1. S

    C240 2.6 (2002, W203) Battery dimensions and suggestions

    The battery for my 2002 C240 Petrol (W203) is knackered and I'm trying to source a new one. I've put the car reg onto various sites and they're throwing up all sorts of options. Unfortunately, the bonnet is stuck so I can't verify the correct dimensions to ensure the new one would be a perfect...
  2. 320 CLK

    W202 C240 Estate wierd going ons

    Hi. My 1998 C240 estate seems to be acting wierd. All works fine then it won't open from passenger side with remote key,opens from drivers then the passenger window and mirror dose not work. Disconnect the battery reconnect all is fine. Then will do the same sometimes from the drivers side...
  3. G

    W203 C240 Ignition Problem

    My W203 C240 Estate has developed a random ignition problem over the last coupe of weeks. Sometimes the engine does not start, ignition lights will come on in Position 1 & 2 but nothing happens when I turn to start the engine. Engine does not crank. It will not start for 6 or 7 times then...
  4. M

    Project c240 sport

    Mercedes c240 sport brought it accident damaged of copart rare option car parking sensors front rear,electric seats,heated ,power fold mirrors is a 1997 r reg .i will have it on jig on Monday and will put up pics stew
  5. A

    w202 1999 c240

    Front door lock removal assistance please RHD MODEL I'VE got it to the latch been free from the body but I cant move it down to the check the actuator Any assistance will be apreciated.
  6. L

    W203 C240 1999 Stuck on the driveway

    Happy Sunday everyone. My W203 woes continue. Has anyone ever heard of a module in the car going nuts and flooding the CAN network? My PITA 1999 C240 has gone from brake lights stuck on to engine running without the key and now the alarm goes off and the radiator fan starts as soon as I...
  7. M

    C240 m112 engine dead??? please see video

    Guys my car was giving vibrations so i changed the engine mounts and gear mounts alongwith the fuel filter,coolant,,,,,,,,after 2 months i started getting vibrations again during start especially during the first start or when the vehicle is cold.Star Diagnostic shows p0302 p0300 cylinder 2,3,5...
  8. A

    w202 c240 Mercedes Benz 1999

    Anyone know how I can get a schematic diagram of the cpu for the engin management with a 112910 v6 2400cc motor
  9. design guru

    1998 C240 Sport W202 For Sale

    I am selling a C240 that is no longer being used as a replacement car has been purchased. It would be ideal for Parts or if you are dedicated it can be restored. The majority of issues are cosmetic. The Engine and gearbox work perfectly and the lester interior does not have any rips or tears and...
  10. L

    Mercedes C240 Flat Battery

    Excuse the long explanation but this is a comedy of errors which I am struggling to sort out and would welcome any guidance anyone can give me! My 1999 Mercedes W202 C240 Sport auto will not start. It was running fine until a couple of weeks ago when one morning all the lights on the dash came...
  11. A

    w202 1999 c240 v6

    Can anybody please help in any way . Where is the idle control valve on a c240 v6 motor .(engine number 11291062274128)
  12. J

    W202 saloon c240 or c230K?

    Hi guys I'm looking to buy my second w202 but can't decide between the 4-pot c230 kompressor (rare as hell!) or a c240 v6 - id prefer a manual gearbox but have accepted that i'm seriously limiting my choice this way so will settle for an auto. I see the c230K had 193bhp and the c240 had...
  13. D

    How to replace indicator stalk for my W203 c240?

    Hi guys, could anyone recommend me a merc specialist? The full beam can not stay on. I need someone how can help me replacing the stalk
  14. A

    w202 c240 v6 motor

    Can anybody inform me where I can purchase a diagnostics tool with lead a list of codes. Mutch apreciated!
  15. A

    air conditioning compressor and under dash fan required for w202 c240 v6 motor

    Hi all. My Benz has covered 413000 km and is starting to require a few parts! The air conditioning compressor and the under dash fan motor,any assistance will be highly appreciated thanks
  16. rucas

    c240 tuck 285/35/18?

    Wondering if anyone has slapped 285/35/18 rear 255/45/18 front amg wheels on a c240?
  17. rucas

    c240 v.6 tricks and tips?

    Hello everyone im new obvisiously. Stoked to find these forums. Can anyone give me any tricks or tips for upping the performance on my c240. Got it lowered already got dual cold intakes and full exhaust. Thanks!!
  18. P

    w202 c240 sport auto,w reg

    breaking my w202 as have new car now,full leather interior,heated front seats,drivers side seat is ellectric,the car itself runs well,needs new alternator as bearing has gone i think. electric mirrors, any on interested in the car or parts,just ask, car has 4 months mot and no advisorys,.
  19. M

    w202 c240 v6. aux tensioner.

    Hi, while I was out this morn the aux tensioner decided to expire, I removed the pulley while I was out and took the belt of as it was squealing plus loads of blue smoke lol. tho I got home ok with no p's and what have you. The job looks straight forward enough but I thought I would check with...
  20. A

    w202 1999 c240 schematic diagram of the engine wiring

    Good day all, I have an intermittent fault that causes the motor to run very rough at low revs. Above 2000 rpm it runs as normal.Any help will be appreciated
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