c180 or c200

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    New Member! W203 / C180/C200 Coupe Advice!

    Hi all New member here and hopefully a soon to be first time MB owner posting. I have few questions in relation to the W203 coupe before I buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Having owned a VW Bora for the last 3 years and admired the C class coupe for a while I’ve recently been...
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    Mercedes Used W204 C180/C200 Kompressor Buying Advice

    Hi everyone As you can note from the title, I am after some advice regarding the W204 C180/C200 Kompressor. Looking to buy a 2007/2008 C200 K (since it has more power than the C180) so any advice on the W204 Kompressor such as reliability, mechanical / engine issues would be greatly...
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    Newby Help with W202 C180/C200

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and to MB. I'm considering purchasing a 1998 C200 Sport Auto from a colleague at work, I won't go into too much detail about the car as I have already posted this in another thread, (which was an old one & may have gone cold) but I have a number of "daft"...
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    C180/c200 K what's the difference?

    180 and 200 Kompressor seem to be the same engine in different states of tune. Are there any mechanical differences to justify the £1700 price hike? In driving terms is it worth going for the 200? Have test driven the 180 and 240 back to back - while the 180 felt quicker off the line...
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