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    Seems to be OK - any opinions...
  2. mark_le_b

    W203 C230K Coupe Transmission Fault?

    Afternoon I have an issue on a 2003 C230K coupe (40k miles) The automatic gearbox seems to not be changing correctly - best described as jerky/lurching occasionally (at its worst it almost feels like the car rocks when it goes into gear, if that makes sense!) It's recently had a fluid change...
  3. C

    1998 Mercedes c230k mods

    Hi there I have a s reg Mercedes c230k w202 I am currently looking to mod it, so far I have took the destructors from the engine and fitted k and n other than that it's standard , I no it has an eaton m62 supercharger so what other mods can I do to it I've heard of pulley mods but I'd like to...
  4. C

    C230k pulley mod

    Hi there I have a 97 merc c230k, looking to mod the charger pulled or buy a smaller one, I have the eaton m62 charger and I'm after a 63mm pulley as a mate of mine has bought one a while bk now fitted say it's a completely different car,only thing is he can't find who he got it off on eBay and...
  5. S

    W202 C230K - Pierburg Pump

    I have always had fuel delivery issues with my C230K since taking ownership about a year and a half ago. Turned out that a completely wrong pump had been installed by previous owners, and this pump has was on its way out, accompanied by high-pitched noises and occasionally wouldn't operate at...
  6. S

    W202 C230K - R/R Engine Mountings

    I have bought Lemforder engine mountings for my W202 C230K, and intended to replace them today. For the life of me, I couldn't find a way to remove the right hand side (driver side) engine mount. Vehicle is RHD, and the supercharger and steering gear make it basically impossible to turn the top...
  7. S

    C230K AC Pressure Switch

    SO my fan is permanently on and my AC doesn't work even though its been fully charged. Plugged in DAS and found B12/2 Pressure Sensor switch is at fault - when plugged in Fan constantly on. When unplugged fan run normal/stops Obviously with faulty B12/2 switch the AM compressor won't kick...
  8. S

    Lowering w202 C230k

    Shocks and springs Just springs Coilovers Anything considered to sort the attitude & altitude out. Please dm with whatcha got, where you are and how much. :thumb:
  9. poormansporsche

    F/S W202 C230K Sport Auto LPG

    After 3 years and buying 7 cars to replace it - Old Faithful finally up for sale ! All the details can be seen here Mercedes C230K Kompressor Sport 1998 LPG Converted 18 Alloys OZ AMG W202 | eBay After £1500 - will also bung in my brand new genuine MB Carbon steering wheel to mbclub...
  10. S

    C230K M111.975 Won't Accelerate over 4500RPM

    After ECU adaptations were reset using Carsoft on my car (which was an unintended mistake), it no longer can accelerate over 4500rpm while driving. In case it helps, the car has manual transmission. It was just fine shortly before ECU adaptations were reset. Car is still driveable, and has all...
  11. S

    C230K seat module fix

    I've been searching up and found a slight back whereby you can link the 12v switched to the perm live that the seat control module needs thus the module only comes on when the key is on and thus stops the drain on the battery overnight Brilliant - although my car only has two wires BROWN and...
  12. S

    C230K Coupe - Seat Module failure

    So the well known often happens electric seat module failure has decided to come on my C230K Coupe - everything works still but it drains the battery overnight as it doesn't shut down and hence in the morning the car battery is dead. Anyway the part number is A203 820 1626 and whilst I can...
  13. butler23

    c230k belt diagram

    Woops, forgot to take pictures and cant find a diagram online! Anyone happen to have 1 for the 2 front belts please?
  14. butler23

    '96 C230k oil and anti freeze?

    Just a quick 1 ( dont know the engine number so cant use the sticky thread) but which engine oil shall i use for my 96 c230 kompressor? Am i right in saying 0w 40 fully synth or 10w 40 full synth? And also is 6.0 litres capacity correct? Also which anti freeze do i need? Cheers
  15. poormansporsche

    C230K Pulley Machining Down ??????

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-tuning-styling/eaton-m62-mercedes-supercharger-pulley-upgrade-w202-clk-c-class-c230-c200-/1150323536 Discuss :)
  16. butler23

    w202 c230k timing chain casing hole!

    Hey guys, so long story kind of short the water pump bearing failed and resulted in cutting into the timing chain casing. Now it was repaired temporarily with quiksteel but only lasted a few months. So i decided to take the pump off and try doing it again, only this time the whole piece of...
  17. gurpz

    Members Old C230K Sport

    I may be wrong but was this car not a members and once very mint ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-MERCEDES-C230-KOMPRESSOR-SPORT-BLUE-/131622232307 The number plate rings a bell :dk:
  18. J

    w203 Climate Control no A/C can't find errors

    Hi - This is my first post. I just bought a 2004 Mercedes c230 - with the manual climate control system. The A/C won't blow cold and I need help getting the error codes, and resetting the system. I have tried: REST + Defrost (buttons, holding down) this only produces two digit number on...
  19. Grey Area

    C230K exhaust replacement, forum advice.

    Hi all, Getting some custom exhaust work done on my w202, anyone used either of these two companies before? Powerflow Stainless Steel Exhausts, Modified Cars, Hot Rod & Custom Vehicles, Norwich, Norfolk or Longlife exhausts in Stowmarket. Need a Cat delete and some welding done. Does...
  20. vijilants

    W202 C230K Genuine Oil and Air Filter

    For Sale, Genuine Oil and Air Filter for W202 C230K. Part nos: Air filter: A604 094 1304 Oil Filter: A104 180 0109 May fit other models. Air filter box tatty and opened but the filter is brand new. £10 for the pair plus £6 postage and packing
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