1. M

    Roll Bar box wanted 124 Cabrio

    After a water ingress problem with my original 124 cabriolet roll bar box I am looking for a working second hand unit Part 820 5826. I managed to get a 2nd hand one but it was "spiked" during a jump-start and it has not functioned properly since. Hence I need another. Grateful for any leads.
  2. Conquistador

    Princess Diana's Audi A4 cabrio - £80,000!

    80 grand... Worth £800 at most even with the weak Diana connection. In fact I'm doing a banger rally next week and was looking at these for the £500 car buying limit! Princess Diana's Audi fails to sell at auction | Daily Mail Online
  3. A

    W124 Cabrio rear Shock advise!!

    Dear All, Just some advise/direction please :dk: I have been advised that my Rear shocks are leaking and would need replacement. I want to try and do this job myself as I have read up and its not a very difficult DIY!!. Car is W124, 1994, E220 convertible, Sports chassis and NON self...
  4. PaulXC

    E Class Cabrio Boot Drainage Channels

    I noticed this over the weekend - bit of muck and slightly damp round the boot hinges. I thought I’d cleaned this area thoroughly when I bought the car but turns out the drainage channel under the plastic cover was blocked. The picture below is the left side - the right side was far...
  5. T

    E-Class Cabrio Prices now on MBUK Website...

    I'll have to start saving..... :cool:
  6. Celicasaur

    w124 cabrio rear arms replaced

    So earlier in the week I replaced my rear shocks for Bilstein B8's, as per a recommendation from some nice chaps on this forum (my car rode like Satan - maxing out on the suspension travel, etc). It made a nice difference, but still didn't rock my world. However, knowing that I was doing the...
  7. Makdissy

    A124 cabrio headliner removal ???

    Morning guys, I have a hole in my headliner ( 1993, 124 cabrio 320CE ) and I want to replace it myself if it's possible, is it easy process or in plain English is there any glue involved??!! If there's no glue involved I'm happy to do it myself other wise I'd rather take it to a specialist...
  8. MD5

    Wanted: A209 CLK 320 Cabrio 2005/2006

    A friend of mine living in France is looking for a cherished CLK cabrio, as above, probably with the V6 320 engine, but may consider a 200. Condition and service history are, of course, important, with the best he can get for about £6k. To avoid the stepper motor issues etc, he is looking for a...
  9. Makdissy

    A124 cabrio owners manual book part number please??!!

    Hello guys I've been searching for a pre face 124 cabrio owners manual for few years with no luck so far. If anyone can provide me with part number that would be great, it's got to be a preface model ( it's called owners supplement book ) I think, it just explains about the roof and the roll...
  10. A

    w124 cabrio E220 1997 PARTS NEEDED

    Anybody know somewhere you can buy 124 cabrio repair panels ? rear wheel arch and panels behind headlamps etc. Also looking for set of 17inch AMG alloys for it and a central locking pump and a rear view mirror backing - any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
  11. A

    w124 cabrio E220 1997 PARTS NEEDED

    Hello looking for a central locking pump 1240002148 and a rear view mirror backing and wondered if anyone knows where i can find repair panels for the w124 - mine is a bit rusty behind headlamps and on rear wheel arches, please email : [email protected] many thanks. p.s also looking...
  12. Sam Plant

    Rear External Black Trim for E320 Cabrio

    I'm after the bit of black trim that runs along the boot, running from one rear light the other between the number plate and the Merc badge. Mine has cracked, as per photos. Can anyone help? With thanks. Sam Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Celicasaur

    W124 cabrio roof issues

    Hi guys, I fitted a used controller today (124 820 45 26) and sadly my roof issues aren't over. Here's the current position of things: The roof is locked at the front part of the tonneau cover, but the rear isn't locked down Reset any and all codes via removing negative from battery...
  14. Celicasaur

    W124 Cabrio ride after lowering

    So I've got W124 H&R coupe lowering springs fitted on my A124 cabrio (don't start...) and while the ride height is where I want it to be, the ride is reeeeeally bad. Now I understand this is due to lack of travel in the suspension. My question is, if any of you have experienced this, what was...
  15. Ben320cdi

    e350 cabrio H&R Springs

    Has anyone had any issues with arch clearance after fitting H&R springs? I did a bit of research prior to ordering said springs and the general thread seemed the that they provided quite a gentle drop of say 1". So I ordered them along with some after market alloys as my originals had been...
  16. Makdissy

    Mercedes cabrio 124 owners manual wanted

    Hi guys Ive had my cabrio for 3 years now and still looking for the owners manual book for preface model (( UK VERSION )) If you have a spare one for sale or know someone who has please let me know Many thanks in advance Peter.
  17. J

    Pre-Christmas clean E350 cabrio

    A quick pre-Xmas maintenance clean of my E350 cabrio. Merry Mercedes Christmas all! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Celicasaur

    W124 cabrio parts needed

    Not sure how much joy I'll have here, but you never know. If anybody has good parts of the below, please drop me a PM: Passenger side seat belt butler or the cog wheel (mine works, but it makes noise, so I'm guessing a tooth is broken) - it also randomly shoots out mid-way in a journey...
  19. richardgr88

    2008 CLK 280 Sport Cabrio Obsidian Black A209

    Hello all :-) Now the proud owner of a 2008 CLK 280 Sport Cabrio Obsidian Black as of a about 3 weeks. So far have fixed intermittent warning about turn signal in right mirror and handbrake cable rubbing on prop shaft. Very pleased so far, just cleaned it for the first time today...
  20. bpsorrel

    New C Cabrio at MK

    Just spent an enjoyable couple of hours "playing" with the new C Cab at Milton Keynes! All I can say is - WOW! This is a beautiful car in the metal (and canvas!) and seriously has the glamour factor. Quality seems faultless inside and out and the soft top is as tight and smooth as I've seen...
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