1. F

    W202 C230 Kompressor problem

    1998 W202 C230 Kompressor ..the Kompressor is not coming on when I accelerate hard and will not rev over 4200. It shudders at this and power fades. I then have to slowly accelerate and it`s fine driving in normal mode. The compressor has always been a bit jerky at it`s start but worked...
  2. Z

    Mercedes C230 (w203) remap figures & low torque figures

    Hello all, Had my car remapped and the numbers were good but no amazingly great. The car sometimes has a mind of its own and occasionally won't pull as hard or give full torque. This showed on the dyno with the first run the car pulled 206bhp and 300 ft lbs of torque. Much to my dismay as...
  3. M

    W204 C230 lowering

    Some help please. I have a 2009 W204 C230 2.5V6 petrol estate Sport model. I would like to lower it a bit on springs. Either Eibach or H&R. Which ones should I go for and has anyone on here done similar? Also, anyone got pictures of the result if so? With it being the sport model I think...
  4. A

    C230 supercharger intermittent

    Hi new to all this .... I have 2001 c230k was running fine when I bought it about 3 months ago but about 2 weeks ago the supercharger (sc) stopped and my car run like it was naturally aspirated. Since I was due a service (service due message on screen) I fought I'd service it and after I reset...
  5. D

    C230 W202 1997 Window opening switch faulty

    Hi, on my center console the switch to open the driver window only works intermittently. is this a common fault anyone any ides to fix? any help appreciated. Derek
  6. S

    2006 C230 2.5 V6 - Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

    Hi all, really hoping that someone can help. My C230 threw a P2006 (Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed Bank 1) error code and after removing the Intake Manifold I discovered the whole unit needed replacing, so sadly the cheap fix went out the window. I also found that the MAP Sensor...
  7. L

    C230 Kompressor

    Not bad for an old one!!
  8. S

    C230 2.5 V6 assistance

    Hi All, looking for a bit of help please with anyone that has a 2.5 V6. i changed the timing chain a few months back, and have had to do a few mods since to get timing back in place. anyway, i had to remove the power steering reservoir on the "bank 2" side on the engine, and when i did i had...
  9. C

    C230 k 1997 parts help

    Im in need of a replacement centre n back box for my class 1997 c230 kompressor. And rear cv gaitors struggling to find them n really need it motd can any one help im in uk
  10. C

    1997 W202 C230 Kompressor

    - W202 C230 Kompressor Sport Auto - 1997 - 125k Miles - MOT 9th June 2016 - £1500 ono - St Leonards on Sea (Hastings), East Sussex - Tel Andy - 07758 949327 This car has been owned by 2 previous forum members and I bought it from the mbclub forum. I've had this car for two and a half...
  11. J

    Late W202 C230 Kompressor Manual

    I'm looking for the very rare post 99 W202 C230 with the kompressor engine. I have not come across many over the years as what I am looking for, with the manual gearbox, is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It has to be in decent condition/mileage with the saloon body. Thanks in...
  12. S

    2003 c230

    hi all im new here and just bought my first mb c230, i just noticed that the air intake pipe is split and was wondering whats the best to replace it with original or other? and where to get it from, thanks for any replies
  13. N

    c230 w202

    hi guys sometime ago my left rear window stopped going up from the master switch but would go down,i can operate it normal from the door switch so i didnt worry much about it.recently the driver's side has developed a problem where the window goes up but doesnt wind down,i would appreciate any...
  14. dokalj

    2004/54 Mercedes C230 Kompressor SE AMG Silver (1.8L)

    2004/54 C230 (1.8L) rare model with Factory AMG Body Kit Brilliant Silver Parktronic Heated Black Leather Seats Panoramic Sunroof AMG Body Styling 6 CD-Multi Changer Telephone Preparation Bi-Xenon Headlamps Full Comprehensive Service History (12 Stamps) MOT (Feb 2016) - No...
  15. R

    W203 C230 2.5 V6 info pls...

    Possibly looking at buying a 2005 C230 2.5 V6 Sport saloon. Does this model suffer with the dreaded balance shaft problem that the C280 and C350 suffer from? It has the 7G auto box on it. Is there anything else on these models that tend to fail? The car has 86k on the clock.
  16. C

    W202 C230 Supercharger not engaging

    Last couple of days my supercharger wont engage. It was working perfectly before, and then I got in the car the next day and nothing. I have driven it several times since and the supercharger has not engaged once. Will be getting the car checked out by a garage this week to read codes but...
  17. C

    W203 C230 Coupe - Alternator replacement - How Long?

    Had all sorts of warnings on dash when starting from cold, started with light sensor visit workshop etc. Went to localish specialist (Gary Warburton/Fleetwood) he hooked it up and said the alternator was charging OK but some over voltage errors. He said he had seen this before and it might be...
  18. 2

    w202 c230 kompressor immobiliser annoyance!

    Hi everyone, I require as a matter of urgency the procedure for bypassing the immobiliser on my c230k. If anyone can help I'd be more than happy to pay for the information. My phone number is 07432558936. The car is stuck at a bodyshop taking up space and they're starting to get annoyed. Any...
  19. C

    Mercedes C230 Stage 1 Help

    Hello everyone, i had a ford focus st which was 250bhp a very quick car i would like to downgrade to a nice classy car what's more affordable Like a Mercedes C230 the 2door coupe shaps with the panoramic roof the 2.3L pushing 197bhp 0-60 8seconds instead of the 1.8 pushing 192bhp 0-60...
  20. A

    1997 W202 C230 Will not start

    History: I bought a 1997 w202 C230 from a friend of mine. for personal reasons i am unable at this time to put insurance on the car so it has been sitting in my garage for the last month or so... about every 3 to 4 days i start it up just to keep the motor in good running order and whatever...
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