1. G

    R&R Lower balljoints and Front LCA Bushings. Car handles very well now :)

    I just took my car to a shop to have the lower ball joints and lower control arm bushings replaced and the car drives incredibly well now, almost like brand new. Very solid, all the shimmy-ing, violent steering wheel shakes over bumps and holes, high speed instability, wandering, excessive...
  2. N

    Swap bushings or buy complete arms? What to do?

    how often does these rear axle bushings go bad on w202? concerns the bottom arm with 1 bushing. do I buy single bushing and press it out or is it better to buy complete arms when they go bad? I guess a lazy mans job at the shop would say it's better to swap complete arm. Part Number...
  3. RBYCC

    124 chassis polyurethane bushings

    Are there any sources in the U.K. or on the Continent for polyurethane or delrin suspension bushings for the W124 chassis. So far nothing available in my search in the USA.
  4. shorty

    changing rear suspension bushings

    This week end I am planing to change some of the bushings in the rear suspension of my 210 . Im will be changing the bushings on the lower arm where the spring sits and on the tie rod that connects to the bottom of thehub . My question is has any one changed these bushings before and how hard...
  5. 230K

    210 Rear Sub frame bushings

    Hi 98 E300DT Estate is rattling at the rear when lightly loaded on rough road, now convinced it is coming from underneath, the only thing i can see suspect are the rear sub frame bushings (front ones) and the rear anti roll bar drop links. How muck play should there be in the sub frame...
  6. D

    of belts, bushings and tensioners

    1993 W124 280E Going to change the drive belt (cracked). Is it worth changing the tensionser ?. Have also seen mention of bushings? (are they part of the tensioner ?) TIA
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