1. dddooommm

    W124 C124 Sportline alloy wheels set A124411902

    FOR SALE: Mercedes Benz w124 c124 Sportline lightweight 8 hole alloy wheels set In good condition with no damage or repairs Tyres are included (very old) 205 / 60 / R15 CONDITION: Very good overall condition. Expected light marks & could benefit from a paint referb. No cracks...
  2. hearsse.driver

    Mercedes C124 230CE 1987 Poland

    Hello! I own a C124 230CE from the first year of coupe production, that is 1987. I bought it in 2011, earlier I had W124 300D. I decided to register on this forum to practice my English a little bit. Also I presume it will be fun to see feedback from abroad regarding LPG installation and a...
  3. hearsse.driver

    New member from Poland, C124 1987

    Hello there. I'm from Poland, currently living in Wrocław. I bought my C124 230CE in 2011. Earlier I've had W124 300D. I'm into classic car meetings, especially old Mercs meetings. I'm a DIY kind of person, like to work myself on 124 as much as I can. I registered on this UK forum because I...
  4. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce C124 for sale

    Hi guys, just an fyi i am selling my 88 300ce if any one is interested. The link to the advert is below 300ce c124 coupe lovely condition | eBay any questions then either PM here or if possible best via the ebay system as i can reply quicker via my phone bw
  5. adile220

    1996 C124 passenger seat belt butler issues

    Hi all Needed some advice - the seat belt butler on the passenger side of my E220 coupe abruptly stopped working today. I had the seat back all the way recently, and was wondering if this could be why. Is there a sequence to follow when diagnosing this issue on these cars? Drivers side works...
  6. jeremy156

    1995 E320 Coupe 124, Southampton, £3500

    Selling my "fun car" as I no longer have space for two cars. At 126k miles, this car is in pretty good shape, a pleasure to commute in and take out for fun drives, but not as quiet and relaxing as a modern car for motorway cruising. Some vibrations at speed, wind noise, etc. All stuff I'd...
  7. whirsk

    C124 300ce Central locking question.

    Hi Folks I am currently having an issue with central locking on coupe. The passenger door will open and activate central locking (drivers,fuel,boot). Unfortunately the drivers door will not activate central locking. Is this a completely mechanical/vacuum or is there an electronc controller...
  8. Beef Dogg

    C124 Optimisation

    Here is a few pics of my '93 C124 E220. Few things i have done so far: USDM Front numberplate plinth South African spec. Metal Skid plate R129 Front top mounts Early style Full black leather interior Wheels: Various.... :D When i got it.... Skid plate, this is a serious bit of kit. after...
  9. A

    Roofrack for C124

    Made by Oris Seller must be willing to ship it to Sweden. Thanks!
  10. Adeinfrance

    C124 alloys

    Hi can anyone advise the widest tyre size I can fit to my 8j x 17 alloys. currently got 245/40/17
  11. L

    '93 320CE coupe (C124): getting access to rear roof under headliner

    I'd like to have a peak at the underside of the roof just in front of the rear windshield; is it possible to gain access to this area without having to entirely remove the headliner? ie, remove the trim from the rear pillars, and somehow just "peel" the headliner back a bit from the rear?
  12. L

    Roof antenna for E320 Coupe (C124)

    Hello! I've got a 1993 E320 Coupe and would dearly like to fit a DAB/FM bee-sting antenna to the roof. Without removing the headliner, a bit of a poke with my finger suggests I could either mount it to the rear of the interior light, or - maybe! - just in front of it, which I would prefer. But...
  13. Beef Dogg

    C124 Grey heated electric leather interior

    Seats, Carpets, doorcards and seals all available. From a 1993 e220 Pictures available soon.
  14. CreosoteChris

    RTA & the likely demise of a C124

    Hi All – today marked the likely beginning of the end for my beloved 220CE, daily driver for the last 2 and 1/3 years, which was involved in a collision in Ripponden, W Yorks on the way home from work. The incident involved my Merc and a 2002 VW Polo at a busy junction. The other vehicle pulled...
  15. M

    C124 V8 conversion

    Hi. Has anybody on here put a M117 into a C124? Just wondering if there's anyone who could carry this out & what the costs would be. Trying to decide on my next car C126 or C124 V8 swap. Cheers Jamie
  16. whirsk

    C124 300ce auto box

    Hi Folks I recently took my 1990 300ce for a winter drive, I noticed while having the gear box in neutral and revving the engine to 2500rpm the car will creep slightly forward.Is this normal our should I get the auto box checked? Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  17. anfieldassasin

    C124 ignition surround trim wanted

    Hey guys I need an unbroken ignition trim surround for. My 1988 300ce if anyone has one for sale pm me please.
  18. S

    C124 from Malaysia saying Hello!

    Hello to all, I'm Tariq from Malaysia. It's a pleasure to be on the forum and I would like thank the administrators for approving my registration. A very big hello to all you fine gents and ladies too (if there are any here ). I've owned a 1990 300CE for 5 years now and just picked up a 2000...
  19. whirsk

    C124 300ce rust treatment advice

    Hi Folks It's time for the 300ce to go back into storage for the winter, there is one area of rust at passenger side rear window. I was hoping to get some advice on how best to treat this area to prevent further spread whilst in storage? Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  20. D

    C124 speakers have all stopped working!

    I recently overhauled the stereo system in my 1990 300CE, fitting a Pioneer DAB head unit and replacing the front dash speakers for a pair of Crunch 130mm's and a pair of Infinity's for the rear. The DAB receives signal with a splitter using the existing electric telescopic aerial. All was...
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