1. RickyBurrows

    bad vibrations inside cabin?

    This started yesterday I put the car (e320 cdi sport 07 plate) into reverse and felt very bad vibrations as I was going backwards, now today it happens on startup and when I put it into reverse it's constant bad vibrating, when in drive it dissappears but when I slow down to point of almost...
  2. T

    Diesel Smell inside cabin (W212 E350cdi)

    My seven year old Mercedes E350cdi has developed an odd problem where there is a smell of diesel fuel in the car when the engine is running and the car is stopped. Truth be told it smells more of exhaust/diesel fumes. Now when the car is moving the smell vanishes but when stopped at the lights...
  3. R

    Cabin dust filters

    Hi, Is there anyway I can tell if my 1995 w124 e250 should have been fitted with cabin dust filters, ie: from the vin number. the reason I asked is the Main dealer charged me for replacing them at a major service a few years back. Now I have the time to do my own servicing, I find they are not...
  4. C

    Fumes in cabin w211

    Hi. As above a distinct smell of funds in the cabin and low MPG. I'm guessing a injector? Can somebody shed any light? Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. F

    Whirring noise inside cabin

    Hi all, When I first put key in ignition I get a strange whirring noise that seems to be coming from the front seats? Lasts for a second or two then it's gone. Seems to do it each time you first start the car sometimes it will do it if you start the car later on in the day. Anyone any idea...
  6. J

    C350 (M272) - Exhaust fumes in cabin

    I am suffering with exhaust fumes in the cabin of my W203 C350 (M272 - petrol). The common view is that this is caused by oil leaking out of the camshaft core plugs and dripping on the exhaust. So at the weekend I replaced my core plugs but the problems persist. So I got under the car to look...
  7. A

    W210 E320 Cdi Cabin heater repairs

    Hello everyone My car is fitted with a cabin heater for pre heating the car before the engine is warm. I understand that this only works when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees and the switch light next to the cigar socket is not illuminated. My conclusion is that mine is broken...
  8. tcb180

    Cabin Filters W211 V6 CDi

    Can anyone clarify just how many cabin filters I will have and where to locate them please. She is a 2007 facelift E320 CDi V6 with the four way digital cabin climate system. Also, other than oil, fuel & Air filters. Are there any other serviceable areas of concern such as carbon canisters etc?
  9. W124ali

    Cabin heat & hot air

    Hello all I have a 2002 W210 E320 CDI. I found that while the fan is off myself & the wife felt heat coming from the front. We couldn't feel the hot air from the vents but we just felt hot and yesterday wan't particularly hot. Secondly the air con isn't working. Now I haven't checked if the...
  10. P

    CLS build quality

    Hi All New around here, been snooping about for a few days while I consider my next purchase. Currently have an Audi A5- lovely car but I made the wrong engine choice so I'm bored of it already. Previously used to much faster. So a CLS55 is peaking my interest, the indecent power is...
  11. R

    Estate cabin noise?

    Hello I have a C43 Estate on order and am considering adding the performance exhaust! I can't test it as it is not released yet and do not want to create a massive base bin inside the car due to the exhaust droning! So.... Has anyone got any experience of the cabin/ exhaust sound inside the...
  12. toffee-pie

    cabin and air filter for CLK 55 2003?

    Can anyone point me towards the pair of these needed, I think I will be able to replace both and give my wallet a much earned rest. thanks.
  13. E


    Anyone got any info on changing these ? location ? and what type before i take them out would be nice to have the new ones ready. New to the site, first Mercedes iv owned (hope i picked a good one) had VW and AUDI until now, so Hi to all. Yeh so any help would be great, pictures even...
  14. M

    Cabin air flow in 1995 C220

    The problem is poor air flow, hot or cold, although all flaps and fan speed positions seem to work and the pollen filter is nearly new. Unfortunately I don't have a feel for what the fan speed should be as, when it's removed, it seems to spin properly. There's web info for the W202 LHD heater...
  15. T

    Fresh air into cabin. How?

    Hi folks, Driving my C Class recently - only had it 7 days so still going through the manual - I noticed the air in the cabin seemed to give me a sore throat and a dry nose. With previous cars I have been able to set the heating system to give me a cool head with fresh air and warm feet from...
  16. O

    Poor cabin airflow to screen and feet of C220 Cdi

    My car is a 13 year old C220 Cdi Sport Coupe that has a puzzling problem with the cabin airflow to the screen and feet (depending upon where it's being directed), even with the fan at maximum. Both heater and AC do work but owing to the poor airflow, it takes some time to be comfortable and is...
  17. I

    W124 Cabin filter install?

    Hello everyone, Does someone knows if its possible to fit cabin filter on W124 1990 200 E which does not have factory installed filters? Because i have a faulty A/C evaporator temp sensor which i have to replace and i was wondering if i can install filters too (maybe bigger part of the...
  18. K

    W211 E55 Estate 2003 Cabin Filter and charcoal filter?

    I was wondering if this is correct my 2003 has a non charcoal cabin filter on top of the battery and two charcoal filters under the dash? After 2005 or 2006 this changed to the single combo filter? Is there any impact if I just get a charcoal cabin filter? Will it do anything or is it just...
  19. CreosoteChris

    W124 Coupe cabin heater permanently hot

    Symptoms 220CE (no air-con) cabin heater is currently blowing full heat, both sides, rotating the heat controls makes no difference. I had a good trawl around the various threads here dealing with this common issue, and did the following investigation: Procedure - Measured the voltage...
  20. Y

    Cabin filter 2004 C-Class coupe

    Hi guys , Can anyone tell me where the cabin/pollen filter is located on my wife's 2004 C200 Kompressor Coupe ??........ The heater air flow output is very poor on any setting so want to check this to see if it's blocked & needs replacing or not !! Thanks in advance Cheers Mark
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