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  1. M

    C/e 220/250?

    Another fishing for advice request.... I'm interested in either a C or E class, 2012 on with either 220 or 250 Cdi. I know there are plenty of people who would advice going for a bigger engine, but the facts are that the 4 cylinder running costs suit best. C class is big enough, but I...
  2. D

    Genuine MB Alu-style Roof Bars C/E Estate

    For Sale: a pair of Alu-Style roof bars (complete with instructions, rubber stripping, allen wrench and keys), bought from MB Southampton in 2010 for my C43 Estate and used ~10 times. Still in good condition. Part No B6 781 2139 The bars are adjustable in width and the instructions indicate...
  3. S

    Anyone else experienced throttle hesitation/low rev missing on their C/E 63

    I have a low rev hesitation - from tickover to about 1000 revs that has appeared. Almost like it's missing. It happens when you first prod the throttle and will do it repeatedly. My dealer said they can't fit me in for a week and being as they don't have time said I should phone MB breakdown...
  4. ckember

    C/E sports brakes on B class

    is it possible to fit the drilled front discs and caliper from a C/E(W203/4 W211) class on a B class sport as a direct replacement? Will the standard fit 18inch 5 spoke Alloys fit over the new setup or would I have to change to different offsets? I have seen EBC drilled discs on ebay for the b...
  5. Flip

    Largest Norm-Asp Diesel Merc C/E?!

    Can anyone tell me which was the largest capacity normally aspirated (ie non-turbo) W202 C Class and prev shape E Class - in petrol and in diesel. Cheers :bannana:
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