1. N

    C63 Exhaust Problem

    Hi Guys, First post here and sadly it's an issue with my C63 :( Only been a month since I bought the car and all of a sudden the exhaust growl isn't the same, just sounds like not like a c63 and hint of power loss too! Had an indie look at it and an Xentry diagnostic but came back with zero...
  2. Gledsyc63

    C63 rear ipe exhaust

    Used for around 3500 mile. £1750 Or can part ex a standard rear system. I'm located 20 minutes from msl performance north who will be able to fit this for you. Standard chrome tips. All electronics have been kept inside the car so are in good condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. F

    C63 AMG Experience at Mercedes-Benz World

  4. A

    W204 C63 Rear bumper/arch flares.

    Some cars have the 2 piece flares on some have just a small flare on the back bumper. Why is this ? Option ?
  5. G

    c63 AMG collectors?

    I own a c63 w204 with performance pack 12 plate with 39k on the clock but wanted to know lets say in 10 years with 50-60k on the clock will it go up in value or you reckon its a car will still lose value?
  6. EDDIE12

    W204 C63 Saloon parts

    Am selling a few parts that I've removed from my 2014 W204 C63 saloon. All in perfect condition. All prices are plus postage. Will be a few days before I get a chance too get pictures for anyone interested (sorry). :thumb: RW Carbon AMG style rear spoiler - £180.00 OEM DRL chrome trims - £80.00...
  7. J

    C63 W204 Saloon

    My car is up for sale :) performance pack and other additional features Mercedes-Benz C Class C63 4dr Auto 6.2
  8. A

    Wanted: w204, C63 507 edition in white

    As above really, preferably as close to london as possible but willing to travel. Thanks
  9. T

    c63 w204 brake pads?

    Hi guys, needing my brake pads changed, what would you recommend? manage to source oem front and rear for £350 inc sensors, £200 front and £150 rears, my local indi is charging me £100 for labour. has anyone else tried TRW? or would OEM be the best bet? i dont do track days.
  10. K

    2013 W204 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Saloon for sale

    Due to moving back to Australia, time has come to sell my car. I've looked into taking it with me but unfortunately it's too much hassle for me to deal with right now so here I am. Specs of the car are as follows: - 13 Plate W204 C63 AMG - Diamond White - Approx 39k miles - Two previous owners...
  11. V

    W204 C63 alignment issues

    a few months ago I had my C63 aligned by a "specialist" local to me on a John Bean machine, after a few attempts he still couldn't get the steering wheel straight. Took the car off the road a for a few months and went today to have it realigned on a hunter machine and instead of the wheel...
  12. ACID

    First V7 Eurocharged map at MSL Perforance

    /JXeVjUa9z6w Our first V7 tune for a Mercedes C63 making some impressive figures. Stock: 361 Whp 425 Bhp 362 Wtq 427 lb/ft Tuned: 425 Whp 501 Bhp 395 Wtq 466 lb/ft For further info or to book please call 0121 772 4455
  13. Shakey60

    Launch Control M177 C63

    I've heard that launching the W205 C63 can damage the clutch quite quickly. Can anybody add any thoughts to this. Some professional opinions would be gratefully received. Thanks guys
  14. J

    Can the C63 AMG be a bit jerky at higher revs (Supercharged)

    I am new to the MB brand and am more used to driving manual turbo cars for fun. I have bought a supercharged C63 and am trying to get used to driving it with its settings etc. It can get jerky at higher revs which I'm putting down to the power and instant response but thought id ask on here as...
  15. C

    Servicing on collection on a used car by the supplying dealer - C63 ppp

    Hi, I bought my C63 from a MB dealer almost 12 months ago. 3 years old and ~23k on the clock. It's now got ~32k on it I've just rung my local MB dealer for a "B5" Service and was quoted about ~£1150. Everything I've read on here suggested ~600 is nearer the norm so dug a bit deeper in to the...
  16. R

    c63 amg finned differential cooler

    Are the finned differential coolers standard on the c63 amg facelift even if it has no lsd? this is the part number: A1713510108 this is a picture of what I am talking about: https://mbworld.org/forums/attachments/c63-amg-w204/408307d1501792484-finned-differential-cooler-aimg_1422.jpg
  17. mbzclk

    Mercedes C63 AMG W204 - Facelift

    Hi guys, Been a while for me since I sold my CLK, but I've been waiting to find the right C63 before I return to Mercedes - I'm fed up of running a shed... I need to get your thoughts on must haves and so on... Must have for me 2012 Facelift (125 edition) > Pano Roof COMAND with...
  18. L

    Newbie looking for a c63

    Hi people, I currently drive an e91 335d and i'm having a massive itch to buy myself a C63 wagon/estate. I've spent the last couple of days trawling through threads and posts and hopefully picked up some useful info and tips. Fingers crossed something comes up for sale soon that ticks...
  19. R

    C63 has odd glass in wing mirrors

    I've just noticed my C63 has odd mirrors... Driver's side has auto-dimming glass, and passenger side doesn't. Still have the triangle blind-spot light in both, and both have that sectioned off curved bit at the end. Is this normal or has one been replaced with the wrong mirror at some point...
  20. E

    C63 W205 Buyers guide

    I have just started looking at buying myself a C63 W205. For the W204 model there seems to be more than enough material to read up on, but the W205 seems a little less well documented online. I am predominantly looking for technical information, what extras are available, whats worth...
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