1. DRBC43AMG

    w202 c240T rear wiper/washer

    I'm not sure if this the best place to post my question but here goes. The wiper/washer on my w202 C240 estate started wiping very slowly and the washer stop squirting liquid onto the screen. The washer reservoir is full and the washer motor seems to work (no difference in noise when everything...
  2. DRBC43AMG

    C240T rear discs

    I'm getting my 98' C240T ready for the technical inspection (something like your MOT) which is done every 2 years for vehicles of this age. The pre inspection came with some points which need to be done. A**** these points are the rear discs. I removed the wheels and found the discs with some...
  3. DRBC43AMG

    Suspension swap from C43 to C240T

    I am about to install a KW Variant 2 suspension set up on my 99' C43 :) As the suspension which is being removed is still decent, I am wondering if I could transfer the AMG suspension to my trusty 98' C240T. The suspension on the estate is getting a bit soft and the missus says the car drives...
  4. B

    Repair Manual For w202 c240t year 1998

    I need a Repair Manual For w202 c240t year 1998 and Haynes haven't made one, any ideas.
  5. S

    C240T Manifold - Update

    Leading on from this thread, I finally had enough of the collosal 'chuffing' noise that my V6 had been making for a few months and I set on with the task of repairing the manifold. To be honest the job wasn't that bad - when I originally scouted the area around the manifold to check for room it...
  6. S

    C240T Manifold Crack

    Hi Guys, The manifold on on my C240T has appeared to have cracked, specifically the driver side, on the cylinder furthest back. Seeing as the car hasn't really gone much over 100k i'm suprised this has happend really. ANy anyone changed the manifold themselves before? Looks pretty tight down...
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