1. A

    Where to buy parts other than dealers

    Need new brake pad but dealers are charging alot. Is there cheaper alternative places where to buy from? Or are there any trade places to buy from?
  2. A

    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    Hi all, I'm just selling my 2005 E320cdi Advantgarde Estate. Absolutely love it. Can't fault it. Best car I've ever owned! I'll really miss it! I owned a W210 before this which was brilliant! I'm a wheelchair user and I am looking at a Vito van. Long story! However, this is the...
  3. X

    Local dealer desperate to buy.....

    My neighbour's S205 C200 Premium Plus (petrol). Numerous phone calls made. I've not heard from them about my C250. I wonder why?;)
  4. roman82

    Looking to buy single amg Bbs 18 8.5 alloy

    Hi everybody.i do looking to buy single alloys amg Bbs 18 8.5 . HWA1404000102.any condition will consider. Thx for any info.
  5. A

    Looking to buy c63 507 edition

    Hi lads Looking to get another c63 but going for a 507 this time in saloon anything I need to look out for as my last two I had bought fresh and yes they had the ppp and the lsd option as that is a must imo Any help will be appreciated.
  6. B

    Should I buy?

    I have been offered a 2002 W220 S320 CDI with 47k miles for £700. It was last MOTed in 2012 and has been parked in a barn for the last 4 years the suspension has a leak as the car goes down 5mins after the compressor has been turned off every thing else looks to be ok. I just don't want...
  7. Graham21

    SL55 possibly wanted to buy

    Hi All, Now I have my E55 my brother now has the AMG bug and is looking for a well maintained SL55. If anyone is thinking about selling please let me know. He would prefer to buy from a forum member.
  8. D

    What Mercedes magazines do you buy?

    Most manufacturers have at least one enthusiast magazine available from their local newsagent but I'm having difficulty finding one for Mercedes. I've joined the Mercedes Benz club so I will receive the "Gazette" but I'd like to know what else is out there. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. M

    W210 - recommendations where to buy metallic paint?

    Since the wings on my e320 are well and truly swiss cheese, I picked up a pair of 'platinum plus' wings from carparts4less (a Eurocarparts subsidiary) for £115 delivered, so I figure now's a good time to have a practice at paint spraying :) I've got a nice 14cfm compressor etc so no need to...
  10. clk320x

    2004 Range Rover, stupid buy?

    Looking at a 2004 RR with high mileage £4300, 140,000 miles, all electrics work, air suspension etc fine Engine rebuilt @ £3500 with invoice Are these cars as expensive to maintain as I've heard? Opinions?
  11. J

    Oil buy 1 get 1 free

    Ecp use code FREEOIL4
  12. T

    Sold ML to we buy anycar

    Just sold my wife's ML280, it was a 2008 that we bought ex demo at 4 months old, offered 5500 in part X for a new GLC, offered 6200 from an independent that we use for servicing. Got 6800 from we buy anycar minus 75 transaction fee and 29.00 to get the money within 30 mins. All went through...
  13. D

    Can I buy a spade terminal for the jump start connector on my 200k?

    Hi I own an 18 year old 200k which I don't use much and like to keep on trickle charge in a barn in the Winter. Rather than remove the A/C filter and battery cover I normally apply the charger crock clips to a decent ground and the positive to the 'jump start' terminal inside the red flip top...
  14. clk320x

    Where to buy facelift pedals?

    My CLK is 2003 and has the normal rubber pedals The facelifted ones have the metal style pedals like AMG. Does anyone know where I can buy these and how much they cost? Or should I try a breakers? Cheers
  15. 0

    Weistec Parts Buy

    Hi I'm looking to purchase a couple of small price bits for the car from Weistec. Anyone interested in joining in and creating multiple orders ? Fancy s redone of these: Billet Oil Filter Cap, M156-M159 SKU:01-156-01692-1Availability: In Stock$149.99
  16. W

    looking to buy an R171 SLK55

    well as far as first posts go I hope this is an acceptable one :dk:! As it says on in the title I'm looking to buy an SLK55 :bannana: There are some essential items and then after that quite a few 'would be nice' Essential airscarf (this is a deabreaker!) heated seats service...
  17. N

    Want to buy B200 or B180 - 2006, should I?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I've been reading a lot of your posts and finally got registered so here I am writing my post. I am thinking about buying B200 or B180 (2006), so the first question would be are they really so different or there is only the hp difference that...
  18. D

    C-Class which model should I buy

    Looking to move from a BMW 3 Series 320d back to a C-Class. Would welcome any advice and guidance on the model, engine e.t.c to go for. looking forward top responses.
  19. M

    I'm coming back!! What to buy!

    Hi Guys, I sold my CLK back in November (still missed) High Spec facelift 320, but got my asking price and it was Diesel so not long till it's banned from London. I decided to try out PistonHeads idea of bargain motoring and purchased a BMW 330Ci...
  20. N

    to buy or not to buy

    Hi All, Brand spanking to the forum, so please be gentle. Am considering buying into the brand for the first time for my wife, so have joined in the hope of finding some useful info. Anyhow, hello to everyone old and new.
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