1. D

    Spare wheel for 2015MB C250D Estate AMG line

    Hi Newbie here, I have a 2015 W205 MB C250D AMG line estate and want a spare wheel for it, however Mercedes say they do not supply a spare wheel even as an accessory and insist that it is not needed as they supply foam and compressor and roadside assistance. I am travelling through Europe this...
  2. P

    C250d gearbox

    Very quick question, which I can't find the answer to easily - when did the W205 C250d change from 7G-tronic to 9G-tronic transmission?
  3. N

    New C250d to New CLS350d - worth it?!

    So I've had my new c250d (prem plus) for about 3 days when I noticed the dreaded wind-noise issue, which has been widely reported. A trip to the dealer got the acoustic glass installed but didn't resolve the problem. Another visit for door geometry realignment and that didn't remove the noise...
  4. T

    C250d vs Audi S4

    Help me choose! So after the issues with my car I have two options currently open to me: 1) A replacement quite nicely loaded (everything except air suspension) C250d Estate with a 3 year service plan. Money wise it'll have a £2k deposit on PCP paying £520 pcm. 2) An Audi S4 Avant with...
  5. T

    C250d vs C300h

    Due to some 'troubles' I'm now driving about in a C300h, so thought I'd give a little review. I was sceptical about hybrid cars, the weight of batteries would far outweigh there benefits IMO. But I'm left pleasantly surprise. The C250d doesn't hang about, but you can feel the extra oomph...
  6. D

    C250d adblue

    Hi all.had my car a week now amg sport prem + and as it was due for first service in 4 months the dealer serviced it in with the deal.My one concern is that on the menu settings adblue shows nearly empty but with a range of 16000 miles left and to make matters worst the main dealer i got it from...
  7. S

    Tuning Box Or Remap 2016 C250d?

    Hi guys can anyone recommend a good solution for a reasonable price, tuning box preferable (based near heathrow) how's the economy effected are the gains worth it on the c250d ?
  8. bpsorrel

    c300 coupe or c250d coupe?

    Has anyone tried the 300 petrol back to back against the 250d C class (saloon or coupe)? I'm thinking I'd like to move away from diesel for my next MB, but I've been told that the 300 petrol is not as punchy and responsive as the diesel. Is this true?
  9. M

    Cracked 2015 C250d headlight

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I had a search but couldn't find any info. I hit a deer last night, my family and I are ok, the car is surprisingly ok , can't say the same for the poor deer. ( i very nearly managed to stop, the brakes are amazing!!) I'll get to the point , all it's done...
  10. O

    W202 C250D sudden loss of power

    Hi, Recently purchased a 1997 W202 C250d with 133K. This morning the engine suddenly died. No electrical problems, plenty of fuel and battery new. Managed to restart after a few tries but it wanted to die again when decelerating, almost as though fuel was being stopped. Keeping the revs up got...
  11. Jonski

    Newbie in Oxfordshire - Hello!

    Hi All, As of yesterday, I'm the proud owner of a cavansite blue, AMG Sport Plus C250D Coupé! I've driven ~150 miles so far and loved every minute. Looks like the previous owner took good care of it and I intend to do the same! :D I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions of the coming months...
  12. M

    C250d service costs

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, looking to place an order this week for a C250d coupe. My question relates to service costs. The dealer has quoted £36/month. I plan to keep the car for 3 years then change. My question, is £36/month value for money? Would it cost me more than £432/yr to...
  13. Mr Fixit

    W202 C250D HELP short motor

    Hi All I need some help;- My brother has a W202 C250D and he is not working and when the car blew a head gasket I stepped in to help out paying £1200 for the rebuild via Dave at Elite Autofix. Then within about 300 miles it seems to have a problem with cylinder 3 whose compression is now...
  14. johnkyte

    !996 c250d Glow plugs

    I replaced two glow plugs today .Once loosened they screwed out with my fingers. Not stuck at all The biggest part of the job was removing inlet manifold to get at the job I am glad thats done.The warmest day so far this year
  15. C

    C250D Turbo Cutting Out

    Hi My C-Class C250 Turbo diesel lost power this morning. It was after I restarted it following a 50 mile run. It accelerated slowly and could just about manage 60-70 MPH. Felt like the turbo not working. I stopped the engine for a few minutes, it accelerated like normal for 2 minutes then...
  16. B

    w202 Fuel selenoid voltage c250d

    I have checked the voltage at pins 3&4 on the selenoid plug and only have 5v&4v is this eough if not what controls the voltage
  17. S

    looking for a c250d advice appriciated

    Hi All after nearly 3 years trouble free motoring in my 1997 c180 I am looking to get a diesel. I dont have the funds to go post 2000 year cdi range and was looking at the 1995-2000 model C250d range is there anything i need to be looking out for - are manuals better than autos etc - i am...
  18. B

    C250d 1994

    A b s light stays on some times ,at same time speedo will not work
  19. B

    W202 C250D none return valve mod

    hi there, I have just bought from MB, the none return valve kit that stops the fuel running back to the tank overnight, I understand that the electricaly powered valve in the kit goes into the return pipe to the tank where it exits the fuel filter, and there is a mechanical valve that fits into...
  20. P

    Dashboard Bulbs are out on my 1994 C250D

    Hello, I have just bought from eBay a C250D and the speedo light is out, aswell as the back lights for the digital displays. May I ask your sage council?
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