1. S

    W202 C250TD Clear Fuel Lines

    Hi, apart from my local MB dealers, I have been told that someone on the forum sells the complete clear fuel lines kit, with o rings and copper washers for a W202 C250 TD. If so, could someone be kind enough to let me know. My car will only start if left facing downhill due to air entering the...
  2. Seank791

    W202 C250TD Manual gearbox issues

    Hi guys, my car has developed a fault In relation to the gearbox, it's now very stiff to get into 1st 2nd and reverse gears, there are no crunches whines or noises of any sort, however it requires force to get the car into any of these gears, the remainder of the box 3rd 4th and 5th are...
  3. F

    C250TD 1997 R reg spares/repairs

    Hi All A few months ago, our trusty C250TD Estate spat it's offside front suspension spring bringing to an end a long, trouble free and happy ownership. If anyone is interested in taking the car off me for a token sum, I'll be happy to let it go rather than sending it to the scrapyard...
  4. C

    W202 c250td - tuning and bodywork... (Future buyer)

    Hello all, I don't own a Mercedes yet, but I'm a fan of diseasels and diseasel tuning so naturally I'm drawn towards the om605 engine. And I love the look of the saloon w202 so would like to own a diesel one, but one that isn't slow. Or petrol. I'm not in the market for one just yet but I...
  5. P

    W202 C250TD Air in fuel

    I've changed all the clear pipes, filter, pre filter. I've noticed air in the line from the fuel heater. Does this mean air could be coming in somewhere in the fuel tank? Thanks
  6. P

    C250TD Turbo Options

    I have been researching different turbo options and have looked at the E320/S320 turbos. They seem to have the three bolt flange. Would this turbo be a direct fit or easy to fit? And would I see much power from it? Thanks
  7. Seank791

    W202 C250TD rear brakes sticking on

    Hi guys I'm new around here, I've found a fault in my W202 C250TD manual, where the rear brakes are sticking on, now I've already replaced the rear callipers, discs and pads. And the problem had appeared to be fixed, the brake pedal was still slightly spongy but brakes seemed OK after a good...
  8. HarioH

    S202 C250TD - New bushes OEM or Poly?

    As above really, my wagon has 175k, do people have a good supplier of OEM bushes or have poly bushes been used reliable? IE not wearing out quickly which I've experienced before.. I suppose I'll have to make some bush extractor tools also..
  9. N

    '98 202 C250 TD (w/ AC) V-belt replacement

    Mine's looking a bit shabby (been looking that way for a good old while TBH) so I decided to change it. AFAI can see on WIS they recommend taking the fan off & the shroud out. The problem is someone has had a go at the bolt holding the fan on & I can't get anything to work to take it our, can't...
  10. M

    W202 coolant loss (c250td)

    Noticed slight coolant loss under front drivers side of engine at the weekend. Have taken car to a friends garage this morning and they did a pressure check which yielded nothing and of course the underneath is dry as a bone. Any ideas/suggestions? I monitor the fluid weekly as I do nearly 500...
  11. G

    S202 C-Class C250TD Estate Gearbox Part No.???

    I just bought the 1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class S202.II C250 Turbo Diesel Estate Auto with no gearbox. I would like to buy a replacement gearbox(automatic gearbox) and the dealers are all asking me about the part number(supposedly to be on the side of the gearbox). Can some please advise on the...
  12. C

    Asr/abs control removed from Mercedes C250Td

    Hello, I have this type of problem: I planted an engine of a Mercedes c250td '98 (w202) in another car. I removed both the control asr that the abs, leaving the sensors on the engine and the electrical system connected to the ECU. The electronic key, the SAM, the ECU, the MAP sensor, are...
  13. F

    C250td battery ok but car electrically dead

    Good evening all - bit of a puzzler here and any guidance from the learned forum members appreciated... Battery OK but car TOTALLY dead electrically (ingnition key fob does not even turn in lock or make the usual click)! ! Happened briefly twice before but eventually started ok. Suspected a...
  14. P

    w202 C250TD on veg oil - water injection methods

    Ring gumming. Been reading various water injection threads with interest. One day I may set it all up properly with valves and pumps etc, but in the meantime, I was thinking pumped garden fence sprayer straight into plenum twice a year before the car's oil change and dino thrash. My question...
  15. M

    1997 C250TD Transmission not shifting into 2nd gear

    Hi guys, My uncle has a 1997 Mercedes W202 C250 TurboDiesel (2.5L OM605 engine) with manual (5-speed) transmission. On the clock about 220,000 miles His transmission is showing the following symptoms: Doesn't want to shift into 2nd gear (from 1st of 3rd). The moment you put it in 2nd it...
  16. D

    C250td poor fuel economy

    It appears fellow owners of this beast (w202 model) are seeing about 35mpg. When I put £20 I am getting about 100 miles out of 15 litres so roughly about 28mpg. I have tried to alter my driving style and be more gentle with my right foot yet I have not seen any real improvement. What could...
  17. P

    W202 C250TD Intermittent engine knock at idle

    An intermittent engine knock at idle. What could this be? Thanks
  18. D

    Does a 1997 c250TD have an N15 relay

    I just want to know if there is an N15 relay as some articles point to it being a possible suspect for cluster issues Thanks
  19. P

    W202 C250TD Turbo Uprade Options

    Just bought myself a W202 C250TD and have just registered to mbclub. I have heard of installing a Scania turbo but is this wise? Would there be a lot of turbo lag before the power comes in? Would I be better off with a smaller turbo but bigger than stock? I do want to use the car as a daily...
  20. adile220

    C250TD Automatic Sport for sale

    Hi all Selling this C250TD that was bought from this very forum. Mileage is 170k, MOT due early April. It is the Sport model. Has a rare glass sunroof. Starts on the button as long as its not facing the wrong way as the diesels do. Has issues associated with its age and mileage: - gear...
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