1. daveenty

    Bye Bye little taxi.

    It's been an interesting few years, and we've had our ups and downs, but I really grew to love this car. There are threads elsewhere on what it's had done to it in my tenure, not all positive, so I won't repeat them here, suffice to say that I've done over 24,000 miles in it in various stages...
  2. D

    Bye bye E

    Tomorrow we part exchange our e250 cdi cab for a discovery 4 as two of us family of four are getting too big to fit in the back! It's been an almost perfectly reliable car in the 3 years and 60k miles we've owned it, taking everything from collecting timber, to European holidays 4 up, to the...
  3. fozi.g

    Bye Bye C63....Hello.....

    It was a sad day on Thursday when I said bye bye to my C63. It was a fantastic car in many respects but it was time to move on. To cheer myself up I decided to get this..... More pics to follow :thumb:
  4. T

    Bye Bye Mercedes!

    As some might have read before, I had to reject my C250d Estate after 18 days due to an inch+ of water sitting in the drivers foot well which caused the EML to fault. After much battling I eventually ordered a new C250d 4matic in Nov with a delivery for Feb/March. 2 weeks ago on the Friday I...
  5. D-18

    Bye Bye W211 - Hello Jaguar XF

    Like Corned and some others, I have also defected to the Jaguar XF camp -a Saloon for me though rather than Estate. [/URL][/IMG] I've had two W211 E Class, both of which suffered some rather disappointing reliability / quality issues which I won't drone on about here (rattling good cars...
  6. grober

    Bye for now

    Broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95. Broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young dies aged 95 - BBC News
  7. nick mercedes

    bye bye andrew page

    Euro Car Parts acquires rival Andrew Page Gobbled up by ECP, will prices rise by 30% to cover the "discounts"?
  8. R

    Bye bye Benz - Howdy Honda

    After 3 Mercedes it is time to move on for a little while. I know that I will miss the V6, but I'm sure that I'll eventually get used to a Japanese 4 pot.
  9. Timster

    Bye for now ........

    Hi Folks. Long time member, occasional contributor. Sold my S211 at the weekend. Currently MB less - the fleet is now a Dacia Logan MPV + Renault Zoe - car's bought with the bank in mind, not the heart. Was sad to see the S211 being driven off, knowing it'll be a while until I'm back in a...
  10. v8sam

    Good bye C63 Amg pp Hello Cls 63 S Amg

    After nearly 3 happy years of ownership I decided to part ex my c63 Amg due to depreciating prices. I was offered a good price whilst there is some equity left in the c63. After looking at a members new Cls I thought that's the one for me and set about searching for one. The only colours out...
  11. DSB SL AMG

    Time to say bye bye E55k AMG...FOR SALE!

    Hi All, Its with a heavy heart its time to move on my 2004 W211 E55k AMG:(, FSH, HPI clear low mileage example @78k. We have had an awesome time together but due to lack of use its time to move it on to a new cherished MB home... The car is widely known through the original Eurocharged...
  12. Deane x

    Bye bye Mitsubishi Eco
  13. I

    Bye bye Brian Sewell, nice car!

    I always thought he was a funny bloke, didn't realise he appreciated Cars more than Art.
  14. Meldrew2

    Bye … Meldrew Waves…

    Well, not completely goodbye. I'm still keeping the ML, so I'll still be on here. The C class is going, and will be replaced by a nice BMW X1 M-Sport. Not a vote against Mercedes cars - but very definitely a vote against my local MB dealer. I've been ripped off on servicing charges...
  15. Deane x

    Good bye diesel cars ..will this make secondhand cars almost worthless

    Are diesel cars about to be phased out due to pollution ruling? | This is Money
  16. D

    Bye Bye Merc, Hello Volvo....

    Well Merc have finally persuaded me that running an older car is a bad idea. Picked up a New XC60 D4 SE Nav earlier this week. Early impressions are very positive. Quiet, refined, quick enough, comfortable and great stereo. Averaging 42.5 mpg so far with less than 700 miles on the clock...
  17. ColinC2

    Bye For Now (belated)

    Well after a year of ownership I decided that the C63 was not really for me, as well as about to cost me some money, so I traded it for an Audi RS3. At times I really loved the car but it was not popular with my 2 passengers due mainly to the harsh ride - although i suspect that a non PP car...
  18. DSB SL AMG

    Bye Bye S60...hello V70

    Hi All, Have moved on my Volvo S60 D5, as by matter of chance a nice 2006 V70 SE D5 came up for sale literally 5mins from home, in excellent condition...too good to pass really...bought from a Volvo specialist the car has full Volvo S/history with all print outs...+ he has done service with...
  19. TDE1

    Bye then!

    ..2014 Here's to everyone having a good 2015. It's not everyone's favourite night, but it is one of mine. Meeting old friends in the local, all off for a meal, then back up the road for a cheeky couple. Sarah and I will make sure we're home by midnight to see it in together. Hopefully the...
  20. jdrrco

    Bye bye CLK, hello CLK!

    Here is the last photo of my CLK 200K, well, the dashboard anyway. Here's hoping that my new CLK 320CDi can beat that over the next 3,500 miles...
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