1. F

    UHI kit cabling for D2B

    HI guys, I bought a UHI D2B kit for my CLK and I was wondering where the separate Orange wire is supposed to be connected. I didn't get any cabling instructions and that is the only cable that I'm wondering where it goes to. Kit is similar than this one: Comand Online Ltd :: Mercedes...
  2. Gollom

    Outside cabling question

    I have a double extension socket and fuse box on the conservatory wall that has been done by a sparks with armoured cable from source etc. I need to add a weatherproof socket on the same wall about 2 metres away - do I need to use armoured cable again or can I use twin & earth inside conduit...
  3. WLeg

    Cabling out or advice needed.

    Cabling out or advice needed. I need to cable from a Standard BT Feature line wall socket, via Cat5e Structured cabling to a PDQ machine.......... So I think I need a Male BT (white telephone) to RJ45, (to go into the patch panel), through the cabling system, then RJ45>female...
  4. Piff

    TV cabling query

    Advice requested for practical solution to analogue switch off. I believe I already have most of the equipment needed but would appreciate confirmation that I'm not barking up the wrong tree. Part of my aim is to reuse existing cabling as it is concealed, rather than surface fixing new...
  5. guydewdney

    AV cabling - cat5 vs Coax?

    ok - 50 feet run. noisy (runs are parallel to mains cables) RCA or phono at both ends. cat5? Coax (if so - which? just good double shielded?) or cat5 with baluns? I have a pile of equipemt in one room (the pc / media room) and the amp in the other (living room) as have been strongly...
  6. guydewdney

    AV cabling / control problem..

    source- 3 or 4 items (DVD, Sky, DAB, other...) destination:- 1 x living room - at top quality - so component video from DVD / RGB from sky etc, full 5.1 sound needed. 1 x kitchen - composite OK, stereo wanted, not essential. 2 x bedroom (maybe 3x) - mono OK - composite fine, prefer...
  7. P

    w203 cabling from boot to dash for parking sensors

    i want to retrofit rear parking sensors but need advice on how to root the cable from the main unit in the rear to top of dash anybody done this thanks
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