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    For Sale 20" Cades Ixion Wheels with Michellin Pilot Sport Tyres

    I am selling my Cades Ixion alloys which are finished in dark gunmetal with polished lips These are fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres all have very good tread (but slight inner edge ware on the rears) rears covered about 5k fronts about 2k One of the fronts has a very slight...
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    New Cades Zues 18'' Alloys for my 2007 B CLass W245

    Hi guys new member here to MBClub....... looks like I've found the right place I need to be in amongst fellow Merc owners ;p Here's my 2007 B Class B170 W245 with it's new 18'' alloys on. I got these fitted at RTech Auto's in St Albans, nice bunch of guys up there. These are 8x18 Cades...
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    18inch Cades staggered alloy wheels

    I Have a set of cades tyrus alloy wheels and tyres that were fitted to my 2006 CL203 they are 18inch staggered width, deep dish with kuhmo ecsta tyres with plenty of tread left, I paid £1200 for them also have an extra £100 in hub centric spacers they have a couple kerbing marks but other than...
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    20" Cades Ixion for sale

    Open to offers but have them currently on ebay. Came off an S63, I was going to adapt my car to take them but really can't be bothered now. The rears fit (just) but fronts would need some work doing. Would suit the larger/later Mercs and dare I say it on here, the larger Audi's and all...
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