    Hi all Anyone got the tool that presses in the bush in the rear knuckle to which the lower control arm attaches? I need to borrow one quick! I have been pressing in and out lots of bushes recently with mixed results but these look like they are beyond my basic technique and huge old press...
  3. Y

    rear lower control bush

    HI I wonder if anyone can help . I have a clunking noise caused by the worn out bush located within the lower rear control arm (Attached to the shock absorber). I am having difficulties to find it on the net can anyone help please Mercedes R class 280 Sport 4 Matic car registration...
  4. Codger49

    W209 rear hub bush replacement - which one

    My CLK has developed the squeaky rear end, so thought its time to replace the lower control arm to wheel carrier bushes. Looked in my copy of EPC and it came up with A 220 352 02 27, went to confirm the Lemforder part number on ZF's Webcat and it stated '10747 01 no longer manufactured, use...
  5. P

    Couple of parts (G/Box bush & Brake light switch)

    Lemforder 3387501 Gearbox mounting Rubber Metal Bush. brand new in box, about £25 on line, will take £15 Febi 0015450109 brake light switch, OE 0015450109, fits lots of Mercedes cars. Brand new in box, Retail about £17, will take £10
  6. petey300dLWB

    T1 307d lost 1st gear. Parts advice. gear link/selector rod bush and clip perished.

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me source parts: I have a T1 motorhome import, 307d 1979 2.4 OM616.934(i think) with a 4 speed box. I recently lost 1st gear on a busy hill which was rather hairy. Managed to roll her back onto the embankment and got underneath to discover one of the...
  7. Stephen simpson

    E55 w211. Suspension arms bush replacement

    Hello all. I have recently had both rear lower arms changed mb parts at a cost of 450 for the arms. Had two front arms done a few weeks later parts by lemforder that were almost half price. Couldn't tell the difference as the garage ordered mb parts also. I gave lemforder a whirl??????? as i...
  8. C

    S210 rear subframe bush replacement cost?

    Well my rear subframe bushes are goosed! Noticed them while having tyres changed. It's also recently developed a concerning creak from the N/S/R when stopping or pulling off and over large bumps that cause the car to go over at an angle! I'm hoping this is down to the bushes also? As whilst...
  9. C

    S210 rear subframe bush replacement costs?

    Well my rear subframe bushes are goosed! Noticed them while having tyres changed. It's also recently developed a concerning creak from the N/S/R when stopping or pulling off and over large bumps that cause the car to go over at an angle! I'm hoping this is down to the bushes also? As whilst...
  10. Sailorben

    Sourcing Flexdisc/Prop Bush

    Hi guys, new to this particular forum, but since it's a UK forum, it's most relevant. So my '56 W209 CLK (220/722.6) may be due a couple propshaft bushings/flex discs. I've checked all the usual car part websites, however all I have visited do not supply these parts for my car, so the only...
  11. T

    2003 CLK270 W209 Wiper bush

    Hi guys, my elderly CLK270cdi is struggling on a few points and the one that's most pressing is the wiper issue I have gained this week. The passenger side wiper stopped making contact with the screen - and on inspection it's the little rubber bush that connects the arm itself to the wiper...
  12. chilsta

    New Febi 124 Wishbones- bush check please

    Hello I've just picked up a pair of Febi wishbones for my S124. Had a good read through a few posts here about these and decided that I'd replace them at 130k miles as a precautionary measure. Don't like the idea of an adrift front wheel! This post from WDB124066...
  13. S

    Bush Problem

    Hope someone can help! 2003 CLK W209. :wallbash: I am changing the rear outer wishbone bush that is on the bottom of the wheel carrier; however I think that after pressing the old bush out the outer sleeve is till in the housing. I have attached links to pics of the removed bush and the new...
  14. P

    Poly bush kit?

    Does anyone know if you can get a complete poly bush kit fir the rear end of a w210? Thanks
  15. Charles Morgan

    W114 CV joint bush crimping tool

    Does anyone know the correct tool to crimp the following bushing of the CV joint on my W114 coupe?
  16. terry@yarmouth

    W211 torque strut bush repair

    Looking to replace both front bushes, merc part number MA211 333 29 14' any idea of the best place to get these from. Best price wise. Bush extracter kit if there is one for these ?. Doesn't look much of a job, anything specific I should be aware of ?. Any input very much appreciated. Thanks all.
  17. Giantvanman

    Vito w638 Gear counterweight bush kit

    This enterprising and talented chap makes replacement bush kits to fix sloppy gear changes on w638's. Not many owners on here but you never know. Mercedes Vito Gear Counter Weight Bush Kit 96-03 | eBay EDIT: Only a full kit can be bought from MB for a lot more money (about £220) and this is all...
  18. G

    Suspension bush gone advice needed

    Hi all I have c 270 cdi 2005 estate 150000mls and the front left rear inner wishbone bush has disintegrated. Do I just replace the bush or use kit Suspension Arm Kit Mercedes C-Class W203 C270 CDi Front | eBay Seems an awfully good price, anybody used one? Andrew
  19. D

    ML270 Rear light cluster 'Bush'

    Evening all, ML270 (W163), rear light cluster, undo the 2 plastic bolts inside the tailgate and then the cluster pulls out towards the rear. At the forward end of the cluster is a ball joint which seats into a plastic bush secured inside the rear wing. The plastic bushes on both sides of mine...
  20. Charles Morgan

    Sphere and bush life W211

    My brother in law has a 50k 2007 W211 avantgarde spec 320cdi estate. The ride has been getting quite hard, which I suspect is simply bush wear, but it may also be spheres. I would have thought at 8 years old both are probably in need of replacement. I don't think it is the shocks as nothing...
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