1. SilverSaloon

    w124 lights left on buzzer

    hi the buzzer that used to sound when you leave the lights on has stopped buzzing. Any ideas on where to start looking? 1994 W124 estate thanks Derek
  2. N

    R129 hard top soft top buzzer

    I have issues with the hard top latching and automatic lifting mechanism. I will be addressing the hydraulics during the winter. But what I need to know is how I can turn off the damn buzzer in the meanwhile! I cannot even find it! Roof is latched, but obviously it doesnt think it is. Any...
  3. SilverSaloon

    W124 - no central LOCK (unlock is fine), also no light left on buzzer

    hi i replaced the ignition lock on the 1994 diesel W124 estate the other week. Since then the central locking only unlocks the car, locking requires the drivers door pin to be pushed down. also the lights left on buzzer no longer works. Any ideas if there are any wiring or plugs i've...
  4. neilz

    Whirring sound - a bit like a buzzer?

    When my car is idling, there is a loud whirring/humming sound almost like a hazard buzzer half way along the car (or so) on the driver's side. The car drives fine (fuel consumption is getting dire so taking it in for that Halfords 'Fuel Service Plus' soon (worked wonders on my old 124)) but that...
  5. Q

    W124 lights on warning buzzer?

    My 94 W124 estate doesn't appear to have a functioning lights on warning buzzer, the kind that sounds when you leave the lights on and exit the car. I presume I should have one but have never really thought about it until now. Should I have one and if so where should I begin to fix it?
  6. Venomous

    Does the W168 A-Class have a lights on buzzer?

    As daft as it may seem the 53 A140 SE Classic does not make any noise when you leave the lights on. Is this a "feature", or is it broken... Advice much appreciated. Cheers Brian
  7. para alpha

    headlight buzzer

    The C180 has been suffering flat battery on more than one occasion in the past month. I have found the reason for it? My wife has a habit of driving the car with the side lights on when the weather starts getting bad. I notice this afternoon after we got out of the car that the ignition was off...
  8. smiddyboy1

    Reverse Alarm / Buzzer

    Does anyone have links to any site(s) that allow you to hear the Reverse alarms / buzzers before you buy them... ??? I'm not sure on simple bleeps or talking alarms. Thanks
  9. Hartzpartz

    190E "Lights left on" buzzer not buzzing......

    Has anyone got any idea as to why the "lights left on" buzzer on my 190E doesn't sound when the driver's door is ajar. I think the buzzer is soldered to the back of the instrument panel. Is is it common for them to fail? Any advice gratefully received. :)
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