1. M

    1999 c280 oil leak

    Hi, my w202 v6 has an oil leak which appears to be getting worse. it looks to be coming from just under the oil cooler at the front of the engine. a little plate held in place by 2 bolts. is this a common area to leak and is there a gasket or o ring ? thanks, matthew
  2. Alex225

    C280 (W204) - Experience?

    Afternoon all, It's me again going on about the C Class and trying to get to grips with the variety of different models and which is best suited to my other half. As you know she's selling her SL350 and would like something that's not a hell of a lot slower. If you'd have asked me this...
  3. poormansporsche

    S202 C280 - Interesting Colour

    1999 MERCEDES C280 SPORT AUTO GREY I really like this, not bad spec, shame the miles a bit high for me :)
  4. M

    c280 w202 crank pulley

    Hi, so i recently bought a 98 c280 with little history, i gather the crank pulley has a rubber component. when this starts to go does the engine feel a little rough when reving? and is the crank pulley a dealer only part , cant find one on eurocarparts website.
  5. gaz_l

    W202 c280

    Looks pretty tidy.. Mercedes-Benz 280 2.8 Cheers, Gaz
  6. S

    Brake issue 98 c280 estate

    Hi guys Right I’m having an issue with the brakes locking up seemingly random seems to be the fronts mostly but could be rears too but you feel the fronts first and hot when you touch the wheels and the rears are cold So I have changed Master cylinder - NEW ABS pump unit - 2nd...
  7. mark_le_b

    M272 C280 Balance shaft question

    Question on the balance shaft issue prone M272 engine (C280) Do they all suffer form the issue if the engine code is within the range effected by the problem, or, is it luck of the draw?? I am looking at an 06 - 69k miles car, but the worry if putting me off! If it doesn't have the issue...
  8. F

    C280 (w202) V6 engine 1997

    Hi, Sorry to show great ignorance on this, but I have a C280 (as above) which I suspect I may have caused the timing chain to jump a tooth when I was undoing the flywheel bolts without locking the various sprockets. I know, an unexplainable attack of stupidity! If it has jumped a tooth would...
  9. M

    W202 C280 facelift Exhaust Back Box

    Hi, Have a C280 with the AMG kit but without the exhaust so the rear bumper in my opinion looks a bit wrong without a nice AMG twin exhaust poking out the back! I realise the AMG back box's are getting rare these days so been looking at the remus variant (although pretty expensive at 500 quid)...
  10. A

    W202 c280 manual

    I was wondering does anyone know if a c200 manual box can be put on a c280 without modifications or is it just not possible? Thanks in advance
  11. JOHNO978

    96 c280 w202 key fob/central locking/programing

    Hello guys..wondering if anyone could help me..and apologies for a long post, 3yrs ago my ignition barell went down...the dealer fitted a new barrel with a single key and all was fine...I only used my fob to lock/unlock the car, Then the red light on the mirror stopped working..still caused me...
  12. S

    W202 c280 estate coilover help

    Hey im looking to get some coilovers for my 98 c280 estate. ive looked about and there is lots for the saloon model will these fit the estate and if no why? cheers
  13. P

    NEW HERE, W202 C280 elegance

    hi guys just bought a c280 elegance with the v6 2.8,been looking for one for ages and one finally came up,has all the toys electric seats,head rests,light up sun visor and out side temp sensor,only thing it does not have is leather and sunroof,but being a 1 owner 100k from new with full benz...
  14. M

    W202 C280 sport bootlid replacement

    Hi, the bottom of my c280 bootlid is rusting around the lock. Probably not too much of a job to repair, but seen as the local breakers yard has a silver (same colour) car breaking and there are a few being broken locally, was wondering if it would be easier to replace the bootlid? After a quick...
  15. M

    C280 Heated rear window switch won't go out

    Hi there everyone :) i am recently a new and very proud owner of a silver w202 C280 sport. (pictures to follow) once i pick her up on Saturday! one slight niggle that is bothering me is the heated rear window switch light does not seem to want to go off. if you press the button quickly it...
  16. JOHNO978

    Rebuilding front end etc 96 C280

    I have stripped down, renewed and refurbished my front end steering and suspension incl ball joints and bearings...I am about to start putting it all back together could anyone advise me as to how much grease I should put into the Hubs and end caps...when I stripped everything down it was a...
  17. Notwen

    W202 C280 Sport

    Popped up on my eBay suggested feed. Early C280 Sport, some nice options inc AMG kit and rear sport seats. Is it a Designo colour? Don't care much for the sound system story, but looks interestingly unusual. 1994 MERCEDES C280 AMG AUTO VERY RARE CAR FUTURE CLASSIC C36 AMG LOOKS | eBay
  18. poormansporsche

    Lovely very very early C280

    If I hadn't just bought another spare car id be all over this one Mercedes Benz C280 24 valve Straight 6 Auto 1994 ONLY 65,000 Miles Fully Loaded | eBay :thumb:
  19. JOHNO978

    C280 w202 wont fire

    Hi Folks, Yesterday my 95 C280 decided to not start up...It had been running just fine for the past 7 yrs that Ive owned...I do my own services etc every spring time and a mini service just before winter...anyway we had been out shopping...stopped at a few stores then went to our final...
  20. T

    Retro Fit Quad Tail pipes for 2009 C280

    I am thinking of replacing the my twin tail pipes on my 2009 C280 for quad set up, like the C63. What is involved and roughly how much would it cost?
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