1. D

    Business name suggestions

    Starting another business up and would like suggestions please, I do like a bit of brainstorming! The name will have to be ideally linked to energy as in electric etc and renewable energy. Top of my list so far is Imperium which is Latin for power/energy. Look forward to your ideas!
  2. John Jones Jr

    Business question.

    Guys, I'm in the process of setting a business colleague up as an agent for a large international company. The job is commission based only but all expenses are covered by the company. The projected sales T/O for the first year will be £35-40k p.m., so my question is what would you consider a...
  3. Maco

    New business help.

    Just set up a new little venture hiring out hot tubs. Came across them cheap from a friend who doesn't have time, so thought why the hell not. I'll add a link to my Facebook page below, I'm based in County Durham but any likes & shares on the page is good for me. Help a fellow Mercedes...
  4. GLK

    Small business website required

    I need a small business website put together, only a few pages and even a smaller store (less than 10 items). Would need it to display nicely on various platforms, including iPhone / iPad, etc. Corp ID (logo, typeface, branding) already in place. Domain is registered with 1&1, but can...
  5. ACID

    Back to business - E63 AMG Remap & Dyno

    Back to business on our newly revamped Dyno Room!! Starting off with a Bi-Turbo E63 AMG Stock: 532.25 Whp (628.06 Bhp) 507.31 Wtq (598.63 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 600.55 Whp (708.65 Bhp) 725.19 Wtq (855.72 Ft Lbs Torque)
  6. Brian 1

    Paul open for business

    Posted my Omega f300 off yesterday for a service + casing revamp, not been on for a while due to a bad dose of flu, plus our new apartment is nearly ready,should be moving soon so lots to do......
  7. guydewdney

    employment / business law question

    knowing the clever bods on here someone will have had a similar situation. is it legally possible to take over a small business (2 permanent employees) and refuse to take them on? replacing them with near identical employees, as the originals are, as far as we are concerned, utterly useless...
  8. D

    Ann Summers doing big business in Texas

    Had to smile at this, perhaps gun law needs more debate? Texas university students in dildo protest over gun law - BBC News But on a more serious note, it's getting bad when kids and teachers at school fear for their safety.
  9. The _Don

    A british business doing rather well.
  10. markjay

    Second hand car on business finance?

    I am thinking of replacing the W203 with a late (facelift) W204 - 2012 to 2014. Purchase (or lease) through VAT-Registered business. Any recommendations re the best way of doing it? E.g. via MB Finance etc?
  11. G

    Business People

    Hi Guys, I need some advice please, perhaps this isn't the right forum to go to. I have invented a product and showcased it at the gadget show live. Everyone loved it and were asking when it would be available. Now at the moment I am at the prototype stage and would like to get...
  12. M

    Business lease, but pay for it from personal acc.

    All, Has anyone took out a business lease with MB, but paid for it from a personal account? i.e. used their VAT reg'd busness to get the cheaper lease option, but not use it as a company car. Thanks,
  13. knighterrant

    Keep business and personal bank accounts separate?

    My wife has a small hairdressing business that she runs from home working alone and less than full time. She doesn't turn over big money but it gets us some nice holidays every year. A few years ago she had a much larger business with a few staff and a turnover in excess of £250k. At that time...
  14. markjay

    Advice on car finance deal (Business Lease)

    What do our resident experts say... does this look like a good deal? MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS SALOON C200 AMG Line Premium 4dr Auto Any obvious pitfalls? Thanks you...
  15. markjay

    Business Rates What does this mean for businesses who are not High Street retailers? E.g. garages, workshops, and offices? Or is the whole idea simply...
  16. D

    Business Name?

    I've been the grateful recipient of help from forum members in this department before so I thought I'd ask for peoples opinions again... I'm looking for a business name that will cover all of my interests (which are mostly in construction related areas), so ideally it might be something along...
  17. edstrom76

    Anyone in the business of Supply Chain Management?

    Looking to make a jump from IT and SCM is on my list - please share your thoughts as to whether this would be a field worth exploring. What are the necessary qualifications required as a new candidate, and have you any recommendations as to where one acquires these? Also, would knowledge of SAP...
  18. V12

    Phone system for small business

    Any experts out there? We have 3 incoming lines and have some old hat BT system for transferring and intercom etc between 6 extensions. We would like to get with the times and use a computer integrated system. We want something budget friendly. Every desk has a PC and they are obviously all...
  19. W

    Any great business ideas?

    Does anyone have any great business ideas they wished they had the cash to do? Please post below so I can copy them and make lots of money! :)
  20. P

    Business v personal lease price

    Why aren't personal lease prices the same as business plus VAT prices? I've seen some really good prices for business leasing circa £239 per month, thinking that should equate to £286 but it comes to £395. No changes in deposits to balance the difference either.
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