1. T

    W205 C63 brake calipers

    Hey All Does anybody know where I can get brake calipers either replaced or even repainted? Based in East London. Currently have the stock AMG brake calipers on 19 inch wheels on a W205 C63, but looking to replace them with the red ones from the C63S, or even just get them repainted...
  2. P

    Brake Calipers for rear W124 1992. 200 Wanted

    Wanted. Rear Brake Calipers to suit W124 estate 200 petrol - aprl 1992 auto. Will consider good used or new item. North ireland. Give full details and photos if possbl. Many thanks.
  3. B

    Red Calipers on C63.

    Hi, After looking at many cars both in the flesh and on the internet I have noticed that the Red Calipers on the C63's have both either black decals and also less so white decals. What is the reason for the decal colours being different? Thanks in advance, Black Scorpion
  4. R

    W211 E55K brake calipers

    Has anyone a set of W211 E55AMG Brake callipers, prefered in a good condition, but will consider a set due reconditioning, subject to price. Am already studying the ebay for such items, so just asking in case someone here has a decent set stored away some where, and not using them.;)
  5. Ronan1982

    W204 Mercedes C350 Calipers and Discs on a C220

    Hi all, I was just curious if anyone know the answer to a query I have, Mercedes can not give me a straight answer. I have a 63plate C204 c220, and I am looking to maybe change my Calipers and discs to the slightly bigger C350. Would this be a direct replacement fit wise? I'm guessing I...
  6. R

    Rare calipers.

    The nsr brake caliper on my car is was the replacement. These are difficult to come by, none being available in the UK from MB. My car uses ATE calipers at the rear though mostly these cars and the w220 S Class use Brembo. My question is, can I use different, more available...
  7. C

    Alloy and Calipers colour opinion

    Hi everyone looking to get my alloys refurbished and I have been told I can have the alloys & calipers painted any colour free of charge. I have always thought silver alloys suit my silver CLK however I am now considering red calipers with black alloys? Or maybe silver/red calipers with silver...
  8. J

    W215 CL500 Rear brake calipers

    Hi All During a recent pad and disc change on my 2005 CL500 we found that both rear calipers had seized pistons. I've sourced and replaced the O/S caliper but the N/S is proving almost impossible to source. I've had an order in with MB Oxford for nearly 2 months now and they say that...
  9. F

    Wanted - Vented Rear Disc Setup - Calipers - W124/W201

    Hi all! I'm after a vented rear disc setup for a 190e.. something off of a E320 E300 300E-24 300TE-24 etc.. W124 R129 Etc.. Anyone got anything going? All the best, F
  10. login_user

    CLK/C class AMG calipers

    I have just upgraded my CLK 350 calipers to SLK55 6 pots front and 4 pot rears. So I have a set of front AMG 4pot calipers with nearly new pads fitted. I also have nearly new discs and pads for the rear, rear calipers are free with discs and pads. Looking for £350 posted will post...
  11. C

    W211 8Pot Brembo Calipers + 360mm discs

    For Sale Genuine 8Pot Brembo Calipers removed from W211. Calipers are in good working order. All seals are fully working. All pistons are fully working. Could do with new paint to be perfect. Bought them for my Vito but change plans and they need to go. Pads are not included and one brake...
  12. S

    Spraying C63 Calipers Red

    As the title suggests i want to spray all of my callipers red, however finding someone in the local area who will store the car and do a good job covering seals etc is proving harder than i thought. I did look at brakecaliper refurbs however they require the callipers for three weeks and i have...
  13. Grovsie31

    C55 AMG front calipers

    Hi. I have my old C55 4 Piston Brembo front calipers for sale. Ive cleaned them up and gave them some paint here and there, they are in excellent condition. I upgraded my brakes, so have no use for these. Also have 2x shims, 4x spit pins, 1x sensor and 4x bolts to mount them. The rears were...
  14. MOR8A

    Paint code for red calipers ?

    Just wondered if anyone has got the paint code for the red paint used on PPP cars calipers?
  15. S

    C63 Rear Calipers, Pads and sensors

    Here we have C63 rear calipers in good condition with decent pads and sensors. These were used as a Big Brake Kit on an E46 BMW M3 show car and as such have not been abused. Price wise they are hard to gauge so £500 ONO Pics below These are for sale on behalf of a friend and the...
  16. I

    W219 CLS Ball joints,discs pads AND CALIPERS!

    Hello, I have had my CLS 500 almost 2 years now and it is a joy to drive and hands down the best car I have owned. So I thought I would start a member’s thread. Soon after purchasing the car I had a major service and thorough inspection carried out by a local specialist, he gave the car a...
  17. Pathewolf

    Just painted my E55 W210 brake calipers

    Had my local body shop re-paint my calipers, wasn't sure if would make much difference as the wheels pretty much cover them! But after picking them up today I am pretty pleased with the results despite the costs! Will probably refurbish the wheels next, luckily only one of them has any kerb...
  18. dddooommm

    Mercedes Break brake calipers upgrade. Easy or pointless?

    MBCLUB- Afternoon all Just a quick post (after reading forums first) My brakes are not the best. Little bit spongey and lax. Don't get me wrong- I've owned other manual/ auto Mercs and their brakes have been top dog. I hate to say this but the Audi braking system is next level stuff...
  19. notsofast

    CLS CDi W219 sad looking rear calipers upgrade

    Folks - Any suggestions as to what I can do with my rear calipers on my car to improve the appearance (other than trade for an AMG equipped model). I would like to refurb the discs and clean everything up but the calipers will never look good so what other MB model calipers are a straight swap...
  20. M

    FS:Mercedes new amg calipers and new disc rotors sl 65 amg r230 black series 390x36

    hello I m selling brand new set mercedes amg 6pot and 8pot calipers with new amg sl 65 r230 black series rotors 390mm calipers come with new pads,discs are 390x36 and should fit to sl r230 cls w219 e class w211 c class w204 and many other models pm at inbox regards john
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