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    2012-12 mercedes c220 cdi amg sport coupe blueefficiency automatic calcite white

    Full Details Mercedes C220 CDI Sport Coupe BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 14th May 2012 – 12 Reg • Two Owners Only • 130,560 miles only with Full Mercedes Dealer & Specialist Service History (see below) • 2.1 Litre Turbo...
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    2011(11) mercedes e350 cdi amg sport coupe 3.0 v6 diesel automatic calcite white

    Full Details Mercedes E350 CDI Sport Coupe BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 19th May 2011 – 11 Reg • Two Owners From New • 79,062 miles only with Full Mercedes Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre V6 Turbo Diesel Engine •...
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    2011(60) mercedes c350 cdi amg sport blueefficiency saloon auto calcite white

    Full Details Mercedes C350 CDI Sport Saloon BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 10th February 2011 – 60 Reg • 27,448 miles only with Full Mercedes Dealer Service History (see below) • 3.0 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine •...
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    C63 AMG Bumper Pre FL Calcite White

    Hi all, I'm after a front bumper, preferably in calcite white, for my pre FL (2010) C63. My unfortunate run in with a pheasant two weeks into ownership left two cracks and they are slowly getting bigger. I will be getting a bodyshop quote this week hopefully. South UK preferred but can...
  5. C

    Which products for Calcite white?

    As above what polish / waxing products would you recommend for my C63 which is Calcite White? When I had my white DC5 integra I used Jeffs Workstat products which I was very pleased with, however they bottles are probably 5 or 6 years old now and not a lot left in them. With products ever...
  6. E

    anyone recommend a wax fo calcite white paintwork?

    With the recent good sunny weather it has got me thinking. Can anyone recommend a wax to use for calcite white, how much time it takes for application and cost? Thanks
  7. E

    Anyone recommend a good polish for calcite white

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a good polish to use on calcite white. Up to now I have always thought that polish was not required on the whites as they were opaque and did not shine compared to the darker colours. Please state cost and time involved to apply. Thanks
  8. D

    Calcite white?

    I had ordered my new c class about a month ago but have learnt this evening that the order was never placed for reasons relating to the business i work for and the relationship with the lease company. Anyway, i had spec'd calcite white but from what i can tell calcite has been replaced by polar...
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    c63 amg coupe calcite white - Need Pics

    Hi guy's I'm thinking of a c63 amg coupe in calcite white with the black 19" alloys, does any know if anyone here has any really good pictures of one.
  10. J

    stone chips calcite white

    hi i have have recently purchaced a ML in Calcite white we have just returned from a 60 mile trip and on washing the car i have noticed several very small chips on the main front painted plastic trin covering the grill headlamp area is this colour prone to stone chips?
  11. A

    Best options for sealing new Calcite White paint?

    Some advice from you good people please. I take delivery of a new C350 in Calcite White next week. I'm thinking it's prudent to give the factory fresh paint a coat of a decent wax/sealant. What would you guys recommend? I'm a big fan of Colinite 476 - was thinking of using this, but see...
  12. 55NF

    Calcite WHITE! Is it Cool?

    I chose white for my new C350 Cdi back in March & macho'd it up wiuth the 18" AMG whhels. I'm wish I'd gone for black. It's a bit too flash for me and a bit bling. Wish I'd gone for a more business like conservative colour. My last five cars have been black & I decided to have a...
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