1. Gaz74

    C32 AMG anti roll bar diameter query.

    Hi, I need new ARB bushes on the front of my car and after searching, I thought that the bar should be 22mm thick. I've just measured the one on the car and it's 20mm thick, so has it got the wrong (or a regular W203) anti roll bar in place? Can anyone confirm the thickness it should be...
  2. Gaz74

    C32 AMG rear prop/diff bushes - help req'd!

    Hi, so I have a vibration/shudder at around 70 - 80mph in my car which I can feel through my seat, more than through the steering wheel. After inspection, it appears that the diff mounts are worn and have a bit of play and also the thick rubber bush which sits between the prop and the diff is...
  3. RyanMuller

    Gave the C32 AMG some TLC

    Still looking good for 14 years old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuVh9xQsgcs
  4. K

    W211 E320cdi to C32 or E55 Estate. Anyone done it?

    Currently have a 2004 W211 E320 cdi Estate with a chip but have been reading some wonderful road tests of C32 and E55 Estates from the same era which describe the power as completely mental. Has anyone moved from an E320cdi to one of these, and are they as mind-blowing as the journalists lead...
  5. RyanMuller

    W203 C32 AMG Part Number for Diff Drain Plug

    Hi all, As title suggests I had a google but can't seem to come across the part. Does anybody know the part number or where to order a diff drain plug from please? Thanks in advance!
  6. D

    on the look out for a C32 estate or clk55 convertable

    What you got to offer people?
  7. RyanMuller

    Thinking about selling the C32 - Any Interest?

    Hi all, I haven't really made my mind up yet so I'm just getting a feel for interest. I am still undecided to sell as I FINALLY have everything working on the car. I will be doing 200-300 miles a week with my new job and the C32 was mainly used as a weekend car as with my current job I cycled...
  8. french

    Pro Racing tune up Box C32

    Have one of these Pro racing Tune up boxes if anyone is interested. I fitted after I had the smaller pulley, no real difference from the re map to this TBH. I had the 65mmm pulley fitted while looking for a garage to remap it. MPG was better with this than the remap, performance was 6 of one &...
  9. I

    High mileage c32

    Hi, i have seen a 2003 c32 with over 200k, what do you think the car should be priced.The seller wants 3k.It has service history upto 140k. Rust on the rear arches. Thanks
  10. c32pilot

    C32 amg

    Welcome to the sale of my C32. Quite a reluctant sale as I'd hoped this was 'the one'. Unfortunately the wife won't drive it & it also terrifies me. It is an absolutely beautiful example with all the toys. It was registered December 03 so is the 04 model with still no rust whatsoever...
  11. D

    C32 estate wanted

    Hi Looking for a reasonably priced C32 estate for sale amongst members. Any info gratefully received. Thanks David
  12. ndonaghy

    New C32 AMG owner - hi!

    Hello folks, I acquired a new-to-me C32 AMG (May 2002) Estate in Tektite Grey, with 107k miles on her. She is essentially stock and running very sweetly. The only things I've changed since purchase a month (and 1,000 miles) ago were to bin the Bose amp, speakers and Becker headunit and...
  13. RyanMuller

    New Air Filters for C32 AMG

    Got K&N's but too chicken to re-oil them. If I get new ones, what do people recommend?
  14. S

    C32 estate not big enough?

    MERCEDES Vito/Viano 3.2AMG V6 Kompressor,400BHP,Supercharged,LPG,swap,swop,px | eBay
  15. RyanMuller

    C32 AMG Exhaust Sound Check (External Mic Test)

    Posted dozens of videos and everyone is probably bored of them but I've smiled a lot since the work done on the 32. Jerry was involved in making it fun! She sounds pretty good now! Recorded with an external microphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZW7TtcfDGQ&feature=youtu.be
  16. c32pilot

    Just bought a C32!

    Hi all, just bought a C32 so thought I'd pop in & say hello. Just come from 12 years of TVR's so used to great performance. I have to say though, this thing is at least as fast as them all if not quicker!! It used to belong to forum member 'Benzedup' & after reading back a bit it looks like it...
  17. RyanMuller

    C32 amg

  18. RyanMuller

    My Eurocharged Experience: C32 AMG

    Just thought I'd share my experience with tuning a supercharged merc. The guys at Eurocharged are a great bunch of guys. My old man is thinking of taking his 63 there as he can't shake me off in a straight line! https://youtu.be/9buef2nYtKI
  19. C

    C32 Head Gasket?

    Hi I have been seeing quite a loss of coolant in my car (2003 estate) and did some digging around yesterday. All I can find is that the expansion tank was damp underneath, so it may be leaking through the cap when under pressure. However, I put over a litre in and it still wasn't quite up to...
  20. Y

    Newbie on the search for a C32

    Hi folks, just joined and thought I should introduce myself. Im Stewart from SW Scotland, just sold my Scooby and currently on the hunt for a nice C32 AMG. Obviously the best place to try and find a good one is on an owners club forum so here I am. Im off to read through the old threads and...
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