1. S

    2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi Sliding Door Alarm Buzzing When Doors Are Shut

    Hi, I have a 2013 Mercedes Vito Taxi 62 plate that has an intermittent issue with its sliding doors. Sometimes when I pick a passenger up and close the door the door that has been opened is reported to be still open on the dashboard and the buzzer sounds. Sometimes it's a case of...
  2. P

    Buzzing noise from car speakers

    I have an aftermarket mp 5 in my car fitted with original iso connector and i have a buzzing noise from the speaker only when the engine is on.Can anybody help me?
  3. L

    B180 buzzing noise after shut down

    Hi Chaps Can anyone help me? I have a B CLASS B180, 2012, PETROL When i shut he engine off I hear a loud buzzing noise from the engine bay it only lasts around 2 to 3 seconds The noise is not there when engine is running its almost like its purging air once engine is shut down...
  4. D

    W212 owners- slight buzzing noise steering at full lock?

    Hi All I recently aquired a 2011 E250 saloon, everything seems fine with the car but I have noticed when the steering is at full lock, e.g. when parking, I can hear a slight buzzing noise, I dont recall hearing this on other cars, can other W212 owners confirm they also get this noise? If...
  5. P

    Buzzing noise

    After my 350 sl has been standing for a while when i open a door there is a buzzing from under the bonnet for about 5 seconds
  6. F

    Buzzing from petrol tank on C209 CLK320 - Help!!

    I purchased a 2002 CLK320 Petrol (71K miles) (VIN=WDB2093652F034126) in May this year and have noticed an increasingly annoying loud buzzing/hum coming from the petrol tank that can only be stopped by turning the engine off. Whilst on holiday last week, I stopped at the Harrogate MB dealer and...
  7. MBenzino

    Electrical Buzzing From Drivers Seat

    Hey guys, Hoping for some help with this latest problem. My drivers seat has started buzzing. Listening from the back it sounds like it's coming from the bottom/underneath. It has memory seats. I've moved the seat all which way and the sound is still there. When driving it stops...
  8. M

    Buzzing from CLS 500

    Just noticed a buzzing noise when engine running, no idea what it is, obviously noticeable when stationary with no radio on. Any ideas?
  9. E

    Buzzing noise - REST fan on?

    When key is in position 2 I hear a buzzing noise that has gotten louder over the last few days. It does sound like the fan for the REST function on the climate control. The noise continues whenever the engine is switched on and only ceases about 5 seconds after the engine is switched off. Is...
  10. M

    Vacuum motor buzzing a lot

    Just switching on the ignition and waiting 5 seconds or so makes the vacuum motor in the boot side panel start buzzing. It can do this for 5 seconds or minutes. After starting the car it'll come on when it feels like it and carry on for as long as it likes. Recently the noise has been noticed...
  11. Nightdriver

    A/c shuts down after buzzing noise but noise continues. Heater booster pump?

    It's seems my heater blower A/C problem is getting worse the ac now randomly shuts down all together. And will restart when it wants. The buzzing noise seems to be coming from the engine compartment not from the blower heater fan. A heater booster pump is now the suspected culprit as the noise...
  12. T

    W208 buzzing sound from air intake pipe

    Just wondering if a buzzing sound from air intake pipe is normal. When i turned ignition key to '2' i could hear a buzzing sound coming from engine. On closer inspection it appears to be coming from the air intake pipe / MAF area. Is this normal on W208 230k's? I've recently just had the battery...
  13. G

    SBC buzzing noise with no warning message-should I fix it or leave it alone?

    Hello, all... Just bought a 2005 W211, E280 CDI. Car has the annoying SBC buzz, when turn engine on and every 4/6 brakes.... I understand this is a common issue with SBC with lots of info in the archive. I asked the MB dealer who serviced the car and they said, they would charge me for a...
  14. TommysBenz2003

    Buzzing sound in engine bay

    Hi all. I have a 2003 E200k W211. Sometimes when I open my car by remote or when im driving or sometimes stationary, I can hear a buzzing noise that sounds like a pump running that results when im sitting in the car in me feeling a vibration through my brake pedal!!! I have no loss of brake...
  15. O

    Buzzing Relay or noisy component around Rear View Mirror area

    2005 S class 320cdi w220..are there any relays or electrical components situated in head lining around rear view mirror area that may explain a loud buzzing noise when ignition is turned on ? The sun roof motor fitted appears in good working order..any thoughts please ?
  16. I

    What's the buzzing from under the glove box w124 diesel?

    Hi All, I've a 91 300d which is a real pig to start and was begining to think it had something to do with a buzzing noise that I heard from under the glove-box when I turned the ignition. The hum starts on key-turn, then after about twenty seconds makes a clicking sound and turns into an...
  17. D

    Buzzing noise when braking

    Hi, can anyone help? I have a 1994 W124 200. When braking, there is a buzzing noise happening when it comes almost to a stop. Anyone have any idea what it is and how to fix it?
  18. J

    Buzzing when releasing brake?

    Hi, When I got my car serviced, the mechanic said my brake discs were lipped, but I took my car for an MOT and even though it failed (but took it back today to get fix and retested), there was no advisory or anything about the brakes - not sure if it's just because there was no need to be...
  19. S

    Loud buzzing in rear passenger wing area

    Hello,this is my first post here,got my first e220 automatic last week and really like it,its old 1994 but in great condition anyway was parked at shop last nite listening to the radio when all of a sudden a noise started coming from the boot area of the car,it sounded like a drill vibrating on...
  20. dvb247

    2003 ML270 - Buzzing sound under bonnet

    My wife's ML was buzzing away on the drive, didnt stop until I took off the battery live, the buzzing is coming from the square alloy 3" square brake thing just to the right of the engine near the radiator. Very sure it's that it's something to do with brakes, 4 brake lines come out the top of...
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