1. ringway

    Happy Birthday C43AMG.

    Happy 70th Birthday, Peter. :thumb:
  2. ringway

    Happy Birthday C43AMG.

    Happy Birthday, Peter. It was nice to see you and your car on Saturday. :thumb:
  3. N

    Round fastener for C43AMG parktronic bumper?

    I wonder if these outer bracket rings which I highlighted in color RED are sold separately for parktronic sensor bumper? Are these parts sold for front and rear bumpers? I have already bougth the sensors and spacer shims. It's the 3rd part, the round bracket I'm wondering about if I can...
  4. DRBC43AMG

    Auxiliary fans W202 C43AMG

    Not sure is this is the right place for the query, but here goes anyway. Now that we have started a big heat wave which should continue over the next days, I noticed that only one auxiliary fan up front is in operation with the A/C engaged (necessary these summer days). The A/C was topped up...
  5. SPX

    Happy birthday C43AMG

    Hope you have a good day Peter :thumb:
  6. gaz_l

    Happy birthday C43AMG

    Many happy returns Peter, have a great day! Cheers, Gaz
  7. guydewdney

    Maroon C43AMG S202

    Unusual colour - quite like the body, but not so keen with the two tone seats / steering wheel?
  8. M

    Gemclean Detailing-mbclub member C43AMG S-Class

    Hi Guys, After completing C43AMG'S CL, he decided to bring his s-class in for a little bit of tlc. This is a central london daily driver, so i originally talk him out of having paint correction as it was being washed by local car washes generally. So the car popped in to have some of the...
  9. Charles Morgan

    Happy Birthday C43AMG!

    Have a super day Peter.
  10. SPX

    Happy Birthday C43AMG

    Happy Birthday to a man with great taste in music, C43AMG. :cool: Hope that you've had a great day Peter. :D When I get older and I'm losing my hair...;) YouTube - ‪Beatles and Julian Lennon - 'When I'm 64'‬‏
  11. C43AMG

    C43amg ?

    I don't know,182 Views and no interest !! come on you C43 lovers. :)
  12. C43AMG

    "The" C43AMG is For Sale

    Well it is for Sale as i have found the CL i have been looking for. Many of you have seen the C43 and can vouch for it's imaculate condition. You can see from my Signature what the car has, re the Modification i have had done and the MB options that are on the car. The only thing that is...
  13. R

    Happy birthday c43amg

    May I be the first to wish you happy birtday Peter :bannana:
  14. Howard

    For C43AMG ...

    Hi mate, Saw your car outside MB World today ( in the valet parking bit ) .... i asked the doorman where you'd gone but he didn't know :( I walked out after collecting my locking wheel nut key ( £23.50 !! ) and thought ' I know that car ' .... Had a quick wander around to see if i...
  15. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday to C43AMG and Portzy

    Portzy and Peter have a great day :bannana:
  16. KLP 92

    Pictures of C43AMG's new AMG Carbon fibre steering wheel

    Posting some pics on behalf of C43AMG. Pictures of his new special edition original AMG steering wheel fiotted to his C43. The steering wheel itself is custom made by AMG for the Royal family of Brunei. The rear of the steering wheel which is normally vinyl is hand stitched with soft...
  17. C

    Initial thoughts on my C43AMG - long post

    Having owned a ‘99 C43AMG for a couple of weeks now, I thought I’d post my views for information and/or feedback from others. To put my thoughts into context, my previous few cars, most recent first, were: 2004 Renault Megane 1.9 diesel (120 bhp) (temporary company car) 2002 Volvo S60...
  18. C43AMG

    C43AMG Update

    I thought i would give you an update on the C43 since i bought it.Have had new front & rear Discs & Pads N/S front Disc £157.00-O/S front Disc £161.00,thats AMG for you!! Options already on the car. Rear Blind. Sunroof. Xynon Headlights Wash Wipe?? Folding Wing Mirrows?? Tilt Steering...
  19. C43AMG

    C43AMG Soundtube

    A member of the Mercedes-Benz Club has a C43.He has replaced his centre silencer with a "Soundtube", he bought it from a company in Germany called MKB Power.The Soundtube does what the name suggests makes a wonderful noise,nothing illegal i have been told,just a very pleasant rumble sound in...
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