1. Z

    S class sticky wheel buttons

    Hi all I am not sure how it happened but my steering wheel buttons,became sticky,my first thought was my grandson had smeared something on them while I was not looking,but my second thought was that just maybe a car cleaner may have caused it,anyway I looked at the cost of new buttons,for get...
  2. Reggies

    Buttons on interior mirror.

    On my interior mirror there seems to be a green and red button. I can not see in the booklet what they are for. Plus under the mirror is a knob. Any idea what they all do. 1995 c180.
  3. G

    R171 Steering Wheel Buttons

    I'm going to get the steering wheel controls surrounds carbon dipped, along with a few other bits of interior ... So, I bought a spare buttons assembly, cleaned it (it was pretty good anyway), took it apart and ready: Not a single scratch on these, great. Now, as I was taking...
  4. T

    2002 C class Can i Activate the Steering Wheel Telephone buttons?

    I have a 2002 C class (W203.046) Anyone know about Activating buttons and features that may not have been included as optional extras? I know on some cars the actual installed equipment is the same all through the range but the more expensive versions have all these extra little goodies...
  5. MWCLS

    Shift buttons under steering wheel not working.

    It maybe a coincidence, my C209 CLK has a aftermarket double din touch screen media with what looks like the GPS antenna mounted on the dash under the windscreen. When i switch the gearbox mode to M the buttons do nothing, possibly haven't been connected back? Im guessing they are just micro...
  6. pstock

    CL / S class steering wheel buttons !!

    So after having suffered the sticky steering wheel button syndrome, while cleaning the coating off some of the black unfortunately came off, after looking around I couldn't find any replacement buttons (good condition) or decals until now, MERCEDES BENZ DODGE SPRINTER STEERING WHEEL BUTTON...
  7. b1g1an

    Like and Thanks buttons not working

    As above, these haven't worked for me for ages, Chrome on a Mac, and assumed they were just broken but noticed others are still using them fine. The 'like' button throws up an error and the 'thanks' disappears like it's working but when you refresh it just comes back with it registering...
  8. S

    Replacement steering wheel control buttons.

    Hi, 2003 CL600TT I've been trying for several months to clean the buttons at the side of the steering wheel - the ones for the audio controls, 'phone etc. Have tried the recommendations on here .... baby wipes, WD40, nail cleaner, but they're still "sticky", if you see what I mean. Is it...
  9. L

    Mat buttons

    I am after the part number for the clips/buttons that hold the front mats in place. I can find aftermarket black ones but I need beige ones or Pepple in MB speak. Anyone any ideas? Tony
  10. B

    S211 320 Cdi Steering wheel Phone buttons

    Evenin' All, I have recently installed a Dension Gateway 500S BT (GW52MO2) which I am having a few teething issues with. My late 2006 facelift E Class Estate did not come with any phone pre-wiring or installed hands free phone system. Apart from not liking my Windows phones the Dension...
  11. I

    R170 SLK Window Buttons Problem

    Hi, I have a R170 SLK 2001.Ever since I purchased it the Windows close and open seem to be illogical. My Electric Windows Buttons will only Express DOWN Not UP. What do you think the problem could be ?? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  12. I

    Relocating buttons

    I am looking to replace my Audio 20 / UMI with a Pioneer double din head unit and was wondering what options are available when it comes to relocating the heated seats and parking sensor buttons? I would ideally like to move them to the side of the centre console as shown in the attached...
  13. J

    R230 SL55 Steering Wheel with Shift Buttons

    Just replaced this for a wheel with flippers. Sl55 is 2004/5 and wheel is in good condition. Mercedes SL AMG Leather Steering Wheel from 2004/5 SL55. Fits R230.W220.W219 | eBay
  14. M

    Steering wheel buttons

    The steering wheel buttons on my CLS 500 are not working. They failed once before and I had them looked at. The garage said that they dismantled the wheel and put back together and they started working. Is this something I can do myself? How hard is it?
  15. M

    cls55 steering wheel buttons to paddles

    can this be done or is it a steering wheel swap? have seen some on evil bay
  16. N

    Automatic FF update - lost Address bar, back & forward buttons + more.

    After what I assume is an automatic Firefox update the URL / address bar has vanished leaving me with only the search engine bar showing. Tried clicking on the customise button, looked in Mozillazine, tried System Restore (which won't work) & still no address bar. Also missing are back &...
  17. poormansporsche

    F/S W202 129 210 Amg Steering Wheel Carbon Buttons

    W202 Sport Steering Wheel with AMG Airbag with carbon dipped horn buttons Good condition minimal wear but could do with re-dying in places bu overall fine looking for 100 quid collected from South East London or plus postage :thumb:
  18. C

    SOS & Wrench buttons

    Are there SOS and wrench buttons relating to MBrace within the cls?. Taking a closer inspection of my new car, I found a warning triangle tightly packed into a red nugget bar type enclosure and there was an SOS phone symbol on it too.
  19. 0ptic

    Command - not working via streeing wheel buttons

    Hi Folks I had to change the aircon flap levers today on my C32 :crazy: Horrible job but done it OK. After getting it all back together, I noticed that the command works OK on it's own buttons but not on the steering wheel buttons. It also used to turn off when I removed the key but now...
  20. I

    CLS55 AMG Odd Electrical Issues! CANBUS?

    Hi there, I've got a few odd goings on with my car which I think are all related but I'm not having much luck tracking down what the issue is and I'm hoping someone can help! 1. Steering Wheel Buttons They don't work (I can't access the OBC, settings, change the instrument cluster displays...
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