1. 219

    Dave's a busy chap !

    I , too , know someone called Dave . Where Dave works , things have been on a downward spiral lately , due to funding cuts , and new managers have been brought in to make economies . This has resulted in Dave's workplace no longer being the happy place it once was , and for the first time...
  2. lisa110rry

    M20 closed on such a busy weekend

    The M20 is closed, apparently after a low loader carrying an excavator (I'm extrapolating here as the BBC's description is a bit woolly), which I imagine must have had a problem as it was travelling on the hard shoulder, struck a footbridge which promptly fell on a lorry. It would seem a...
  3. K

    Busy Day..

    Up early this morning. Had the Car in at National Tyres first thing for an Engine Flush & Oil & Filter change . Vey reasonable price the 10 % Voucher came in handy.. Finished up and it was up to the Indy at Ibrox for the transmission fluid change. Finally got down to Mercedes this afternoon to...
  4. M

    Busy couple of weeks

    Over the last few weeks I decided to try and bring the old barge up to date and I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. She started off as a completely standard W211 E320 CDI. First thing to do was add some LED bulbs and HID headlights. After this was the addition of the wind deflectors and...
  5. lordlee

    Busy sorting the SLK's paint

    Well its been a busy weekend fitting bulbs, cleaning, polishing and re-polishing. I started off removing the orange bulbs that kinda spoil the look (IMO) of the headlights. I stuck in some Osram Diadem - not the chrome ones but the other ones they do as I love the colour of them. The rear...
  6. M

    this has been really busy

    2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport 7 Speed Tip Auto Estate | eBay Seems expensive to me.
  7. lordlee

    Busy week with the SL

    I had the secondary cats removed which has given the car a much nicer V8 sound when accelerating - you dont notice any difference on the motorway which is exactly what I was after. I just need the guy to move the rear boxes to exactly where they were before and I'll be a happy man. I also...
  8. RattlerRattler

    A clean SL55, but busy roads ...... trackday?

    Cleaned the SL today and took her out for a spirited bimble on the local roads, loved it, but...... ......couldn't get any decent space to really stretch her legs, the trouble is with this much torque and speed, you just seem to catch up anything else on the road really quickly and have to...
  9. carat 3.6

    We are busy today...

    So today we have 8 spammers birthdays, so I would like to wish thaibinh802012, na-t311, nat943, na-t519, tn813, ntu163, na-t902, and htn154, a very happy birthday! :p I even got you cake...
  10. W

    Too busy to sharpen your own pencil?

    I have the solution..... Artisanal Pencil Sharpening The mind boggles really. I'm inspired to start my own business.....a wine bottle cork removal service. Simply post me your bottle and I'll do the honours for you. My fee, 1 glass of the contents. *vintages preferred please
  11. kikkthecat

    So, it's 1943 and the Germans are busy...

    Building this ??? 1943 770K Can anyone explain to me how, at the height of the war, Mercedes were still producing stuff like this ? It came up for auction in August and didn't sell but at the same venue these 2 did 1928 Boat tail Speedster $3,740,000 1937 540K $2,145,000
  12. P

    Busy Week

    Since collecting my C200K 7 days ago on Friday morning, I've managed to do a grand total of 100 miles in it, and 40-odd of that was coming home from the Dealer. I can't remember the last time I bought a new-ish car and did so few miles in it - normally I'd do at least 100 on the first day just...
  13. verytalldave

    Busy on 3rd March ? ? ?

    If youre not doing anything and you have a few quid burning a hole in your back pocket.......................... http://www.coys.co.uk/auctions/lot.php?auction=75&id=55612
  14. masqueraid

    Busy doing nothing

    Was sent this over the weekend & thought it might appeal to the membership: The Rt Hon David Miliband MP Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Nobel House 17 Smith Square London SW1P 3JR 16 May 2007 Dear Secretary of State, My friend, who is in...
  15. Paul

    I assume no ones busy at work !

    I cant help noticing that this afternoon the forum was quite busy with lots of postings going on, yet this evening things seem slack :confused: . So I have come to two possible answers: 1) Work was slack so you had a look at the site. 2) The wife moans when your browsing the site in...
  16. Koolvin

    My Busy day LARGE PICS!!!!

    My Busy day! I had my car checkd for fuel this morning by Power Engineering, fuel pump is OK, looks like it's going to be what Mark said all along, MF2! I promised I would help a friend install leather in his car:
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