1. Y

    W639 Rear diff mount bushes

    Hi. The bushes in the bracket that mounts the (rear of the) Diff to the chassis (and takes up drive torque/resists diff twisting), have perished. Are these available separate to the aluminium holder ? They have the part number (as best as I can make out) A 639 988 05 10 but googling this...
  2. C

    w211/w219 rear subframe bushes DIY?

    hello guys, after the cars been in for a check up today, the garage suggested it could do with its rear subframe bushes replacing. Anyone done this DIY? Id like to have the subframe itself sand blasted and repainted while its off, so wouldnt be suitable to give to a garage to do.... C
  3. C

    R230 rear suspension bushes

    I've got a bit of a wobble on the rear end so I am thinking of changing the rear bushes...is this a diy job? .... I've seen the how to on YouTube but the subframe is off the car
  4. S

    Has anyone found the right grease for Slider pins with rubber bushes?

    Most seem to be "fake" silicone as the carrier is mineral oil based!! So no good for Brake Calliper Slider or Guide pin's rubber bushes. Or others have a Lithium base .... which some say is mineral oil based with added Lithium to make it more slippery. Ideally something that is sold in sub...
  5. Gaz74

    C32 AMG rear prop/diff bushes - help req'd!

    Hi, so I have a vibration/shudder at around 70 - 80mph in my car which I can feel through my seat, more than through the steering wheel. After inspection, it appears that the diff mounts are worn and have a bit of play and also the thick rubber bush which sits between the prop and the diff is...
  6. M

    Polybushes for older Mercs

    My W210 handles excellently on the twisty roads round here thanks to it's new lowered springs and AMG wheels, but it's a bit rattly and clunky over potholes. So I decided to replace the ARB links, and checked out how much suspension bushes would be. Not cheap. Then I checked out strongflex.eu...
  7. J

    CLS Anti Roll Bar Bushes ?

    Anyone changed them, how do you get them off ?
  8. demetrios

    Suspension bushes advice

    I can't see any evidence that the bushes on my 1992 500sl have ever been replaced. I think it's about time I treated it. Question I have is , how many bushes do I need for the car? Should I change anything else while I'm getting it done? What are the part numbers I need? Any...
  9. N

    Bushes for 1972 350SL

    Where is the best place to buy all the rubber suspension bushes including subframe for my 1972 350SL? What are people's experience of aftermarket bushes like Febi Bilstein or would you always buy genuine Mercedes? Thanks
  10. P

    W212 Front bushes

    Has anyone had to have front bushes replaced on a W212 estate? What sort of mileage? I seem to get a bit of vibration when braking and inner edge tyre wear so wondering of bushes need replacement. Recent MOT was fine and no knocking so unsure
  11. A

    W212 E63 AMG - front arb bushes

    Hi, I think I have some knocking noises fromt the front ARB - the drop links seem ok, so it is probably coming from the anti roll bar bushes. I have failed to come up with a part numberr for thes rubber bushes themselves, and someone told me that they are only supplied with the complete anti...
  12. R

    300CE-24 Sportline Rear subframe bushes

    Hello all, I am gathering all the parts I need to restore the lower reaches of my 300CE-24 Sportline. The EPC says I need: A1293511442 Rubber mounting (Rear subframe to frame floor - Sportline only) 2 off A1243506708 Repair kit (Mounting parts) 1 off One apparently gets enough for...
  13. L

    Trunion bushes

    I've heard a few references to rear suspension 'Trunion' bushes recently and was wondering exactly which. Looking at the EPC for my CLK does not make reference to such items so I'm guessing it's a general term given. In respect to my car, I reckon they are referring to the bushes associated...
  14. M

    CLK W209 Do not touch the rol bar bushes!!!

    Just sharing as I am now going through the massive **** ache of trying to sort this out. The front roll bar bushes on the clk 270 (and I guess most if not all W209 models) are held in with 8mm bolts. These are bolted thru the sub frame and the thread is part of the frame. When you try...
  15. D

    MOT failure - brakes, suspension bushes and Wipers!

    Hi All Just had MOT done on c220 estate(W203) and failed on a few things. Most are sorted just the suspension arms to fit on monday. I have had a sticking handbrake the last 5 or so years. if i pull it up with my feet, the light stays off. This year it stayed on and the rear brakes seem to...
  16. bh13coupe

    E500 Coupe Can worn subframe Bushes cause increased road noise?

    My e500 Coupe in the last day has developed increased road noise. When the car was in for a service (in march) my indie (who I trust without question) advised that the nearside rear upper front arm bush & offside rear sub frame bush debonding and allowing some movement. It wasnt a massive issue...
  17. C

    stockists for torsion bar bushes

    Have had anti roll bar bushes replaced but squeaking has returned Been told its the torsion bar bushes MB have said they don't make them have to buy new torsion bar Its an ML270 on a 52 plate please can anyone help Thank you
  18. A

    W211 AMG Rear subframe bushes

    Does anyone know where I can get any? Preferably uprated? I cant find them anywhere!
  19. estate-agent

    CLK rear suspension bushes (209)

    Hi all, I think this is one of my first posts here so hope it becomes of use for a few fellow CLK owners. My model is a CLK 270 CDI I have recently had the dreaded squeaking rear suspension bushes. I had read some post on here and it sounded like I had a common "anti-roll bar drop...
  20. M

    Help: E55 rear subframe bushes knackered

    Hi All My W211 e55 AMG makes a clunk when I am changing through the gears. It went to the garage and they said the rear subframe bushes are knackered. They didn't have to tool to get access to them or they said the rear subframe would have to be dropped at massive cost What can I do
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