1. Londonscottish

    212 Sport Staggered 18's - what are they called?

    Hi there, I've got a 2010 pre-facelift 212. I'd like to take my existing Avantgarde 17's off and replace them with staggered 18's that the Sports came with. Can anyone tell me what the proper name is and/or part numbers. I found some on the brochure saying "5 Twin Spoke Design"...
  2. A

    What's this part called? SL350

    hey guys, have a small issue. Check the photo, part of the silver thing has broken off from the front of the car. Think it was the car cleaner guy being bit too harsh with it. Does anyone know what its called? can it be replaced? how? car is sl350 from 2012 thaks
  3. gr1nch

    Why did Estate cars get originally called as such?

    Charles Morgan's fascinating thread on Mercedes brochures contained this Renault 4, described as an estate car that we'd probably call a hatchback now , but it got me curious about the Estate name. Were they were originally for landed gentry for driving around their estates? Or was there...
  4. C

    What is this part called?

    Hi, I need to get a new one of these. It's the t shape plastic thingie, mines broken (see photo) But what is it called? Is it just a front grill strut?
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Clarkson/Hammond/May's new show to be called: "The Grand Tour"

    Took 9 months to think of that? Should have gone with 'gear knobs'
  6. A

    Can anyone tell me what this part is called ?

    Afternoon all, is there anyone that knows the name of the part highlighted in the picture, it's the plate that covers the spring on the front brake caliper , I managed to snap one last weekend while doing the discs and pads and was wondering if I could buy a replacement. Thanks for any help
  7. JethroUK

    what are wheel centre covers called?

    Where can I but some new hub covers and what are they called

    6.3l ????

    Ok so the C63 is actually 6.2L but why does it say on the side 6.3L???
  9. H

    Which Wax/method? Is it still called wax?

    Hello all, though I do look after my cars and keep them as clean as is practical I'm not about to start washing with three buckets before adding twelve coats of some edible tree wax. I would love to if I'm honest, I just don't have time. I currently wash with a wash n wax, dry with drying...
  10. Howard

    It's not called 'Water Lane' for nothing

    High water at teddington is at 1610 today , this is at 1600 :( Unless it's the James Bond model ?
  11. Spinal

    What's this Piece Called?

    I need to find a way to mount my snorkel to the Micra, and am thinking the simpler the better. Any idea what the attacked parts are called? I'm looking for something like these that will fit 70-80mm ish (76mm internal diameter, not sure about external yet) M.
  12. paulgorringe

    AA called out, poorly car

    Hi I had to call out the AA breakdown after my CLK decided to throw ABS light and then ESP light and then would not come out of park. AA man checked all brake pads and abs sensors - no problems found. Had to override the gear selector to get out of park so I could get home. On the drive...
  13. LTD

    Name three famous people called Arnold ....

    Go on .....
  14. H

    Rear heater cover in Vito...what's it called??

    I am missing the cover off the heater for the back passengers for my 639 Vito. I cannot find a replacement for them anywhere. Is it called a heating air duct?? I bought my van second hand and so have never had it. I do love my Vito, even with its bit missing :bannana:
  15. R

    whats it called?

    1998 300 td, 606 engine. what is the fuel device called that is situated just under the front of the inlet manifold. Its bolted to the cylinder head and the fuel supply goes in one side then out the other, then to the fuel filter. Is it some kind of non return valve? it looks like its...
  16. N

    Called What Car Target Price Today!

    Well after visiting my local dealership and a test drive of an A200 AMG Sport just this weekend I decided to give What Cars Target Price a call due to the sales exec informing me that he could not discount the car any way shape or form. So after 5-10 mins of being on the phone to what car...
  17. guydewdney

    w202 plastic from bumper to wheel arch - whats it called?

    Under the front bumper, sort of where the air filter is one side, the washer bottle the other, is a large plastic shield thing, that protects the suspension from road muck, keeps noise down, etc etc. what the hell is it called, and where is it on the epc? its black plastic, i suspect it...
  18. poormansporsche

    I find it quite annoying really that the 190 16v is called "Cosworth"

    I know its the accepted norm really but it is rather annoying as the car is quite simply not a Cosworth Car. OK so they did design and build the Head but that was about all, might as well call it a Mercedes Bosch , same principle. In the same token you may as well say that the Astra GTE/GSI 16v...
  19. BenzedUP

    Finest car or whatever its called

    Driving this while my car at MB dealer, surprisingly nice, in fact it's amazing to drive. Thought coming from an AMG id feel under powered but that's not the case. I'm impressed and it's only 220 CDi
  20. W

    What is this part called?

    I managed to drive over a high rise curb and damaged the underside of my bumper. I need to replace the scews/plugs that attach the underside of the bumber but don't know where to find the replacement part or even what they a called?
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