1. M

    2013 W204 C250CDI 7G Auto transmission overheat?

    Recently had a scary problem whilst on the Autostrada in Italy, went to overtake a truck at around 70mph when there was a thump from the transmission and it jumped out of gear, it would not re engage and was just like a manual car with a clutch gone, Engine light came on and coasted to a...
  2. E

    W204 C250CDI Thermostat.

    Hi, My trusty 2012 W204 C250CDI has a dodgy thermostat, I strongly suspect. Takes way too long to heat up, and then falls to 60c driven gently. Heater output is poor. I've checked the gauge, and that is fine. So, failing thermostat. Is replacement straightforward, or requiring magic...
  3. L

    C250CDI -11 not working properly

    So, just found out about this forum so i thought i'd ask here. The car has been to 2 Mercedes workshops, and they havn't been able to figure out the problem. When you turn the key in the ignition, the car starts like it's supposed to and engine fans etc speeds up. But it just goes into Idle at...
  4. M

    Gearbox, drivetrain etc the same on C220 CDI as C250CDI

    Hi guys Thinking of a remap on my C220 CDI which will take it to circa 200 bhp which is similar output of the C250 CDI. Is the Gearbox, diff etc on my 220 the same as that fitted on the 250? Thanks Mark.
  5. M

    C250CDI W204 Starting Issues - Help

    Hi all, need some help/advice - are there any known issues with the C250CDI regarding starting? Went to take SWMBO for a nice day out walking on the Long Mynd only to find 'Gerta' wouldn't fire up as normal - engine spinning nicely but absolutely no combustion, not even a hint of it catching...
  6. Jonski

    Viewing a C250CDI tomorrow, anything to look out for?

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy my first Mercedes tomorrow :D Looking a 2012 C-Class Coupe AMG Sport Plus Model with close to 60k on the clock. Looks to have full MBSH, but I'm wondering if there are any common faults or wear items I should check? Any help much appreciated and I'm looking...
  7. Venomous

    So is it me or the car? Hot C250CDI

    Strange experience today, did my normal commute to work - 55 miles of dual carraigeway / A roads / Villages. Got parked up and notice a rubber burning smell, popped the bonnet and there was a lot of hot air coming off the engine. Went back two hours later and it was still very hot. Engine...
  8. S

    c250cdi straight pipe advice please

    Hi I have a c250cdi sports with manual gearbox. I was wondering if I took the back box off and replace it with straight pipe with tips how it will sound. Will it fail MOT and will I get cloud of black smoke coming from the exhaust. Any advice will be appreciated thanks.
  9. M

    w204 C250CDi Ad Blue tank location?

    Just emptied the boot out in eager anticipation of seeing and topping up the Ad Blue, but to no avail!!! No sign of a hatch or cap or anything to top up the Ad Blue, can someone tell me where the filler is located please? its a 2010 MY....
  10. SmartMAC

    I just put unleaded in my c250cdi

    I know i am an idiot. I did not put a lot, just 2.3litres before I stopped and panicked when I realised I was holding the unleaded pump. :fail After this, I put 55 litres of diesel so the tank is full to the brim. I intend to top it up now for a few days with diesel to dilute the unleaded...
  11. T

    C250CDI Coupe Black Help

    Hi I am new to the forum having just placed an order for my C250 coupe AMG Sport Edition (Premium). This is the first time i have purchased a black car and it is not through my own choice as its only one available without panoramic roof from now till the end of production in june :(. The rest...
  12. zakspeed007

    replacing thermostat housing on c250cdi

    Hi. I'm picking up a new thermostat housing tomorrow for my 2010 c250cdi,was wondering how easy/difficult a job it is to do. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Cheers Zak
  13. Venomous

    C63 FBSW into a C250CDI Coupe

    Spotted this on ebay. My question is - will this fit a 2012 C250CDI Coupe Sport + with COMAND? The item description is prescriptive to the C63, but then considers installation in non-AMG cars. Thoughts appreciated. :thumb:
  14. R

    C250CDI Tuning Box Issue

    Anyone else on here had or having any issues with tuning boxes? Got one on the car at the minute that judders after 3k rpm.. very strange problem in all the years ive had tuning boxes they have never done this. everything fine until the second turbo comes in, then its like im tapping the...
  15. C250CDI

    MB w204 C250CDI

    MB C250CDI Blue Efficiency, Prime edition 2009 2143cmc 204HP 500nM My first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5T7xtYP__0
  16. C250CDI

    MB w204 C250CDI

    MB C250CDI Blue Efficiency, Prime edition 2009 2143cmc 204HP 500nM My first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5T7xtYP__0
  17. Colin_b

    2012 C250CDI Odd Noise When parked.

    If I park my 2012 C250CDI, assuming the engine is warm, an odd noise starts after an hour and keeps occurring for at least 4 hours. The car is running perfectly otherwise, using no oil or coolant, just this odd noise, which is loud enough to draw attention to the car. Anyone any idea what it...
  18. pjs

    2 years and 40000 miles of leased C250CDi costs write up

    2 years of leasing a C250 AMG Sport ED125 CDI [that’s what the V5 says] come to an end tomorrow when the nice men from BCA collect my car. I thought it might be helpful to write a concise review as possible by way of helping other forum members, especially with reference to costs. I used a...
  19. chrisbin

    C250Cdi Auto v C180 Auto

    Having had a C180 Auto saloon for a week I thought the comparison with my C250Cdi Auto Estate was quite interesting. Both are "12" reg. The C180 is VERY quiet and smooth - had to check it was on a couple of times when stationary. The C180 goes pretty well when pressed, and continues to be...
  20. M

    MPG - 2010 C220CDI vs. 2013 C250CDI

    Those cars have the same engine. 2010 has the 5 speed auto and the 2013 the 7g tronic. MPG wise the C250 looks to be a lot better! On the highway going super slow I managed 70MPG in the C250CDI. In my C220 I might see 47MPG. Both cars were in 5th gear. Just 30BHP difference between the cars but...
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