1. bob6600

    Liberty Media buys Formula 1 in £6bn deal

    Bernie to stay on for now Liberty Media buys Formula 1 in £6bn deal | F1 News
  2. jdrrco

    Good buys?

    I know the first C-class wasn't exactly renowned for its reliability and quality, but when they've been nursed are they worth considering? At half the price of an equivalent 190, these ones seem like they could be good buys. Any thoughts? Mercedes-Benz C Class 2.8 C280 Elegance 4dr...
  3. flango

    Aldi best buys heads up

    This week is winter motoring week at Aldi starting on Thurs 22nd plenty of stuff but they have the ctek type battery charger /conditioner/ saver for £13.99 this is what I leave permanently plugged into the CLK to replace my accumate maintenance charger that failed and this Aldi unit has been...
  4. trapperjohn

    trapperjohn buys an A Class.

    So, getting fed up with treating my 124 Estate workhorse like a, err, workhorse. And the inside of it looking like a stable in need of darn good mucking out I have bought an A Class! This to do my running around, shopping (man shopping that is) tips runs and all the little personal admin jobs...
  5. M

    Farrah Abraham buys a Mercedes E63 AMG

    She needs a car that can do 60mph in under 4 seconds I guess :) from the article: Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, fresh from landing what she claims is a $544,000 contract to dance at an Austin, Tex. club, has just bought herself a Mercedes E63 AMG. 6 pictures and full article .
  6. C

    Money buys you taste?

    Oh dear, not for me I'm afraid.
  7. grober

    James May buys an electric car

    James May is buying an electric car -a BMW i3 Despite having a range extended BMW i3 electric car however, May says the BMW i3 isn’t going to be his only car — and when he goes long-distance away from his London home, he’ll use another car instead. When pushed, May was a little sheepish as...
  8. W

    Welshbloke buys an E class Eatate

    HI Y'all, just bought my first MB, a 2013 E class estate 220 cdi Se. Looking for a rugged deep boot liner now. Good Site ! Tidy :)
  9. A

    Any remap group buys coming up?

    Worth a ask ;-)
  10. T

    Who buys damaged mercs for parts??

    My owned from new C Class 220 CDI on a 2000, it has 160K miles and is MOTd and Taxed, HOWEVER someone has kindly crashed it for me and I do not think it is worth a repair. The bonnet, grille and bumper are damaged and the rad no longer holds water but it starts, runs and will drive to load. I...
  11. D

    Here's what £1500 buys you...

    Bought this today for the father-in-law for fifteen hundred sovs; 51 plate E320 CDi Avantgarde, FSH, COMAND, parking sensors, cd changer, electric mirrors, two tone leather interior. It's got a very small rust bubbles, but it's got a long test and is taxed. He's well happy with his purchase...
  12. K

    Any Remap Group buys in Midlands or south wales ?

    Finally got some spare cash, and want to get my 2008 W204 C220 CDI Sport 167bhp remap done. Anyone know of any of any Group buy remaps going on around Worcester / Gloucester / Hereford / Cardiff areas ? If I could get it down to £200 - £250, i'd do it now. Celtic can do me for £343, or Angel...
  13. Sp!ke

    Aldi special buys on Sunday

    There's quite a few car related secial buys this sunday at Aldi. Real Sheepsking seat covers for 19.99 for instance to keep you warm and snug on those frosty winter mornings ... quite a few bits and bobs of interest too perhaps.
  14. Merco

    Who buys a new car?

    I do and as some on this forum will know, I am awaiting delivery sooner rather than later (hopefully!). But, having been on this forum for a little while it seems that the majority of newbies joining and being welcomed, as well as some of the old dog veterans who really know their stuff, are...
  15. A

    BSkyB buys Virgin Media TV channels in £160m deal

    Looks interesting: Link here, BBC News - BSkyB buys Virgin Media TV channels in £160m deal So it looks like they're just buying the TV channels / media content and not Virgin Media in it's entirety.
  16. H

    Porsche Buys Vw Buys Scania

    Haven't seen this posted so thought it of interest:- Porsche set to buy control of VW Porsche has said it will take a controlling stake in Volkswagen, in a deal that is potentially worth almost 10bn euros ($15.2bn, £7.7bn). The maker of the luxury 911 sports car already holds 31% of VW...
  17. 230K

    Farmer buys E Class. Farmer sells cow to dealer.

    Hi Hope you can all read this? Made me chuckle.
  18. Satch

    Three year old buys £9,000 car on eBay

    Boy aged three buys £9,000 car on internet Press Association Tuesday September 26, 2006 A three-year-old boy used his mother's computer to buy a £9,000 car on the internet auction site eBay. Jack Neal's parents discovered their son's successful bid when they received a congratulations...
  19. Maff

    Clarkson buys SLK55 AMG,,12529-1805419,00.html
  20. Kinky

    Santa dumps reindeer and buys Mercedes Shock!

    [this is posted on behalf of Vito, so he takes 100% of the credit for everything here. The only piece I could possibly add is an alternative headline along the lines of "Santa in non-Silver Shocker" :D - Kinky] We finally have the proof that Santa will make it to all of us this Christmas time...
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