1. HorseandJockey

    Calibration of cameras

    Hi, Hope some of you clever Mercedes technical people can help... Could anyone let me know the correct process that Mercedes use to calibrate the cameras on the front windscreen (mine is a W222), used for Lane Assist, and Steering Assist? Do they do it in the workshop on a calibrated jig, or...
  2. kam09

    Autoglass windscreen calibration

    Has anyone had their replaced windscreen calibrated at an autoglass site? They are asking for £41 on top of my excess fee (£75) however they are a 50mile round trip away, my nearest mb dealer is 1 mile away.. has anyone had the dealer calibrate the windscreen? If so, What price am I looking at...
  3. P

    2013 w212 Fuel consumption calibration

    Does anyone know if it's possible to recalibrate the fuel consumption read out on the trip computer on this model, perhaps through a hidden menu? Measuring fill-up to fill-up on the same pump, it's always about 0.4l/100km under-reading... On my old 1995 E34 BMW, it was possible to calibrate...
  4. mercmanuk

    4k films wanted not tv calibration!!!!!!

    has anyone any 4k films they want to sell
  5. U

    Level Calibration Not Successful

    I have recently fitted new upper arms and two new struts one front left and one rear right, the rear one was built by myself out of two bad struts to make one good strut.. Now the problem I am having is the car is sitting about 10mm or so lower on the left hand side which isnt uncommon...
  6. U

    ABC Level sensor voltages and calibration?

    Anyone have any idea how the level sensors should work? i.e should the voltages go up or down when the car is raised or lowered.. Mine seem to go up and down on different corners of the car when its raised or lowered so there is no way for me to know what is right. Also I cannot calibrate level...
  7. sjmaxwell

    Windscreen camera calibration

    When a new screen is fitted it is recommended that the camera is recalibrated for Lane Assist and Highbeam Assist, however when I enquired of the dealer what the price was I was surprised at the one hour £144 charge! Can indies do it and what equipment is required as my dealer has the...
  8. Kingpin!

    Compass calibration

    Hi, forum! I wonder about the compass on the R-Class (R350 2006). I cannot find the compass calibration under Vehicle on the instrument display. Is that menu option missing due to the fact that the car feels that the compass is indeed calibrated correctly or because I have the COMAND APS...
  9. brens-e200

    speedometer calibration query

    hi all, just picked up a lovely 1990 E230 on thursday last ( very happy with it but sadly i will have to put my 190e up for sale to make room ah well such is life ). the previous owner stated that he had the speedometer replaced as it stuck a number of years ago ( he even had the original in...
  10. G

    abc height calibration...

    Hello, My CL leans to the right about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch (its noticeable if you look at the car on the flat) regardless of set suspension height on the toggle switch and doesnt sag on any of ther corners. Anyway, does anybody happen to know how much mercedes charge for the calibration or...
  11. flango

    MOT Test equipment, servicing and calibration

    Is there any members out there that do MOT equipment servicing and calibration? We have a Snap on ATL that is coming up for service and calibration and we are now out of our contractual period with Snap On. Before I renew If there is anyone on here or if anybody knows anyone in this business I...
  12. T

    W203 seat sensor calibration

    Hi Chaps, wonder if anyone can help with this: I have got a 55 plate w203 estate and the srs warning comes up but I have noticed if you put a weight of 1 or 2 kilos on the seat (an indian takeaway or pack of beers) the warning disapears. If I have a passenger in the seat everything is OK, the...
  13. crockers

    Screen & Printer Calibration

    I recently saw a demo of screen and printer calibration and I do have to admit I was impressed. I had often wondered why the photos I took just don't look right when I know. Trouble is it is a very expensive piece of kit etc so I was wondering if there is a hidden small business /...
  14. wheels-inmotion

    Wheels-inmotion - Geometry/ Alignment calibration

    Exclusive Members Offer: MBClub UK members receive 10% discount. Click here to see if you are eligible. wheels-inmotion (Geometry/ Alignment calibration) Due to the nature of our industry it's hard to offer a price up front since we don't know whats wrong until the chassis is measured, so...
  15. M

    Comand Calibration

    Well, Got it fitteed at last and now simply need to set it up Where are the menus for telling if it is picking up sats? When entering the calibration menu select used tyres and enter the tyre size.....what should happen then? It simply sits on the tyre size page for ages without doing...
  16. W

    Audio 10 calibration for USA

    I purchased a European Audio 10 unit for my 1994 R129. It is the Alpine unit: MF2910 (A170 820 03 86). It generally works well but I need to recalibrate the MW band to work on US frequencies. The radio tunes in 8 KhZ increments. US AM band stations (540 KhZ to 1620 KhZ) are 10 KhZ apart...
  17. Uky

    CL500 (C215) Intermittent Vibration; ABC system calibration?

    Posted this on a U.S. Forum. No response.... Took my CL500 (C215) for a spin today. When reaching the start of the highway after more than 12km driving at speeds between 50 and 90 km/h (no "shoes") I started feeling vibrations at 100 km/h that got worse and worse . This on a road that is...
  18. Simon

    Ruler calibration

    If you think your watch is wrong you could check it at Greenwich right? But what if you think your tape measure or rulers out, where would you take it?
  19. GordonTarling

    Speedo calibration

    Been studying the threads about wheel/tyre upgrades and thinking of changing my wheels from 16" to 17" - doesn't look like it should be a problem. However, I can't recall ever seeing any mention of speedometer calibration being affected by wheel/tyre size changes, so how do you get over that...
  20. Sp!ke

    New wheels effect speedo calibration

    I was just wondering how much a serious wheel change (say 15" to 18") would effect the calibration of the speedo. Can the speed sensors be adjusted or is the difference so minimal its not worth bothering with? Anyone looked into this b4?
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