Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar with Leap Year

    For sale Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar with Leap Year This is a gem of a watch. It looks beautiful and really catches the eye. It features some amazing features such as perpetual calendar, kinetic movement, 4 year reserve, and leap year function, which will cost A LOT of $$ in a...
  2. The _Don

    Amg Pl free calendar

    Go fill ya boots.
  3. WDB124066

    Classic Calendar

    Looking pretty good this year, pop along to your local and they may give you one for free....
  4. Bryan Allman

    AMG 2016 Calendar

    Just received mine from Afalterbach - lots of nice images all of which seem to have been taken at the same locations as our grand tour earlier this year:)
  5. sssammm

    AMG Calendar

    Im a winner...Received it today
  6. Palfrem

    AMG GT 2015 calendar freebie

    Just received this lovely quality AMG GT calendar from The Fatherland As you can see it's quite large and way too big for my home. Probably suited to an office, garage or workshop. If anyone wants it (collect from Solihull or if push comes to shove I can post it at cost - won't be...
  7. Scott_F

    My New Advent Calendar

    Having worked long and hard on the highly complex design and development, I've succeeded in putting the finishing touches to the final prototype. I just need to take out a patent now:
  8. ringway

    Racy Equestrian-Themed Charity Calendar.

    Brought to you live from The Daily Mail... Foxy hunters and riders strip off for racy equestrian-themed charity calendar raising funds for air ambulance services Racy charity calendar called Foxy Hunters is sold online for £12.50. Features 12 female riders from Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon...
  9. Palfrem

    Check your calendar

    BBC News - Welcome to Chadderton sign hung upside down To see if it's April 1st. The guys who did this, if they worked for you would you sack them?
  10. ringway

    Phwoar! Miss Airport 2011 Calendar.

    Miss Airport 2011 Calendar. Who's your favourite? :)
  11. Horrgakx

    iPhone OS4 calendar coloured 'pips' or dots

    I've upgraded my 3GS to OS4 and I've now got coloured 'pips' or dots to the left of all entries. Blue is my "calendar" and red is "birthdays". I don't see why I need the dots but I can't seem to remove them. Anyone seen a solution to this please?
  12. Mr E

    Shared Calendar

    Was wondering if there was something that could combine the Outlook calendars for everyone using the main PC at home? Everyone (except me, but I could synch with the Crackberry) uses the Outlook calendar as a diary, so it would be nice to get a consolidated view for planning stuff. Any...
  13. Howard

    Calendar Templates

    Hi all , As the forum is the font of all knowledge , i wonder if i can pick your brains. I want to make up a few calendars for next year , you know the thing , a photo , with the days and dates underneath for each month . Does anyone know any free template websites , where i can just...
  14. SilverSaloon

    Mercedes Enthusiast Calendar

    Hi In the Jan issue of ME magazine, it comes with a nice 2009 calendar cheers derek
  15. masqueraid

    Advent Calendar

    Christmas must be coming! HMV Deal of the Day Dixons Deal of the Day EveryDaySale Deal of the Day Amazon Deal of the Week Merry Shopping Season :)
  16. R

    2007 Event / Shows / Meet-ups Calendar !

    2007 Event / Shows / Meet-ups Calendar ! anyone got one (or willing to compile one) for 2007, listing everything thats going on ! much appreciated
  17. GrahamC230K

    Upcoming Events & the Public Calendar

    All, I have enabled a feature so you will now see upcoming events at the bottom of the main page, below where the birthdays etc are. I think this is usefull, so just pointing it out so it doesn't get overlooked. Of course, to make this work, if you are advertising or organising an event...
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