1. brucemillar

    Bonnet Release Cable(s)

    Friends Readers will know about my recent disaster with the bonnet release on my C55 Wagon! Can somebody advise please? The car is a 2004 W203 C55 AMG Wagon I want top replace all of the cables and associated bits, from both catches back too and including, the (in car) release lever. I need...
  2. L

    Cables under drivers seat W163

    Hi I have a 2003 ML270, Ive a Comand unit, Im wondering if these cables are for a phone unit? - if not what are they? Thanks
  3. I

    Cables and connectors in glove compartment

    I have these 2 lots of cables in my glove compartment of my recently purchased c180 kompressor coupe 56 plate. Could anyone advise what they are for. Kind regards
  4. L

    CDC Cables

    Hi All, So I've managed to get myself a CDC, the Fibre and Power cables. Unfortunately zero by way of instruction guides... I managed to find details of how to dismantle my dash to get to everything, but I'm unclear on the following:- Power cable: Brown, Pink, Blue (Brown is earth, where do...
  5. S

    navigation 20/audio cables

    Hi We had a Navigation 20 box installed in a Merc e-class 2012 around 2/4 years ago. A few months ago the digital screen display went off however audio stil worked. Taking it to a garage the Nav 20 box was removed and the screen worked as normal, pointing to a fault in the Nav 20 box...
  6. Oxonmb

    Audio 50 cables

    Sorry if this has been asked before for some reason I can't search. I am after the media cable for my 2010 E class to connect to an ipod? There are a lot of choices out there. Thanks Graham
  7. D

    Mercedes iPOD, USB and AUX cables

    Hello I have the following for sale, genuine cables Mercedes MI-cable AUX A0018276604 Mercedes MI-USB cable A0018276704 Mercedes Mi-iPod.Phone cable A0018278404 £35 for all delivered. Thanks
  8. gIzzE

    Part No's for NTG2.5 Media Interface Cables needed for installing?

    I have an NTG2.5, I would like to add the Media Interface as I have just been given one, however...none of the cables, just the interface itself. So just wondering if anyone knows the part numbers I needed and a rough idea of costs? I guess I need the harness from NTG2.5 to Media...
  9. Gledsyc63

    Mmi cables mercedes.

    Mmi cables for Mercedes. 5 pin lighting iPhone 5 Aux USB Plus iPhone 30 pin genuine Apple cable And small 30 pin extension. £42.50 plus postage 3.50 Royal 2nd class signed for.
  10. anfieldassasin

    W124 coupe front speaker cables

    Evening all I'm looking to install the following front speakers into the dash of my coupe. Crunch DEFINITION KOAX DSX120 Koax-System 12 cm Unfortunately they don't come with the adapter cables like for example the rainbow speaker kits come with...
  11. Ruonis13

    HELP, FIBER OPTIC CABLES,STEREO UPGRADE,HELP! Fiber optic cables??? what do i do>???

    Please help, fiber optic cables,ugrade,stereo Hi and Hello Everyone:thumb: Im going literaly mental!!! I have MB e class w211 52 plate (2002) elegance :rock: So I decided I had enough of my "poor" sound quality-So I bought a brand new double din,subwoofer,amp,leads and all that... So I...
  12. M

    Aux Cables

    Hi there I'm new on here. I have a C Class Coupe 55 plate, is it possible to connect a aux cable to a COMAND APS for this model? Anyone else have the same car and can verify? My local dealership doesnt think it can but he didnt sound too sure. I'm trying to use the music from my iPhone...
  13. Druk

    Multi-Media cables

    For sale. 1 x interconnect cable for either early iPod or iPhone (NB not lightning) 1 x interconnect cable for 3mm(?) jack Both to glovebox socket in 212 (and possible late 211...not sure) New and unused. Both for £20.00 to include postage in Jiffybag. Thanks.
  14. paulgorringe

    CDC cables

    Hi I am looking at splicing into the CDC wiring in the glovebox to get power to charge my ipod. Can anybody confirm or otherwise that of the 3 wires the brown is ground, and +12V is red/blue? I already have the aux port in the glovebox and I am happy with the sound I just want to charge the ipod...
  15. R

    Which cables do I need for iPhone and iPod for comand?

    I just recently bought a 2011 c coupe, iridium silver with red leather, so so happy :-) I have the comand system but I didn't get any cables with it. I have spoken to the place where I bought it and they have said they will post me the cables. They are unsure as am I as to which cables I...
  16. A

    throttle cables

    Hi all... looking for a throttle cables (both of them) for my 124 ce320... hope someone can help... thx
  17. G

    W164 AUX Install - What kind of cables I need

    I want to install AUX like that from the movie. What kind of cables I need? And Can I connect my iphone 5 with comand system? My idea is to use my iphone for navigation and to use comand only for the monitor? Thanks Video
  18. Gistek

    Media Interface Cables (NTG2.5)

    Hi, I have just purchased a Media Interface Kit (NTG2.5 Head Unit) for my W211 E class and need the cables that go along with the unit! My question is are all the cable options for the media interface the same on all cars, as some of my research have found right angled cables and normal...
  19. clk208

    House rewire - what other technology etc cables to put in?

    Hi all, Currently going through the trauma of a house rewire and didn't realise it would be so messy. Was having a read through a Grand Designs magazine yesterday which helpfully suggested some network cable (is it still CAT 5?) from internet router location to main TVs to assist with better...
  20. T

    Media interface cables and iphone

    I've scoured this and other forums without getting a solution. Hope someone can help me! I have a w2004 C-Class (reg 2010) with COMAND and the media interface socket in the glovebox. There were no cables so I searched the web and found that the set I required was coded A001 827 8204. I...
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