1. BTB 500

    Cheese smuggling ring busted

    Seriously: Canada, US police bust major cheese smuggling ring - Yahoo! News UK
  2. Londonscottish

    Busted in France

    Oh well. I'd managed just over 2500 miles and had 100 to go to Calais. Radar on the autoroute, 170 km/h in a 130 zone, 90 Euro fine. Lots of other Brits getting pulled. Predictable, really :-)
  3. L

    Busted windscreen

    I must have the worst luck in the world. Decided to change my windscreen wipers the evening before my MOT. Left the arm up in the air whilst I reached for the new blade and the next thing I know is the arm slams down onto the glass pulled by the spring. You can guess the result CRACKED glass and...
  4. BIG Sean

    Busted Mirror

    Near side wing mirror busted:mad: Any idea how much for new? mirror glass [assumed heated] on a 1998 W202
  5. grober

    busted brakes!

    Mercedes are about to scrap their SBC sensotronic brake control system in some models :eek: http://www.channel4.com/4car/news/news-story.jsp?news_id=13511&ref=archive
  6. Simon

    Busted brake!

    When changing a wheel a couple of days ago I noticed my rear nearside parking brake wasn’t working even in the slightest. What do you think – gummed up cable, crusty calliper? Or am I just going to have to get under there and start looking. Cheers.
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