1. B

    W203 C270 Electronic Oil Level - Help!

    Hi, I am a new member and this is my first post. Don't know what the protocol is.....so hi! I bought my Mercedes this January, a W203 C270 CDI Auto Avantgarde and I think it's great! Anyway, I'm about to do an oil and filter change myself this weekend and need some advice on getting the...
  2. gunning

    C270 CDI ESTATE for sale

    My mothers C270 CDI estate is up for sale as my father has just bought her an Jaguar XJ. It's an Avantgarde spec. 2004 with 132,000 miles Full history (not all Mercedes) My father bought it off a fellow Aston Martin club member. Recently had new rear shocks, thermostat, service, few other...

    C270 estate

    Help needed.The car is a 2005. C270 Estate,simple problem to fix,but rear stop light bulb blown,problem,how the heck to you get the covering panel off,I can obviously leaver it away,but as its madams car i have to be careful. Thanks Pat
  4. th3h1ghlander

    Fuel pump (HP) renewal C270 w203 (borked and leaking)

    Morning all, tried starting the old gal during the cold snap on Wednesday night, she would turn over but not start. Tried about 10 times until I could hear the starter motor labour with less battery power. Called out RAC home start and while the chap was checking battery (suspecting glow plugs...
  5. Pegasus64

    C270 02 tyre/wheel sizes

    Hi what is the standard size wheel and tyres on a 2002 c270 avengarde and what is the best sizes to have? Regards Simon
  6. Pegasus64

    High mileage c270

    Hi I am thinking of buying a 2002 c270 avengarde the mileage on car says 128k but when I did Mot check it flagged up a change of millage vrom 130k to 39k in 2007 and has then gone back up over the years it's a fantastic car but I am worried about the high mileage and why it changed. Should I...
  7. S

    W203 C270 loss of power and low boost

    Awhile ago the car went into limp mode and would not rev beyond 3k rpm or create any boost. Every once in awhile it would be normal in the morning and run seemingly fine. Then it went into limp mode for good. I checked the resistance of the intake sensor and it was bad so I went an got a new...
  8. dickycase

    C270 cdi turbo blown

    Hi all worryingly it looks and sounds like my c270 may have blown the turbo on my way home today. just wondered if anyone had replaced a turbo on a c270 cdi and what the costs were? im going to strip it out over the weekend and have a good look at any damage that its caused. currently when...
  9. M

    C270 cdi plumes of grey smoke from exaust

    Hi Driving my c270 cdi 143,000 on the clock 05 reg Plumes of grey smoke from exhaust under light acceleration. The smoke lingers behind me and the cars behind drop back the smoke is quite bad tried driving the car really slow but still loads of smoke and under hard throttle even worse. Car...
  10. odintheterrible

    W203 (C270 CDI) ... sat nav ?

    Greetings one and all, We've just bought an old C270 to use as a second car whilst we are in Spain. When we viewed the car it had the radio/sat nav unit fitted (Standard ??) but when we tried to use it, it threw up a warning which seemed to indicate that the mapping CD was missing. The dealer...
  11. J

    C270 cdi engine mods

    Hi I have a 2003 c270 cdi, I want to get more power out of it I've taken both cats out and removed the backbox so it's straight through, anyone got any decent power out of these?
  12. th3h1ghlander

    Newbie proud owner of a C-Class C270 CDI w203

    Hi All! On Friday I became a newbie Merc owner by buying my first C-Class C270 CDI (w203). The dealer was amazingly patient with me (they must have felt like :wallbash: dealing with me) and helped me through the process. I have now spent 24h with the car and I am absolutely loving it! Took...
  13. G

    2001 c270 cdi starting issue

    Hi guys before i start i want to thank everyone who tries to help me sort the issue out. Its driving me crazy. Let me start whats been the issues since i bought it. No power. Loss and limp mode. That was fixed due to swirl flaps I have owned the car for 4 months now and since i fixed...
  14. K

    W203 c270 starting issue

    Long story story short, had a running issues with the car which would cause the car to take a lot of cranking to start. Finally got it sorted and a few days later i noticed the battery was getting weaker and weaker. So i brought a new one. When i fitted one of the relays in the left hand engine...
  15. S

    W203 (C270) New struts/shocks ball joints

    Hello all, I currently own a C270 and just the other day my front strut blew out and leaked oil all over my garage floor. I knew I was in need of new components a few months back, but I figured it may last until summer. My question is whether or not my C270 has different struts and shocks...
  16. K

    W203 c270 cdi cutting out epc light abd p1187 code

    Brought a 2002 w203 c270 cdi with a slightly leaking pump and cutting out issue on hard accell (epc watning light and having to come to a stop to restart the car) scanned it and all sorts came up cleared them all and drove it and only code showing is p1187 - 032 rail pressure monitoring...
  17. OJLane

    C270 Not Starting, possible immobiliser fault?

    Hi all, I'm having an issue with my C270. We have been away for the last two and a half weeks, when we got back on Tuesday my battery was nearly dead and would not start so I jumped it from my wife's car and it eventually started. I went and did a bit of shopping and it started without a...
  18. legonutter

    W203 C270 cdi Bolt ons

    Hey I was wondering if any bolt on parts exist ie bigger injectors turbo upgrades and so on
  19. z4hid

    W203 C270 CDI spares or repair

    Testing the water on behalf of My brother who is selling a W203 C270 CDi Avantgarde SE A. 2004 facelift model. Full black heated semi electric leather 17 Adharaz alloys. Electric folding Mirrors. Obsidian black Automatic Big Sports Brake kit Non xenon model. The engine and gearbox have been...
  20. M

    C270 Limp mode and not MAF SEN

    Hi All, I am new to forums but I have a problem that I just don't have a clue what to do. I have a 2002 c270 cdi W203 and is in constant limp mode. When on diagnostics I get the following codes: P0100 MAF sensor P1403 egr Valve P1470 Boost Pressure regulation P1189 Inlet port shut...
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